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factions will have their own unique farming areas, and this article is dedicated to farming gold for Aion. I will introduce Asmodian-level 20 Farming Guide firstly. Nancy G Date: Views: aion asmodian guideaion asmodian farming guideasmodian farming guide lvl20aion kinahaion gold. The world in Aion. Are you struggling with kinah after our lord provider Gameforge fixed this hideous bug that bother all of us? Dont worry, this guide will teach you.

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Your browser has JavaScript disabled. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. Are you struggling with kinah after our lord provider Gameforge fixed this hideous bug that bother all of us? Dont worry, this guide will teach you how to make kinah easy and quick. You can make about 2M 2 kinah per hour!

Because this is how are we supposed to play the game now! Just follow these 10 easy steps: Log in to your account. Make a new char.

Level up this char to lvl 80 dont forget to make all quests. This should take like 7 – 8 hours. At lvl 80 you can make some GoK and Mirash runs.

Guide – “How to make kinah now” for dum daevas – General Discussion – Aion EN

Sell everything you have to vendor. By now you should have like 15M. Log to aiom main character. Put something worthless to broker MP manastone for example and set the price of it to your kinah amount on new char. Log back to your new char and buy this expensive shait.



Greedy shugos gonna take some kinah tho If you dont have a goldpack, make fist char at Nergal elyos. You can buy it at broker for 9M there. A good idea for people who don’t have work and life.

Im afraid that after reading your guide gameforge gonna “fix” the broker by deleting it. Though I was hoping with 6.

Best guide on A l treia so far. That’s what really psss me off. Aion 6 was supposed to be a more casual game. Easier to lvl and enjoy and it is actually the opposite.

How To Make Kinah Guide

Not casual but Semi-hardcore patch. Here we are at the point where it gone worst then hard-core maybe i could say life-core.

Since when guids have to take aion as a work place? If that’s how we earn kinah these days then i rather go play old school runescape or wait for NA release, look at their forums they already give free stuff and also good events not like we have right now some Nyerking garbage shugo jewels gguide meat that never drops from ingredient pouch.


They might have a cunning plan. Just though about it. Force bots, remove world drops so they get rid of the bots. GF are the heroes for a bot free game.

How To Earn Kinah

Actually i found a way to make around 1. Just do camps and Lakrum,buy pvp items and they sell for kinah. I have try to sell my pvp brave shield and i got k kinah from it. Good luck all on farming. Kinah was already a issue earlier anyway, but in a way issue to make decission: I think this was still a good way to keep balance on items. It still made it “hard”. Thats not a guide. And thats surely is kinh gameplay. Some are alt-friendly ,some are not.

But even if it is alt-friendly in the end u focus on ur main. In this “guide”u are not even focusing ur main account. Thisfor mesounds more like a slavery rather than gameplay. Please don’t create these kind of posts because gameforge might used it as a viable solution to the current kinah issue. Iaon 0 Twitter 0 Google Plus 0 Reddit 0.