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ANTI HIV USING NANO ROBOTS – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Document By SANTOSH. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Ankita Joshi and others published Anti HIV Using Nanorobots }. In this we are using nanorobots to get back the HIV infected Web’s. By doing so constant levels of Web’s are maintained in the blood stream.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. AIDS is the condition whereby the body’s specific defense system against all infectious agents no longer functions properly.

But today, in this revolutionary era we propose for nanomedical robots, since they will have no difficulty in identifying the target site cells even at the very early stages which cannot be done in the traditional treatment and will ultimately be able to track them down and destroy them wherever they may be growing.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This results in the nznorobots inability of our body to ward-off even the weakest of the organisms. Click here to sign up. Nanorobotic phagocytes which are called microbivores could patrol in the bloodstream, seeking out and digesting unwanted pathogens including bacteria, viruses or fungi. It should be capable of sensing the HIV infected body, with station and Physical positions naborobots be WBC only and its action is restricted to the infected reported continuously using an in vivo WBC only.

When this task is completed, the uzing pre-existing genetic disease, and nanorohots nanorobots would be flushed from the body.

Anti-HIV using Nanorobots

It operates at specific site only. Glucose The enormous potential in the biomedical capabilities or natural body sugars and oxygen might be a source of Nano-Robots and the imprecision and less side for propulsion, and it will have other biochemical or effects of medical treatments naonrobots make Nano- molecular parts depends on task.

When this task is completed, the nanorobots would be flushed from the body. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Our body responds to this onslaught through production of more T-cells, some of which mature to become helper T-cells.

Anatomy of the AIDS virus 3. Some call this technology to be nanotechnology and some others name it the molecular nanotechnology, to be specific. To make the treatment more specific we use the new technology called Nanotechnology which has bio-medical application.


A network of special stationary nanorobots might be strategically positioned throughout the body, logging each active nanorobot as it passes, and then reporting those results, to keep track of all of the devices in the body. The initial cost of development is only high but the manufacturing by batch processing reduces the cost.

When fully realized from the hypothetical stage, they would work at usihg atomic ,molecular and cellular level to perform tasks in both the medical and industrial fields. When fully very small amount of cells or tissue and may allow realized from the hypothetical stage, they would tools for different tests to be situated together. More sophisticated medical nanorobots will be able to intervene at the cellular level, performing surgery within the cells. One of these proteins, named gp ,”recognizes” a protein on helper T-cells named CD4, and physically associates with it.

Nanorobots will typically antii 0. More than million people in this world are affected by this dreaded disease. The paper is just a theoretical justification.

Both B- and T-cell members respond to the threat, which eventually results in suing elimination of the substance or agent from our bodies. Physician-controlled nanorobots could extract existing chromosomes from a diseased cell and then insert newly manufactured ones in their place, which is a process called the chromosome replacement therapy. It will be a closed, vacuum environment into which liquids from the outside cannot normally enter unless it is needed for chemical analysis.

DNA immobilization and hybridization.

Anti-HIV using Nanorobots – KRAZYTECH

The B-cell is responsible for the production of antibodies ,and the T-cell is responsible either for helping the B-cell to make antibodies, or for the killing of damaged or “different” cells within the body. By doing so, constant levels of WBC’s are maintained in the blood stream. The immune system is a system within all vertebrates which in general terms, is comprised of two important cell types: Modern medicine can affect the work of the body in many ways, but from a molecular viewpoint it remains crude.

If the agent is one which goes inside one of our cells and remains there most of the time intracellular pathogens like viruses or certain bacteria which require the inside of one of our cells in order to livethe “best” response is the activation of cytotoxic T-cells circulate in the bloodstream and lymphwhich eliminate the agent through killing of the cell which contains the agent agent is otherwise “hidden”.


HIV belongs to a special class of viruses called retroviruses. The rate of progression of virus in nerves. This means that nanotechnology could make it possible to run many diagnostic tests simultaneously as well as with more sensitivity.

Neurological antk and dramatic weight loss are the symptoms of end stage HIV disease. Skip to main content. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Notify me of new comments via email. This paper starts by giving an introduction to nanorobots and its importance as recognized by various other technocrats.

Both B- and for supremacy is continuous until the body nanoroboots T-cell members respond to the threat, which succumbs, apparently because of the inability to any- eventually results in the elimination of the substance longer produce T-cells. Nanotechnology is the technology in which the operations are performed on nanometrics. By having these Robots, we can refine the treatment hic diseases by using biomedical, nanotechnological engineering.

Within this class, HIV is placed in the subgroup of lent viruses. As the nanorobot do not generate any harmful activities there is no side effect. Without helper T-cells, the body cannot make antibodies properly, nor can infected cells containing HIV an intracellular pathogen be properly eliminated.

As the nanorobot do not generate any harmful activities there is no side effect. It is the application usinng different technologies primarily interested in the reduction of size. Another possibility is externally supplied The nanorobot uses the glucose molecules present acoustic power, which is probably most appropriate in in the human body as the power source.

The paper is just a theoretical justification. This virus however, can also infect other cells which antti macrophages and certain other kinds of cells which can engulf substances through a process known as phagocytosis.

Having nanorobots inside the body it is very essential to know the actions done by it. A navigational network may be installed in the body, with station and Physical positions can be reported continuously using an in vivo communications network.