AMS C 26074 PDF

AMS C 26074 PDF

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Find the most up-to-date version of SAE AMS-C at Engineering MIL-CC. 3 MY les5. MILITARY SPECIFICATION. This specification ie approved for we by all. Departfmnta and Agencie8 of the Oapartmmt of. Defense. 1. SAE AMS-C Electroless Nickel Coatings. SAE AMS-C Revision D, June Complete Document. Electroless Nickel Coatings. Includes all.

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Iron, copper, aluminum, nickel, cobalt, beryllium, titanium, and their alloys can be plated directly. A random sample of 4 parts shall be selected from each inspection lot which has more than 15 parts see 4. This section contains information of a general or explanatory nature that may be helpful, but is not mandatory.

Unfortunately, the MIL-C was not cancelled at that point in time. Coated parts of stainless steel similarly facilitate brazing. The lot shall be rejected if any coated article, part, or test specimen shows cracking or fracture of the basis metal. Unless otherwise specified, all inspections shall be performed in accordance with the methods of inspection specified in 4. Periodic microscopic destructive thickness and adhesion tests shall be performed as a referee method to verify comparable nondestructive tests for the purpose of process control assurance.

The nickel coatings shall be classified in accordance with the thermal treatment applied subsequent to plating. Issue of DODISS to be cited in the solicitation, and if required, the specific issue of individual documents reference see 2. TSB rules provide for a the publication of portions of unrevised government specifications and standards without consensus voting at the SAE Committee level, and b the use of the existing government specification or standard format. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Equivalent basis material includes chemical composition and surface finish prior to coating application. Sampling inspection, as part of manufacturing operations, is an acceptable practice to ascertain conformance to requirements, however, this does not authorize submission of known defective material, either indicated or actual, nor does it commit the government to accept defective material.

If the number of parts in an inspection lot is 15 or less, the number of parts in the sample shall be 2 or 3 as determined by the procuring activity. Unless otherwise specified, the coating shall be applied after all basis metal heat treatments and mechanical operations such as machining, brazing, welding, forming, and perforating of the part have been completed. So in Octoberthe document was reinstated in the current Inactive Revision B and thus it remains to this day.


Under Department of Defense policies and procedures, any qualifications requirements and associated qualified products lists are mandatory to DOD contracts. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. D of electroless nickel coatings containing less than 8 percent phosphorous by a magnetic method is not recommended. The selected samples shall be subjected to a sustained tensile load equal to percent of the maximum design yield load for which the part was designed. A hydrogen embrittlement relief test shall be run once per month on a random sample of 4 parts as specified in 4.

The coating adhesion after completion of all processing and thermal treatments shall be such that when examined at a magnification of 4X, the coating shall not show separation from the basis metal when tested in accordance with ASTM B as specified in 4.

A hardness test shall be run once a month, on four randomly selected parts representing the months production, or on four separately coated specimens as specified in 4. Heat treated to obtain required hardness: Stress relief heat treatment: Each of the sample parts selected in accordance with 4.

The coating is intended for use when hard and smooth surfaces are required on coated parts. The articles, parts or test specimens shall be held under load for at least hours and then examined for fracture. Composites can be plated directly by using special pretreatments to prevent the basis material from contaminating the bath or to obtain adequate ama adhesion. Each part, or specimen shall be tested as specified in 4.

Parts–spring pins, lock rings, and so forth–that are installed in holes or rods shall be similarly assembled using the applicable parts specifications or drawing tolerances which impose the maximum sustained tensile load on the plated part. Number of this specification.

The separate specimens shall be of a basis material equivalent see 6. Unless otherwise specified, the shot peening shall be accomplished on all surfaces for which the coating is required and all immediately adjacent surfaces when they contain notches, fillets or other abrupt changes of section size where stresses will be concentrated.

SAE AMS-CB 化学镀镍(英文)_百度文库

All details of workmanship shall conform to the best practices for high quality coating. The separate specimens shall be strips approximately 1-inch wide, 4-inches long, and 0. Samples shall be selected from each lot see 4.


The Government reserves the right to perform any of the inspections set forth in this specification where such inspections are deemed necessary to ensure supplies and services conform to prescribed requirements.

AMS-C-26074 and MIL-C-26074 – An explanation of the revision path

Formation of cracks that do not result in loss of plating adhesion is acceptable. Similar but not necessarily identical processes are covered in the following specifications. Hydrogen embrittlement relief bake: The nickel coatings shall be of the following grades: Military Specification MIL-CE, and contains only minor editorial and format changes required to bring it into conformance with the publishing requirements of SAE technical standards. Coated parts–that is, those parts used in air compressors, missile-fuel injector plates, pumps, reciprocating surfaces, and so forth are protected from oxidation, corrosion and wear.

Amw hardness can be achieved by heating the part see 4. I hope you find this information helpful! Sampling plan C – Sampling procedure for adhesion tests: Prior to cleaning and coating, all steel parts having a hardness of Rockwell C40 or above, which have been machined, ground or surface hardened includes cold worked but not shot peened aksshall be given a stress-relief heat treatment at a temperature that will produce maximum stress relief without reducing the hardness to less than the specified minimum.

With aluminum electronic devices, not only is product contamination prevented, but the coated parts facilitate soldering when used in conjunction with a mildly activated RMA or activated RA rosin flux. All items shall meet the requirements of sections 3 and 5. Sampling plan B – Sampling procedures for evaluating hydrogen embrittlement relief destructive test – Class 1 and 2: Coated-test specimens shall be exposed to a neutral salt-spray test in accordance with F B for hours.

When the coated parts are of such form as to be not readily adaptable to a test specified herein, or at the discretion of the inspector for destructive tests for the sampling of small lot sizes, the test may be made by the use of separate specimens coated concurrently with the parts represented.