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Defenition for alveoplasty. Alveoplasty is a surgical procedure used to smoothen out jawbone. This is done in areas where teeth have been removed or where. Alveoplasty is the process of surgically re-contouring and modifying the jawbone The procedure can also be performed alone, without any preceding tooth. After Alveoplasty (Bone Trimming). After having this procedure you should keep gauze in your mouth for 2 hours with good pressure. Then remove the gauze.

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To repair bone after tooth extractions In some cases, the jawbone can be damaged after tooth extractions. Take as directed on the bottle. Anesthesia effects vary by individual, and you may feel drowsy for a short period of time or for several hours. Infection is always a possibility with dental surgery, so it is important to keep your mouth clean, rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash as advised by your dental surgeon.

They may need to have decayed teeth extracted before they receive radiation therapy to the head or neck. Any rough areas will be further smoothed out using a bone file.

In rare instances, the numbness may become permanent if the damage is considerable. On the same order as having a few teeth removed. In some cases, tooth extraction leaves the jawbone surface uneven with high and low points in the socket where the tooth used to be. Patients who received general anesthesia should return home from our office immediately upon discharge and lie down with the head elevated until all the effects of the anesthesia have disappeared.



Bleeding could also occur though excessive bleeding is considered a rare occurrence. The conditions alveoloplasty procedure can treat include the following. A jawbone’s dense surface layer of bone tissue is termed its “cortical plate. If you have dissolvable sutures, they can take up to weeks to dissolve.

Excessive bleeding is a rare but potentially aleoloplasty complication. When finished, the flap is repositioned and sutured.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Alveoplasty is performed in such cases to smooth out the jawbone to achieve correct alignment, which will make it easier for the dentist to fit dentures as well as help patients by enhancing alveolopalsty of the said dental prosthesis.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. As suggested above, an alveoloplasty can be performed as a part of the tooth extraction process, or as its own stand-alone procedure. This dentistry article is a stub. The alveoplasty dental procedure works to provide a wide enough settling place for dentures.

When Is An Alveoloplasty Procedure Necessary?

If no extractions are needed, local anesthetic may be the best course of action. A Certified Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Wray D, et al. Example 1 – The goal here is to create a flatter, more procevure jawbone ridge. To repair thinning jawbone Naturally thinning jawbone may impede proper fit of dentures.

Rinse times a day, after you eat and before you go to bed at night for the next several weeks, or until the surgical area has healed completely. Sudden changes of position can also cause nausea or dizziness.


Alveoloplasty (jawbone reshaping)- The procedure explained. Costs.

Possible Risks and Complications There is the risk of patients experiencing adverse reactions to anaesthesia. Alveoloplasty Alveoplasty – Surgical smoothing and re-contouring of the jawbone ridge: The oral surgeon then makes an incision along the gum line, near the area where trimming is required, and the tissue flap is raised to expose the jawbone.

We understand the wants, needs and fears of alveloplasty patients and are committed to supporting you. Asia’s Largest Physician Network DocDoc has Asia’s largest healthcare physician procfdure with 23, doctors, clinics and 55 hospitals from various specialties throughout the region. Patients can expect some bleeding for the first 24 hours, but after that the bleeding should taper off. We believe that healthcare can and should be safe, transparent, and fair.

When performing this process:. A better fit for dental prosthetics results in improved quality of life, especially in dental function, and ensures maximum retention. This bone is then contoured and reshaped using a number of different instruments. Ice the area for 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off for 72 hours.