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AKAI CAU B User Manuals. PDF Download AKAI CAU B English user manual · PDF Download AKAI CAU B Hungarian user manual · PDF. márc. Akai CAU MP3 autós lejátszó nem kapcsol be.Táp csatlakoztatáskor egy pillanatra felvillan a kijelző de bekapcsolni nem lehet. VERSION IND-XBT. USER MANUAL VERSION IND-XU. IND- BT Manual – Bravo View Technology. AKAI CAU B English user manual.

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External peripheral devices with RCA audio and video outputs can be connected with the unit. B once again to exit. Replacing the lithium battery When the range of operation of the card remote control becomes short or no function, replace the lithium battery with a new one. Remove the Unit 1. For proper operation of the DVD 7108, the chassis must be mounted within 20 of horizontal.

Akai cau nem kapcsol be | Elektrotanya

Gently press the right side of the panel until the mechanism locks it into place. Problem General Possible cause Solution Car ignition is not on. During the folder selecting, press ESC to the upper folder parent folder. However, occasional sound skips may occur when driving on very rough roads.

Method 2 In any mode, long press the SRC button on the panel or remote control to enter main source menu, then use navigate button to select the desired mode, and press OK to confirm. Replace fuse with a new fuse of the same capacity. Just, get the same speed with USB 1. B once to select starting point.


About MP3 Supply of this product only conveys a license for private, non-commercial use and does not convey a license nor imply any right to use this product in any commercial i.

Angle DVD only Under these aaki, use extra caution during installation to avoid causing a short circuit. Select a band if neededthen select a station.

Akai CAU-7180B Manuals

Picture Mirror When you view a picture, press repeatedly to mirror the picture vertically, and press repeatedly to mirror the picture horizontally. Check for sufficient space behind the dashboard for the unit chassis. Please read through these 71800 instructions so you will know how to operate your model properly.

During the folder selecting, press ESC to the upper folder parent folder. Wipe in a straight motion from the inside to the outside of the disc.

During manual seeking, if the pause between two operating steps is longer than 5 seconds, or buttons, the unit will enter press the auto seeking. When cleaning the vehicle interior, do not get water or cleaning fluids on the unit. Lift upward to close the panel.


Remove the akkai mounting brackets and Mounting bolt rubber cushion Transport screws 19 Installation Guide Anti-Theft Caau hardware from the existing unit and attach them to the new unit.

The preset number and station is displayed and highlighted. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Two Laser Products Wave length: Bravo View does not cover your shipping expense to us.

New disc may have some rough spots around the inner and outer edges. Press and hold a preset button numbers on the remote control.

User Manuals and Guides

If it is locked into position, use the removal tools supplied to disengage it. OGG or other formats.

Bravo View is not responsible for articles lost or stolen during shipping. If the uppermost folder is listed, ESC cannot be used. When disc inserted, display shows Cak. For details, please visit http: Secure the rear of the unit to the car body using the mounting bolt and rubber cushion. Specifications general Power supply: Only station with strong signal can be broadcast. B again to select ending point.