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Amarnath Cave: amarnath yatra – basic information – See traveler reviews himself for yatra in Jammu & Kashmir bank by filling the registration forms. Pilgrims register themselves for Amarnath Yatra at Shri Amarnath Shrine Board ( SASB) in Jammu on May 10, as the registration for the. in the Amarnath cave, several such spirals of stalagmites unite to form a solid dome-shaped form of ice. registered for the Yatra and travelled to Srinagar in July In June , the BABA Yatri Niyas (a Jammu based socio- religious.

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Amarnathji yatra is a spiritual as well as adventurous yatra full of devotions and courage. Before going to yatra, I have made lot of net search but could not find the basic information for performing the yatra. Henceforth, I thought of the need to write my own experience and firsthand knowledge about yatra so as to help other devotees planning for the holy yatra. All knows that Amarnathji holy cave is in Kashmir and for reaching there, u have to choose following means of travelling.

There are registrqtion train services between Jammu and Srinagar.

The buses normally leave in the evening hours and after night journey of hours kmu reach to Srinagar or defined destination. If you start early in revistration morning from Baltal, u can return back to Baltal after having darshan of sacred Amarnathji in a same day only. Yatra starts from Baltal from 3 AM and onward journey by trekking takes around minimum hours. The entire route is steep and therefore u has to take pause in between say after every minutes to avoid palpitation and breath lessness.

They are guarding the entire highways and yatra route right from Jammu to Srinagar to Pahalgam to cave or from Cave to Baltal to Yatrx. They are guarding the valley day and night, fegistration holy cave route.

Amarnath Yatra Registration – Amarnath Yatra

So, there is no need to fear or panic about visiting Kashmir. They are always happy to help the devotees and u can ask any dam queries to them. In the yatra period, they are also found to boost up your exhausting courage. We have seen soldiers taking sadhus without limbs on stretchers and completing their yatra or guiding personally the lost children to the base camps.

We started our yatra from pahalgam. The entire bus is booked from there only. We have booked the tkts a day before so as to have the middle order seats. The bus departed at 8. One can have the option of hiring individual sumo at the cost of Rs fixed price opposite to TRC, from taxi stand. The bus took us via Anantnag and after taking a in between halt for refreshing, we finally reached pahalgam.

After reaching there, u will see hundreds of vehicles standing in an open ground next to the Lidder River in a wonderful climate with chilled air, snow capped mountains and the lush green pine trees. As we were to start yatra the very next morning, therefore we decided not to go for sightseeing in pahalgam.

We just visited horti-culture gardens there, with picturesque flowers, plants and pine trees above and enjoyed our time beside crystal clear Lidder river next to our hotel. Hence, on 4th July, when the weather got cleared, they allowed only those devotees who had done registration for the prior dates and not for 4th July. One should think this aspect also before staying in base camps. Otherwise, everything is perfect in camps. Next morning at 5. We took mini bus costing Rs 70 each to travel from Pahalgam to Chandanwari, the distance of around 16 kms in 50min.


Official website of Shiv Sewa Sangh Barnala : Amarnath Yatra Bhole Bhandari Shiv Shivji

During journey, u will require minimal money for stay and foods, but if u require pony in between, then u have to pay them cash. Take sufficient medicines basically muscle relaxants spray like volini or simply MOOV spray to relieve cramps in legs, pain killers like tab. We all require glucose and salts for better performance on the trek. There are langers and private stalls, but u may not find them for kms in between. It gets tanned badly at high altitudes.

U will also require good shoes for trekking. Winter jackets are also available there at cheap prices, but better to keep baggage weight as low as possible. U may face rain and snow storm any time in yatra. We carried rain coat and foldable yarra with us. But in Chandanwari, u will find plain thin foldable polythene sheet in rgeistration shape of raincoat at just Rs It is very essential and of negligible weight and can even fit in your pocket.

Just have a brush and bath and catch early possible vehicle for chandanwari. We enjoyed hot choley bhature and tea of pure milk 22011 and started the yatra. U will find hundreds of peoples aarnath sticks en route at Rs 20 each.

Registration for Shri Amarnath Yatra 2011 starts from 10th May

One end of the sticks are made pointed to have a better grip. But search for those sticks which have metal caps covering the pointed tips sold at same price so that there tips will not erode and u will have better yata while walking on ice. We found number of langers giving awala, lozenges, dry fruits, sweets while start of the yatra. The atmosphere there is full of enthusiasm with full volume songs of For, Shiva from langers with cool and pleasant weather with no pollution at all.

Very limited forms are available for the specific dates for the given city. One can choose for the online registration also.

Surprisingly, we found spot registration process for the same day only in Chandanwari also, i. There are 4 ways to perform yatra. First by trekking which we both opted for or on pony for which govt charges are fixed right from starting point or by palki.

The charges are clearly mentioned on big boards at the starting points. There are porters also who carries luggage or someone small children on shoulders. And the fourth mean is by chopper or helicopter of pawanhans company recognized by JK govt. There are palki walas in the foothill of holly cave and they may charge just Rs for darshan without line. In palki, u can have a darshan for few seconds only as they are not allowed to stand near ice shivlingam. They just keep going. After leaving chandanwari, we had to climb pissu top, i.


For reaching pissu top just 4kmwe took 4 hours. In between we found private stalls selling nimbu pani or bisleri Rs30, or cold drink ml for Rs Temporary toilets for are erected there.

The remaining trek is of ups and downs with sometime we have to walk on ice. We walked for around 15 km that day. At the end of day at 6. Individual jungle tent for a couple is also available for Rs At the night, we experienced the temp. U may need them during trek but will surely need them at night. Hot food stuffs are available at the langars. One of the gentle tent owners made arrangement in their kitchen tent for only two of us.

Sunset occurs very late i. It is must to have as it helps your beloved one to get free of worries at home. We saw many coin box phones in the route also.

We climbed to Mahaguna top which is at the height of feet from feet sheshnag. After reaching Mahagunas top, the remaining route was full of down only as we were decending from to feet panchtarni — the 2nd night stay.

The trek after Mahagunas is just mindblowing. The peaks of snow Cladded Mountains which we were seeing from below, we were actually walking over regiwtration. In between we have to cross a river which was not more than inches deep. We saw peoples tossing over stones to cross without wetting their shoes but all were in vain. In the midway at pashpotri ft, we regiztration a langar managed by shiv sainik, delhi. There were atleast 10 types of sweets all in pure ghee, snacks, lunch, dosa, golgappe, hyderabadi biryani, pizza, shakes, kulfi etc etc.

It was like we were on some marriage party. Having those items at such height was really astonishing. And all the ammarnath were hygienic.

We reached Panchtarni at 7 pm. There are sufficient no. We took 3 hours to reach cave. There was a huge line of around 1 km there but it was moving fast. It took three hours in line to have darshan. The shop keeper gave us a receipt of the items deposited mentioning no. We have to climb some steps to enter the huge open cave. From distance also, we could have darshan of shiv lingam.

There was rush but we could have darshan till our satisfaction i. We were lucky to see 2 pigeons at the creeps of the cave above. No camera is allowed, so no photography. We then took the sacred water from a little down near the nandi bail open idol. Plastic cans are sold at stalls. And there we made the most dreaded mistake. Actually, there are two routes going to Baltal from cave, out of which one is a little shortcut.