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Five years ago, three friends and I set out to read some of the “great books” – or those works of literature which would merit re-reading several times over the. With its sparkling depiction of New York’s social strata, its intricate imagery and themes, and its immensely appealing characters, Rules of Civility won the hearts . Set in New York City in , Rules of Civility tells the story of a watershed year in the life of an uncompromising twenty-five-year-old named.

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It is even more ironic than I thought. Highly highly recommended for those who have yet to read it!

rulrs But at times it did feel more like a film treatment or a pitch for a TV series than a novel. If my schedule allows, I will try to stop by. These things that I mention here are NOT described in this book, but this author has found all the other characteristics of this city that are so hard to capture.

There are few black people in the story. Whatever it was, it worked for me.

The essential gift book for any pet lover – real-life tales of devoted dogs, rebellious cats and other cifility four-legged friends. Tiffany designed two of the altars and a Medici designed the third. However, it kept me reading until the very end, so it wasn’t too bad either.

View all 11 comments. It’s a love letter, a limerick, a lollipop, a literary longing. I liked that Katey loved to read, and her conversation was often infused with bookish references. He has the money. KIRKUS REVIEW Manhattan in the late s is the setting for this saga of a bright, attractive and ambitious young woman whose relationships with her insecure roommate and the privileged Adonis they meet in a jazz club are never the same after an auto accident.

One pet peeve I have is the author chose not to use quotation marks in dialogue.


View all 33 comments. The entire time I had this inclination that the book was going to end the way it did I won’t spoil the ending, but I guessed it from the start! So what is it I love? Grab your shaker of martinis and your cocktail onions and take a ride with Katey Kontent through the streets of Manhattan.

View all 45 comments. Kate becomes a fan of Agatha Christie at a point in the novel when she is hurt, angry and concerned about whether justice exists in the world. What is intriguing is that I am sure there is more to understand about these three disparate figures.

The photos are taken with civi,ity hidden camera in the NYC subway car and “captured a certain naked humanity. You feel that when you read this book.

Rules of Civility by Amor Towles – review

towlez Be less shy, suggests Tinker to the girls, laughing. Overall, I hope that “A Gentleman in Moscow” is better than this – given that this was the authors first book.

Two’s company, three’s a crowd, soon civlity evident to Katey, however. I read them on the subway, at the deli and in my bed alone. It is done through wonderful similes and metaphors so you understand and know immediately how a person almost feels because you recognize the visions conjured by the metaphors. While I was very conscious of photography as a motif in the book, and the imagery of fairy tales, here are two motifs that I only recognized after the fact: Something about heating the civiliyy and putting on the lid makes the eggs puff upon contact.

Rules of Civility by Amor Towles – Amor Towles

An unlikely chance encounter stuns the woman, Katey–a pi If a novel could win an award for best cinematography, this would take home the gold. If there’s a problem, it’s this: I listened to the audio. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I revised the book thoroughly three times over the next three years mostly making it otwles ; but the original constraint of a twelve-month draft proved a much more effective artistic process for me than an open-ended one.


The book investigates the nuances of social strata in the s. They don’t ruled them like that anymore.

InI had a fellowship to teach for Yale in China for two years. We know there are going to be cocktails, flirting and a lot of kicking up of high heels: She was much too readily accepted into the elite circles and much too integrated into that lifestyle to have actually come from impoverished working-class roots. Others have complimented the writing style, but personally I wasn’t impressed.

Yes, you have to try to recover from her name which is so obviously “made for voiceover” that it’s painful. Rules of Civility by Amor Towles 3 stars 5 21 Sep 09, So did their memories of Depression penury, which, combined with their inherited shtetl thriftiness, made them suspicious of conspicuous consumption to their dying days. The exercise certainly pays dividends — the best feature of Rules of Civility is its fast pacing and irresistible momentum.

One of the pleasures of writing fiction is discovering upon completion of a project that some thread of imagery has run through the work without your being aware—forming, in essence, an unintentional motif. So far, so Sex and the City s-style.

Do you think this is true to life? Who really loves who? Amor Towles is two for two with me, and I wish he would hurry up and write another! It’s really hard to put my finger on what made me like Rules of Civility so much.