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A major standalone space opera, this is Garth Nix’s first novel for older readers since the conclusion of the Old Kingdom trilogy and it’s worth the wait. A grand. Garth Nix, bestselling author of the Keys to the Kingdom series and Shade’s Children, combines space opera with a coming-of-age story in his YA novel A Con. Read Common Sense Media’s A Confusion of Princes review, age rating, and parents guide. Garth Nix · Science Fiction; Save.

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First, and less important, is Raine. Lists with This Book. Khemri is drawn into the hidden workings of the Empire and is dispatched on a secret mission. However, if it’s your first time to read a Garth Nix novel, I suggest that you start with Sabriel instead of this one. While the book is all Khemri all the time, there are a number of terrific female secondary characters. I never felt like the reader princces given any in depth descriptions or explanations, which made it too I’ve always been a huge fan of Garth Nix and his writing, counting all three books in his Abhorsen trilogy among my top fantasy novels, but A Confusion of Princes left me unimpressed.

A Confusion of Princes – Garth Nix – – Allen & Unwin – Australia

As I mentioned before, there is no indication of how Khemri felt about anything, so I was often left puzzled over why he suddenly changed his mind. Return to Book Page. The romance was indeed a little rushed, and so isn’t well-suited for big romance readers. Though honestly, I did want more information on the female Princes — I think that would have really improved the book to over-the-top awesome. Some might argue that it is grand enough for a YA space opera, but I don’t think YA means getting to be a little bit boring with plot and magnificent gestures.


A grand adventure that spans galaxies and lifetimes, A Confusion of Princes is also a page-turning thriller, a tender romance, and a powerful exploration of what it means to be human. Along the way he was also a part-time soldier in the Australian Army Reserve, serving in an Gargh Pioneer platoon for four years.

This novel provides examples of:

More like Confusion of Book Publishers Raine and Khemri do so, escaping on his escape pod, though it is damaged, and they are forced to sedate themselves so that the oxygen they consume will be lowered. Some nudity, but again very matter of fact. The world building, too, was just unique and incredibly easy to get into past the first page. I read books to find another world and experience characters lives, I do not want them to physically be talking to me.

I was interested in Tyrtho who seemed to be a very talented and clever, but nothing came of her character, leaving me wondering why she was even mentioned at all. Princes need to be hard to kill—as Khemri learns the minute he becomes one—for they are always in danger. Khemri learns the minute he becomes a Prince that princes need to be hard to kill—for they are always in danger.

Khemri’s adventures take him through many different places and cultures, all of which interested me I think inventing new cultures is something Nix is consistently good at.

This was very disappointing. However, if the missile can be launched, it can close the wormhole, preventing the Pirates from coming, before help arrives. Though initially dreading the job, Khemri then finds that the ‘supply station’ is in fact just a cover for the Adjustment service, the secret service of the Empire.

A Confusion of Princes

Prince in a Galactic Empire. An Austin DesignWorks Production.

This is the story of my three deaths, and my life gwrth. It didn’t matter that the main plot took awhile to show up.


I was really looking forward to this book, so perhaps that’s why I was a bit disappointed: Khemri, the main character of this story, is a Prince genetically and mechanically engineered to be a superhuman race of Princes. Confusiion online computer game Imperial Galaxy is based on the book, [1] but was released long before the book [2] however, it has always been in an “open beta” phase.

Although A Confusions of Princes at first seems to be a tale of intergalactic adventure, it gradually reveals itself as a clever and affecting coming-of-age novel. Khemri engages in duels, starship battles, attacks by alien zombies, and other mayhem, but the depiction of it isn’t highly realistic or graphic. Nix’s version is aimed at the teen audience, and it works like gangbusters for that audience. Garth Nix has been a full-time writer sincebut has also worked as a literary agent, marketing consultant, book editor, book publicist, book sales representative, bookseller, and as a part-time soldier in the Australian Army Reserve.

A Confusion of Princes by Garth Nix | : Books

My own brown skin and black eyes were pretty much in the middle of the pack. Nix introduces a fascinating world without going into too much niz detail. Heinlein or campiness, bigotry and misogyny. This happens all the time still? He battles the other princes both male and female to survive, knowing that only one of them will one day be chosen by the king who is not their biological father, and who was once a prince in their position hirself to be the next ruler of a galaxy-spanning empire.