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The Andalites are an advanced race of centaur-like aliens. overcome his genetic illness, only to find out that the leader of the Animorphs was a human. Elfangor states in the The Andalite Chronicles that “There were rumors soon they’ d let. The Andalite Chronicles (Elfangor’s Journey, Alloran’s Choice, An Alien Dies) – Animorphs [Katherine Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on. Andalite Chronicles | Download & Read The Animorphs E-Books.

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I was going to point out the asparagus as well. I’m rereading the whole Animorph series, including the Chronicles that I kind of skipped when I first read this series First, there is the standard fighter shipwhich has short stubby wings and a Shredder gun slung over zndalite top, fashioned to mimic the raised Andalite tail, which is posed as a threat or challenge.

But Alloran is too far along that spectrum: I mean seriously depressing.

Richard’s Animorphs Forum – E-Books | Andalite Chronicles

Nov 14, Alan Gilfoy rated it it was amazing. In contrast, when Elfangor must confront his bleakest moment, he finds an intrinsic core of strength and morality that allows him to act.

Maybe the renegade Chee and the Skrit Na are partners. He briefly meets his son, and gives him and the other kids the morphing power. It is due to Elfangor’s actions that Visser Three exists. Elfangor and his fellow aristh Arbron rescue two humans from the Skrit Na: This further dis-illusions Elfangor to the Andalite race, contributing to his decision to flee the war and hide the Time Matrix even from his own people. So fighter pilot attitude crosses species barrier.

Stories of Elfangor’s youth work well with the hirac delest memory record framing device. The rest of the book is then a flashback of Elfangor’s personal history, beginning with him as an aristha warrior in training, and ending with him at the construction site. However, because there were three of them trying to control their destination, they end up on a strange plane of existence that is a patchwork of their three home worlds. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Elfangor’s human culture shock is funny, as with Ax in the main series.


Arbron becomes trapped as a Taxxon, and Elfangor becomes responsible for Alloran’s infestation when Sub-Visser 7 tricked him.

The Andalite Chronicles

But there is, by far, a single crowning moment of awesome in The Andalite Chronicles: That whole segment with the alternate universe and stuff was so fucking trippy. It was never exp What a depressing chronilces. Am super excited to see how this is revealed to him. In addition, several observations Elfangor makes about humans and human society do not match up with Ax’s observations in the ordinary books. Why that construction site.

While flying away, Elfangor discovers that Arbron is stuck in Taxxon morph. Visser Three, in an andalite host body, at his feeding location. They bury the Time Matrix, deciding it is too dangerous a weapon for any one species to control. It is worth noting that in The MessageAnfalite says that he was trying to reach his cousins also that he was taught by his cousins about humans.

Notable moments and inconsistencies: Though it turns out I ended up taking a physics course at the university.

He thus equates those with human happiness and has to be informed by a laughing Loren that no, cigarettes are bad for you and that picture had only been an ad for them. Chapman is the worst. It seems in previous books the Animorphs have morphed while practically unconscious and also mortally wounded, so it’s unclear what kind of injury could have put Elfangor in that position.

As the ending of this book implies, and as we learn in the next book, she is also a big deal to the Animorphs themselves…. Elfangor is such a great character. Where did he come from?


Applegate loved that quick fix. With the same name.

The Andalite Chronicles by K.A. Applegate

He even begins to understand why they might choose to become willing Controllers if it would result in more feeding of that hunger. Gafinilan-Estrif-Valad also supposedly attempted to acquire an Andalite prince to overcome his genetic illness, only to find out that the leader of the Animorphs was a human. As a whole, this is the most romantic story of them all! Elfangor refuses, saying it is dishonorable to kill helpless Yeerks. First off, one thing I find interesting is that this is the only book in the series not to prominently feature the big Animorphs logo.

I loved Katherine Applegate because, like so many fabulous young adult authors, I don’t know if I’d give this book five stars now, but Andalite Chronicles was my favorite book as a teenager.

Goodreads ansalite you keep track of books you want to read.

Andalite Chronicles Book 2 Allorans Choice.jpg

He steals a Mustang the car was also scavenged from Earth by the Skrit Naand races back to the space port. The story ends with him landing on Earth, injured and hoping to find the Time Matrix again the beautiful forest where it was buried has now become an abandoned construction site.

October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Oh I did not know that Adam: He chroniclew already in the business of collecting animals! Another Chronicles book states that the Yeerk who later became Visser Three was born in a tank on a ship, and that it was “all he knew.

This book is pages and the main character is an animorphe.