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if there is a change in density of fuel oil, do we need make any change in the alcap purifier configuration? (as in the earlier ones were we had to. Consult Alfa Laval’s Alcap separation system brochure on DirectIndustry. HFO cSt, they decided to upgrade one purifier to an Alfa Laval SA separator. To overcome this problem, Alpha Laval has developed the Alcap separator, the Ensure purifier has been fully assembled, that the bowl cover.

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Global Maritime is a marine, offshore and engineering consultancy company. The purifier pump suction should be closed, the pump discharge valve open to the heaters, and the recirc valve open back to the purifier suction. The discharge from the purifier should be open to the settling tank. Hi this is Arnav Purofier. General Arrangement for Purifiers on board is given in the diagram.

The EPC60 control system masterminds the operation of the separation system and allows the monitoring of control and alarm functions. What are the 3 types of water in a purifier I know there are operating water and bowl water but I know there is one more type, but dont know what they do in the system!

Open operating water and set bowl operating water to close. This makes it possible to operate under optimal conditions At regular intervals a sludge cycle will take place. The sludge accumulated in the sludge space in both a purifier and a clarifier is intermittently discharged.

Centrifugal Purifiers or Separators Theory, Working and ALCAP Principal | marinersgalaxy

The separator bowl is fixed at the top of a spindle, which is supported by bearings and special composite springs. The sludge removal kit takes care of the sludge by pumping automatically to the main sludge tank.


Puriffier the catalog to page 4. The lower the viscosity the lower the drag force on sludge particles. On the other hand, heavy fuel oil must undergo purifler process of cleaning and fuel oil to be of the correct viscosity before being injected into the engine.

AFPX High capacity solids-ejecting centrifuge Continue to recirc fuel until purification temperature is reached.

ALCAP High density Purifier used Onboard Ship

Reply can i ask puriifier thus purifiier flow control disc work Reply But the importance and use of pairing tube and difference between the impeller of Mitsubishi and pairing tube of Alfa laval was missing. When operating in the purifier mode, a gravity disc must be fitted to obtain the correct interface position in the separator bowl, i. Hi, I am not sure about the answer.

SA separation system The SA Separation Ancillaries separation system is the most compact self-cleaning centrifugal separation system from Alfa Laval.

But my thinking goes this way. In an effort to offset fuel price increments and maintain earnings, the elder and alcpa van der Plas agreed in to install an HFO-ready engine and two Alfa Laval purifiers on their new meter fishing trawler.

Change discharge from settling to service tank, and adjust feed rate to match engine consumption. Newer Post Older Post Home. The bowl opens and closes very rapidly and oil loss is minimal. ALCAP is used for l. The separator is driven by an electric motor via a friction clutch and belt. Should be as slow as possible to maintain fuel demand.


Joint Diesel Research Project Completed.

Centrifugal Purifiers or Separators Theory, Working and ALCAP Principal

Upgrading an Alfa Laval purifier originally installed onboard to an Alfa Laval SA separator system drastically reduced fuel costs. Oil paring and water pairing chamber was missed.

In the purifier mode, the EPC60 unit automatically controls the water admitted to the separator for the water seal and displacement of oil prior to sludge discharge. ViscoLine Monotube Unit In addition, functions are available for vibration alarm when the optional vibration switch is fitted.

The separator bowl is fixed purifire the top of qlcap spindle, which is supported by bearings and springs.

This reduces chances of foaming. Wishes to be this Generations’ Yevgeny Zamyatin. Norway Martech Enterprises Ltd. To overcome this problem, Alpha Laval has developed the Alcap separator, the principle of which is illustrated. Purifiers are often attributed to cause sleepless nights to 4th engineers.

Rajon Khan February 20, at 8: It is designed to clean a wide range of fuel oils used by diesel engines in the marine and power industries.

The result is a separator with the same high performance, but one that does not automatically compensate for process fluctuations. As Chief Engineer, write out the start up alxap for the centrifuge described in for the benefit of your staff.