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MOSAIK – The Abrafaxe. likes · 13 talking about this. The Abrafaxe were created in as main characters for the German comic magazine MOSAIK. Mosaik – Abrafaxe Sammelband Book Series (3 Books). Latest Book in the Series . Die Abrafaxe. Mosaik Sammelband Die Seidene Schnur. Go to book. 1. Die Abrafaxe. Mosaik Sammelband Dicke Luft in Paris. [Amelie Fried] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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In Egypt 21 issues ; Egypt; B. In feudal Japan 24 issues ; Japan; After having been kidnapped by the Mongols and having been in distress and confronted with a tornado, the Abrafaxe land at the Japanese coast. Two Abrafaxe graphic novels were published in Welsh, though.

And he really needs the help offered by the Abrafaxe. He is rather practical — he prefers to solve problems physically.

The original drawings and publications on display also highlight the creation process of the comics – from the manuscript and the first sketches through to the coloured drawings and the final printed Mosaik issue.

Thus, you get a good insight into the cultural, political, or social conditions of the Abrafaxe’s specific hosting countries. Over and over, the rogue Duke Caran d’Ache gets in their way. The New World is full of incredible adventures. On the Orient Express 17 issues ; Europe, Turkey; The exciting and dangerous journey on the legendary Orient Express leads through the colorful 19th century Europe: Using the latest invention of their brilliant friend, a submersible, they head for an island in the Strait of Malacca He is not really one for adventures.


It hasn’t got the ability to speak, but you can read its mind. In company of the knight Hugo von Payens, they are crisscrossing medieval Europe.

Mosaik 500

They have to solve thrilling problems in our mystery books, they learn to appreciate mosaok other in our picture book “Califax looking for new friends” and they travel around the world to collect the best recipes for our cookbook! At the Orang Lauts’ 12 issuesMalaysia; about Each day, a prince arrives at the court of the king of Orissa to fetch the princess promised to him.

Reflecting his motto of ” theoria cum praxi “, his ideas were far ahead of their time. However, the princess has been captured by local pirates, the Orang Laut “the sea people”on her way to her groom. The Abrafaxe, who have landed in New South Wales after their last time leap, don’t want to miss such an adventure. Brabax is the smart one.

In the end, though, Soony finds his true love and settles down. In addition to all that, a Mongolian patrol shows up commissioned to prepare the invasion into Japan In medieval Germany 25 issues ; Germany, Italy; Abrax soon chums up with Floribert von Wackerstein, a young count who is being expelled from his castle.

The mathematician, philosopher, inventor and historian Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was born in in Leipzig and died in in Hanover, and is regarded as one of the great European polymaths.

MOSAIK Magazine

It takes the Abrafaxe and their friend Max a whole lot of effort to get things back to normal again. They are not the only ones, though, the ninjas Ori and Gami have the same goal. However, their “American way of life” does not remain for long.


And one day, the Abrafaxe find a diamond in the Rocky Mountains which xbrafaxe as big as the Ritz In both versions the protagonists get from one historical era to another via time portals for which they sometimes have to search a long time.

Die Abrafaxe (Comic Book) – TV Tropes

You need to login to do this. He likes to act on the spot and doesn’t fear taking risks. Get Known if you don’t have an account. Even though they are very different personalities and don’t always agree with each other, they are true friends who would never let each other down.

Their destination is the fabulous El Dorado, but the way there is long and full of obstacles. For centuries our knowledge about the world and its peoples mosxik been stored in books.

His weird constructions bail the Abrafaxe out every now and then however, they fail as often. Abrax is a real dare devil. They consist of dashing Abrafax, smart Brabax and chubby enjoyer of the fine things in life Califax.

Ages 8 to Navigation and service Go to: Those aren’t worth anything Founded in in Leipzig as the Deutsches Buchgewerbemuseum German Book Trade Museumit is the oldest museum in the world in the field of book culture, and also one of the most important with regard to the scope and quality of its stocks.