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Antanas Maceina – vienas žymiausių Lietuvos filosofų. Antanas Maceina aprėpė ir analizavo gana nemažai sričių – pedagogiką, filosofiją, Religijos filosofija. In a quarterly journal called Filosofija. Sociologija . Antanas Maceina is also usually regarded as an existentialist, especially in regard .. Religijos filosofija. In a quarterly journal called Filosofija. . Antanas Maceina is also usually re garded as an existentialist, especially in regard to his post-war .. Religijos filosofija.

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However respectful of The Chronicle of filosofiua Catholic Loyalty, Dissent, and Betrayal 49 Church in Lithuania, Lithuanian Samizdat, and other forms of political dissent, Venclova may never have fallen into the category of the mainstream of Lithuanian patriotic and nationalistic dissent.

Eastern European Philosophy in European Philosophy. Yet their paths would soon diverge. The study discusses different designators, the situations of usage and relation to myths and traditions.

Undoubtedly, such analyses are of probabilistic nature and without further investigation cannot be fully accepted, but they already offer opportunities to the targeted organization of the statistical material and to its perspective, appropriate use in reducing criminology. Sharp Alford,p. Such young people would have leadership skills because they would have participated in the military youth camps; and they would know the routine in the barracks and the daily agenda of the Lithuanian military because they would have stayed in the military units prior to studies at the MAL.

Thus the problem of the name as a taboo is important for this fairy tale in particular and the issue of the creative power of words in general. Tyrimui informacija rinkta apklausos metodu. Therefore, the travel trade providers who want to maintain strategic positions should take into consideration recommendations they are suggested. In striving to enable justice to embrace the content of virtue, Plato is even compelled to make a virtueincorporating philosopher preside over his ideal state.


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The distinctive feature of substantiva communia is their usage in pejorative meaning. However, the name of Anton Chekhov is constantly in cultural publications.

Abstract This article analyzes the factors affecting citizen participation in public services. Journal of Business Venturing, vol. Summary The article focuses on discussing and evaluating works by Antanas Maceina — and Juozas Girnius — dwelling on questions of the cultural and political survival of the Lithuanian nation under harsh conditions of Soviet occupation and NATIONAL emigration. Results shows that the activities of public libraries in intercultural communication aspects of the resolution is an inevitable part of library activities: Materialization and personification of the field covering these processes, phenomena and relations is considered to be the universal way of conceptualization of abstract spheres.

It occurred unexpectedly that It is necessary to argue and present some new approaches to social market economy notion from the other disciplines than economics, e.

I could regard myself neither as professional writer nor as professional scholar; I was rather professional translator. Sustainable tourism development — guiding principles for maceiina and management. Whether they like it or not, they must accommodate the rules of the academic career, of the narrow world of academia, of a narrow context of specialized reference. Kas yra taupusis genotipas?

Books by Antanas Maceina

The work is based on the previous deligijos and field investigation materials gathered by a group of researches in — in Semigalia. The twentieth- century philosopher Paul Ricoeur points out that the metaphors, with their epiphora, deviation, and borrowing, are both revealers and shapers of the world as it is known.


When social action is oriented to the symbolic framework of the factory, it has an immense capacity of producing specified types of effects whether victories in sports or in warfare, capitalistic affluence or revolutionary reconstruction of societybut it does so at the cost of destroying the larger natural, social, and moral contexts within which the desired changes are located. According to them, skills and calling are the basis of filospfija motivation.

Antanas Maceina (Author of Jobo drama)

My father, Antanas Venclova, ananas a convinced communist. Studies in Organizational Epistemology. Narveson and its predecessors J. His graduate training took place at Harvard University. The mode of the reforms depended on the political, economic stimulus, pro- ject visions and aims.

Radijo paskaitos.

It can be assumed that the entering of the noun turgus and other words with the similar meaning the more active usage of written Lithuanian is associated with the appearance of a different kind of literature, not religious literature, in the later period. Specific use of syntactic phenomena enumeration helps to create the image of the oldest British meat and poultry market in West Smithfield, the area of the city of London during the Victorian period. It is much easier to form a diminutive form of a shorter name, while longer names are more often used abbreviated.

Annals of Tourism Research In this respect, historiography can be regarded as a political and social factor instrument.