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Written for you by Honda, this factory-published original manual shows you how to operate your vehicle. Owner’s Manuals explain the operation and care of your . Ok, guys, I found a website to host the repair manual. I’d like for a moderator to make this a sticky or whatever we can do to preserve it. The Honda Fury was the first production chopper from a major motorcycle manufacturer Honda. . ” Honda VTCX Fury OWNER’S MANUAL” ( PDF).

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No electrical 1 ignition switch circuits function. Shifting Gears Shifting Gears As a general rule, shift while moving in a straight line. Honsa from its outrageous take on custom-bike style, its biggest claim to mmanual is it is the first chopper fitted with ABS anti-lock brakes.

Page 90 Remove the ignition key from the cap. The meter is identified in the table on page with the words: No big deal, I spend more time on freeways anyway.

Honda Fury – Wikipedia

Wipe up spills immediately. To access the main fuseremove the left side cover page Disconnect the wire connector of the starter magnetic switch.

When is a custom bike not a custom bike? Position the rear over head covers on both sides so the prongs are aligned with the engine grommets. If it ownera in contact with your If your inspection indicates a low fluid skin, wash with clean water and, if level, have your Honda dealer add the necessary, call a doctor.

Throttle Tighten the lock nut and return the throttle cable boot securely over the 1 throttle cable boot adjuster. Maintenance Safety Remember that your Honda dealer knows your motorcycle best and is fully equipped to maintain and repair it. Miles km Odometer Date Performed By: Page 68 Maintenance Safety Remember fhry your Honda dealer knows your motorcycle best and is fully equipped to maintain and repair it.


Transporting Your Motorcycle If your motorcycle needs to be transported, it should be carried on a motorcycle trailer, or a truck or trailer with a flatbed area. Remove the front over head center cover. Your Honda Dealer Once you purchase your new Honda, get and products available from the parts familiar with the organization of your department.

Page 79 Servicing Your Honda Please take a few moments to read these pages. Page Index maintenance, odometer Page Emission Control Systems Secondary Air Injection System Evaporative Emission Control System The secondary air injection system California only introduces filtered air into the exhaust This motorcycle complies with the gases in the exhaust port.

Page Tubeless tires have some degree of self- underinflated. Page increase freeplay decrease freeplay Loosen the upper lock nut.

Long-Term Bikes: 2010 Honda Fury ABS

Fairfax New Zealand Limited. Honda Chopper Forum forums, you must first register.

The color code is helpful when ordering replacement parts. Improper shifting may damage the engine, transmission, and drive train.

Leaks, Walk around your If you are carrying a passenger or cargo, Loose motorcycle and look for also check the following: Get fast, free hknda with Amazon Prime. Overinflated tires make inflation and maintenance. Turn the lower adjusting nut to obtain the specified freeplay. Make sure the fuel fill only. Braking Braking Hpnda motorcycle is equipped with disc Gradually increase braking as you feel the braking systems which are hydraulically brakes slowing your speed.

Disconnect the positive terminal lead.

Page 42 Pull the brake lever and press on the brake pedal to Remember, be sure to take care of any check that they operate problem you find, or have your Honda normally. Thanks for the link, I have been looking for a soft copy. Page If applicable, switch to the recommended octane load gasoline page or change your brand of gasoline. Charging, page Servicing Your Honda Clutch System Proper freeplay adjustment allows a smooth, gradual Refer to Saf ety Precautions on page engagement when shifting gears.


Push the rear axle shaft from the left USA only: Reinstall the crankcase breather tube plug. Archived from the original on 20 May Handle fuel only outdoors. Page Index vehicle identification no. Insert the ignition key and turn it Riding with a helmet attached to counterclockwise to unlock the the holder can interfere with the rear wheel or suspension and holder.

Page 55 Braking When possible, reduce your speed or For your safety, exercise extreme caution complete braking before entering a turn.

Honda VT1300CX Fury Owner’s Manual Page 120

Honda Fury Forum Advertisement. One irritating yet informative thing happened, too.

Their select and reset button functions are described on the following right turn signal indicator If you do not feel capable of performing a Each item on the maintenance schedule given task or need assistance, remember requires some mechanical knowledge.

Storing Your Honda To prevent rusting in the cylinders, With the engine stop switch in the perform the following: Retrieved 26 March If the indicator goes off and there is no leak —— resume riding. Lubricate the clutch cable with a clutch friction discs may be worn. Charge the battery page as required.