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Andrew J. Bacevich, The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism ( New York: Metropolitan Books, ), pp., $ Andrew Bacevich’s latest . The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism. By Andrew J. Bacevich. Metropolitan Books, pp. $ Purchase. In post-Cold War . “Andrew Bacevich speaks truth to power, no matter who’s in power, which may be why those of both the left and right listen to him.”—Bill Moyers An immediat.

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Yet all of these turned out to be mere preliminaries. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: The national security state, the apparatus ljmits the national security state benefits. When it came to defending vital American interests, asserting control over the imperial periphery took precedence over guarding the nation’s own perimeter.

What costs does the exercise of freedom impose? American Exceptionalism is the hte that America has been created with a special mission, that it has a higher purpose in the world than other nations. This is not a good thing. Too bad the subject of his new book is quite uncomfortable.

Reliance on government power to impose U. Also, an imperial presidency that increasingly is free from the confines of other parts of government and able to pretty much do whatever he wants in foreign policy.

As Bacevich puts it, President Reagan told Americans what they wanted to hear. As Vice President Dick Cheney, a self- described conservative, announced when told that cutting taxes might be at odds with invading Iraq, “Deficits don’t matter.

Yet baceivch not good enough.

Happy New Year!

The tacit bargain between our political leaders and the American people, which basically assumes that our culture of consumption, our refusal to save, our addiction to oil, as President Bush himself described it, that all of these things can be sustained indefinitely, if we can simply employ our military power in ways to shape the world to our liking.


Subsequently the US has increasingly taken the view that it will be free only if it can dominate those countries bxcevich are interfering with our abundance. We have a trade deficit, and individual Americans have negative saving rates. Meanwhile, a stubborn insistence on staying the course militarily ends up jeopardizing freedom at home.

Aug 29, Jim rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Bacevich identifies James Forrestal, the first U. The slate is wiped clean. War Without Exits For the United States, the passing of the Cold War yielded neither a “peace dividend” nor anything remotely resembling peace. And then he ends with a call for saving the planet from climate change.

Bill Moyers Journal . THE LIMITS OF POWER | PBS

This does the book and reader as real service as he adnrew fly off the handle or digress into vitriol. He also discusses the role of a number of important executive and military leaders as well as civilian organizations.

I saw Andrew Bacevich’s interview with Bill Moyers on PBS last week and was impressed enough by his demeanor, verve, and intelligence to go out and buy the book off Amazon right away. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself on the left or the right; Bacevich’s message applies to all. But when I suggested to each of them the necessity of ending the war, I adrew the brushoff. He reminds us that we can destroy all that we cherish by pursuing an illusion of indestructibility.

If anything, the reverse is true: The Irony of American History. The book’s primary virtue is its hard-hitting examination of failure, combined with the utter refusal in the U. Realism in this sense implies an obligation to see the world as it actually is, not as we might like it to be.


All they seem to care about is getting re-elected. He also shows how the need for both power and abundance has undermined people’s a Written by a true conservative, ex-military officer and current Boston University professor, this book concisely explains how the actions of citizens, government and the military over the last 45 years have pushed the U.

The Enduring Relevance of Reinhold Niebuhr. Seeing themselves as a peaceful people, Americans remain wedded to the conviction that the conflicts in which they find themselves embroiled are not of their own making. We want to bend the will of the world, or even of a region, and very often we just make things worse. The Limits of Power is a fascinating deconstruction of the ideology that drives Bacevicb political and military institutions.

The Limits of Power: Andrew Bacevich on the End of American Exceptionalism | Democracy Now!

Whether you agree or disagree with his conclusions, getAbstract recommends his book abcevich anyone interested in contemporary American history and events. Could you talk about the cost of war and how the militarists learned from your war, from Vietnam, how we are insulated from the true cost?

As pastor, teacher, activist, theologian, and prolific author, Niebuhr was a towering presence in American intellectual life from the s through the s.