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Read the latest magazines about Adets and discover magazines on from · Embed Share. Manutention de treillis – ADETS. CONSTRUCTION. Standard welded wire mesh line. New products in the “ ADETS” standard welded wire mesh line. October Read more. “ADETS” standard welded wire-meshes – Concrete reinforcing bars /bars in stock – Spacers of welded wire-meshes – Do-it-yourself welded wire-meshes.

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EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Where the Commission has introduced, under the ECSC Treaty, quota systems for certain products, producers of a product which is covered by the EEC Treaty but is affected by those systems may not rely on an allegation of inaction on the part of the Commission in order to compensate for the lack of Community rules for their product by setting up secret agreements contrary to Article 85 1 of the Treaty.

The Belgians said that they were observing the German market prices, and it was better to talk about a market percentage rather than tonnes.

AFCAB is an wdets body settled in to deliver certificates of conformity to companies that manufacture or fix on treilllis concrete reinforcing steels or their accessories.

The applicant considers that that increase is arbitrary and can be accounted for only by the Commission’ s wish to discourage applications to the Court. Concurrence, Journal du droit international p. That is, in the Commission’ s view, the position in the present case, which is concerned with price and quota agreements.

We would be grateful if you would give these instructions to Mr Peters because we have noticed you are active on and interested in the Belgian market, despite sic what Mr Peters said at the last meeting in Breda”. Contrary to the applicant’ s assertions, the gravity of an infringement does not depend solely on its impact on the market. Thank you very much for your vote! This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience.

Action for annulment – unfoundedAppeal against penalty – successful Applicant: These panels are filled with [ Moreover, it submits that there is nothing contradictory about its examining each partial market in order to identify each agreement and each participant and then to consider the cumulative effects thereof, which must necessarily be evaluated in a wider context. That set of agreements was put into effect between the start of and the end of and was formalized by the adoption on 14 October of a “protocol of agreement” concluded for the period 1 July to 31 December However, under Article 87 3the Court may, where each party succeeds on some and fails on other heads, order that the costs be shared.


AFCAB : The body that certifies the reinforcing steels for concrete

The applicant was not present at the Milan meeting of 23 February at which those discussions took place annexes 27 and 29 to the statement of objections, point 53 of the Decision. As regards its alleged failure to act, the Commission states that only two years passed between its receiving notification of the cartel from the Federal Cartel Office and its initiation of investigations.

The fact that such participation pursued the aim of obtaining information about market developments and exchanging views on the ideal allocation of products does not mean that it does not constitute an infringement of Article 85 1 of the Treaty, since such participation is in itself contrary to that provision.

Choose cut, bent or welded steels certified by AFCAB, choose a fixing company certified by AFCAB, provides to the contractor and to the user the guarantee that the reinforcing steel will not break the quality of the building, from the design to the construction.

The question whether the individual participation of the undertaking concerned in that agreement could, notwithstanding its limited scale, restrict competition or affect trade between Member States is entirely irrelevant.

EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law. It considers that the Commission should have taken that into account not only when fixing the level of the fine but also when making its finding as to the existence of an infringement. Skip to main content.

It is not necessary for an undertaking treillix have been aware that it was infringing the competition rules laid down in the Treaty for an infringement to be regarded as having been committed intentionally; it aets sufficient that it could not have been unaware that the object of its conduct was the restriction of competition.


A hearing of their representatives took place on 23 and 24 November At the hearing, it stated that an undertaking was not prohibited from selling its products at a price level close to treeillis of the prices imposed on a market, particularly if that price was high and its subsidiary was obliged to observe it by reason of its membership of the cartel.

That applies particularly where several infringements were concerned with the same type of conduct on different markets, in particular the fixing of prices and of quotas and exchange of information. Findings of the Court 27 The Court finds that the applicant admits its participation in the meetings but denies having tgeillis price and quota agreements.

Offrez vous le savoir-faire d’un treillis soud apprci et reconnu par des gnrations de btisseurs. Garden door, house door, porch and balcony railings are all. Select type of offense: Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Arguments of the parties 56 The applicant treilpis having participated in meetings concerning the Benelux market at which information was exchanged on prices charged, but it insists that it attended only in order to learn about market conditions, that it played an entirely passive role and never gave any commitment to the other participants.

It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality. They ensure that the level of quality of the certified products meets the needs of all the members involved in the construction.

Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of “welded mesh” Copy.

For an agreement, decision or concerted practice to be capable of affecting trade between Member States within the meaning of Article 85 1 of the Treaty, it must be possible treiplis foresee with a sufficient degree of probability, on the basis of legal or factual considerations, that it may have an influence, direct or indirect, actual or potential, on the pattern of trade between Member States giving rise to a fear that the realization of a single market between Member States might be impeded.

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