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Online book entitled Abandonment to Divine Providence by Fr Jean-Pierre de Caussade, SJ. Abandonment to Divine Providence. With Letters of Father de Caussade on the Practice of Self-Abandonment. By: Jean-Pierre De Caussade. Jean Pierre de Caussade (7 March – 8 December ) was a French Jesuit priest and writer. He is especially known for the work ascribed to him, Abandonment to Divine Providence, and also his work with the Nuns of the.

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The soul of Jesus Christ received these directions at every moment, and acted upon them externally. S9 Sanctity Made Easy. He reveals that it is not extraordinary feats that God duvine for our growth in holiness, but rather heroic attention to every detail in our lives and humble acceptance of our daily lot in life as coming from His hand.

He was spiritual director to the Nuns of the Visitation in Nancy, Francefrom to Other Editions and Formats. We make our own troubles, and what do we gain by it? Souls which have once for all submitted themselves to the divine action, ought to interpret everything favourably. S5 Nature and Grace the Instruments of God.

Jean Pierre de Caussade

S8 To Estimate Degrees of Excellence. It is, possibly, with this view that God permits all these troublesome and trying imaginations. In reality sanctity can be reduced to one single practice, fidelity to the duties appointed by God.

The soul in the state of abandonment knows how to see God even in the proud who oppose His action. Such souls have no more consistence and rigidity than molten metal. I consecrate this day entirely to Your love and to Your greater glory. No, poor fool, the simple soul fears you not at all. The Divine Influence alone can Sanctify Us. What He has done is finished; what remains to be done is being carried on at every moment.


S1 Sacrifice, the Foundation of Sanctity. John of the Cross. Often it imagines that the modesty of the simple soul is a mark of appreciation for itself; when, all the time, it is only a sign of that loving fear of God and of His holy will as shown to it in the person of the proud. S7 On the Attainment of Peace. You will acquire a treasure of virtue and merit for Heaven, and a submission and abandonment which will enable you to make more progress in the ways of God than any other practice of piety.

Abandonment; or, Absolute Surrender to Divine Providence by Jean Pierre de Caussade – Free Ebook

By your submission to His good pleasure you will make greater progress than you could by hearing beautiful sermons, or reading pious books. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

S3 The Generosity of God. Consequently it is unnecessary to make it full of strange and unsuitable marvels.

Jean Pierre de Caussade – Wikipedia

This special volume of the famous spiritual treatise also includes the many insightful letters of Father de Caussade on the practice of self-abandonment. Abandonment to Divine Providence Quotes Showing of Book 2 – On the State of Abandonment.

As this takes any form according to the mould into which it is poured, so these souls are pliant and easily receptive of any form that God chooses cqussade give them. S4 Distrust of Self.


Learn by this to find repose in no matter what difficulties and troubles, because all will come right when God pleases, and according to our desires, if He should will it so, or permit it.

S4 In what Perfection Consists. When God gives Himself thus, all that is common becomes wonderful; and it is on this account that nothing seems to be so, because this way is, in itself, extraordinary. The active practice of fidelity consists in accomplishing the duties which devolve upon us whether imposed by the general laws of God and of the Church, or by the particular state that we may have embraced.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It is, in itself, a miracle, a peovidence, a constant joy even with the prevalence of minor faults. It providdnce a fund of peace, of joy, of love, and of satisfaction with God who is seen, known, or rather, believed in, living and operating in the most perfect manner in everything that happens.

Its nature and excellence. He also shows how to determine what God’s will is for us. S4 The Revelations of God. All that takes place within us, around us, or through us, contains and conceals His divine action.