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[RPG] – Anima Beyond Fantasy (Roleplaying Game) Special thanks to u/ fenelon for a copy of the last book I needed, the Prometheum Exxet!. Arcana Exxet: Secrets of the Supernatural is a book dedicated to the world . AS/ FFG: Is there a release planning for the english version of this book? .. Anima books are more expensive than the average rpg book, so I think. Using Arcana Exxet Arcana Exxet uses the magic rules from the revised Spanish edition of Anima: Beyond Fantasy. Players unfamiliar with the changes made to.

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Paranormal effects appropriate to the nature of the spell surround the wizard, while starbursts of magical energy occur everywhere. However, once this is done, he or another shaman cannot spend more Zeon points to make it a Powerful Spiritual Zone, since it remains an area that was originally spiritually weak.

The creation of an Ofuda is often complex and very laborious, but it is necessary for Onmyoji to use their spells. We can notify you when this item is back in stock. I’ll be dead before i ever get to play a single game. But I also read, that FFG is understaffed, so it’s natural that they work on their flag ships first.

As time passes and he has the opportunity to study and learn, he will be able to spend Magic Level points to approach that limit. Exodus, who has an MA score of 80 and the Metamagic advantage Force Speed at Arcane level, declares before rolling the dice for Initiative that he wants to cast a Light Beam spell. I also have the suspicion, that some translations are not made carefully, so the meaning differs between the english and the spanish version.

Wish we could have them and be able to read them. Anima books are more expensive than the average rpg book, so I think people wait if this line will be published further It is wild magic, pure chaotic energy that certain characters can use, sometimes unconsciously, to do seemingly impossible things.

Terms usually used to designate a person born with the Gift. If the character has a relevant mystical text to use as a reference when studying the spell, increase his level of learning by one level. Double Spell Straining his supernatural power and ability to concentrate to their limits, a wizard with this advantage can use large amounts of Zeon to allow him to prepare and cast two different spells simultaneously.


It is as if their essences were “magic,” and therefore, they can be transported from one place to another, trapped in an object, or subjugated by powers beyond their control without violating the laws of nature. Same as above, except that the maximum Zeon is 60 additional points.

Consequently, all Attack spells cast by its practitioners have their final damage reduced by half, rounded up to the nearest 5. Spells can require Active or Passive Actions, depending on their nature.

Anima RPG: Arcana Exxet – Secrets of the Supernatural : Fantasy Flight Games :

This advantage has no effect on those spells with ranges defined in their descriptions. The benefits from this ability do not stack with the Free Access spell Offensive Erudition. The Base Damage should engish the maximum effect if the spell was used to attack a single target. For those Spiritual spells that have effects that are visible to those who can see arcanw, the spells also cause mystical chains to arise around the bodies of those affected.

Both tantasy and Game Master may look at Box I: The wizard or the person he chooses undergoes a entlish in his nature that makes the possibility of very lucky or very unlucky actions much greater.

Posted August 25, Spells Mmtmd with an ofuh. Englissh, both the character’s starting point and the path he subsequently follows through the Arcana Shepirah will define his Metamagic abilities.

I think there is a community which is more than willing to help out for small rewards i. When a character has gathered the necessary Zeon points, ani,a can cast the spell.

A character’s starting point on the tree is very important, since it is only possible to choose one. Book ratings by Goodreads. This power has no impact on entities whose Gnosis is 40 or more, unless the creature using the loop has a higher Gnosis. If he meditates for at least half a day, during which he cannot take any action other than concentrating, he can add his Willpower bonus to his Zeon regeneration, and if he meditates for the whole day, he can add twice that bonus.

Snima only are Gifted people capable of perceiving the supernatural, but they can also use their powers to reshape reality with spells or even thoughts. The wizard’s Attack spells gain the benefit of the Precision trait, even if they are ranged spells.


Depending on his needs, he may decide to use a lower Magic Projection in order to conserve Zeon. Unfortunately I don’t know much past what we have on our website for release schedule.

To determine the casting time, use rnglish slowest Initiative of both characters. There are occultists who say that it is no more than a state of mind where the soul of a person has “awakened” to magic and that therefore, at least in theory, everyone has access to it.

This spell has power over the martial spirits of the caster’s mortal englizh, allowing animz to continue forward even on the threshold of death. When an Ofuda is consumed by casting a spell or is otherwise destroyed for any reason, the creator retrieves the points of maximum Zeon that he spent on it though he does not recover the Zeon points he spent and must regenerate aanima normally. Alice, who is locked in a dungeon, wants to use natural magic to get the keys hanging down the hall.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. As with any Anima book, our goal with Arcana Exxet was to create a set of rules that could adapt to any kind of character regardless of the character’s origin. This ability cannot overcome the damage caused by a Supernatural Attack from an entity with 20 or more points of Gnosis than the wizard has. The character increases his base Zeon regeneration by 30 points.

Automatic WAR War wizards dominate the field of battle, enhancing their companions’ skills or even the fighting prowess of entire armies. Each Ofuda is created for a specific purpose, designed to cast a pre- determined spell.

Anima RPG: Arcana Exxet – Secrets of the Supernatural

Effect Unleashed Destruction Level: A character may try betond summon or banish several beings at a time if his Presence is much higher than that of those beings. In other words, the wizard does not roll the dice and add the result to his Magic Projection, but instead uses a default value depending on the number of spheres that he has mastered and the amount of Zeon he spends.

Effect Ancestral Rage Level: