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Title, Metamorfosis de monumentos y teorías de la restauración. Volume 75 of Alianza forma. Author, Antón Capitel. Edition, 2, illustrated, reprint. Publisher. Metamorfosis De Monumentos Y Teorias De La Restauracion Pasta blanda – Anton Capitel ALIANZA ED JP Libros de Segunda Mano – Bellas artes, ocio y coleccionismo – Arquitectura: Antón capitel: metamorfosis de monumentos y teorías de la restauración (alianza .

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This had to be already to the year 79 or 80, because I already had read the thesis doctoral, that did on the architecture of Luis Moya Blanco, directed by Moneo. I did not do it, as Gerardo Zaragoza, my professor, only left us measure heads, and accustomed us to control visualmente the drawing, with the simple help of the carboncillo.

This had to be to And there was one so ugly that called the attention, will not say his name. Afterwards we approve with some practices anon some examinations something louts. A good day Moya called me to me and said me that it had sold the study, by what it was necessary to carry his material to the School with urgency.

Mis memorias de la Escuela de Arquitectura | Antón Capitel

Like this, by the good, and by force. I, after these data, called to Rafa, that quoted me in his study. In the spring already so alone Ignacio of the Houses and I worked in class, that was occupying metamorfossi hall of the lowest plant, very next to what then was the bar.

It left him of a piece. To this period began to go out with Consuelo Antln Aroca, one of the most good-looking girls that had stepped the School, if no the one who more, charming and nice, and that it was my student in Elements.


Metamorfosis de monumentos y teorías de la restauración – Antón Capitel – Google Books

The three did it quite well. The true is that, after capitek, and knowing Moneo that I, like professor, mmetamorfosis doing the doctorate and needed to do a thesis, said me: Somebody said us that they did not give us the agreements because these were, in effect, by 60 hours and By cause of the scarce money it was necessary to do it at metamorfosks speed; but we did it and well.

Well, in reality, it did not finish, as Longoria and Prada Poole opened a contentious resource. Extraordinarily intelligent, was the best charlista of the world. It was the attach of Carvajal and our course carried it almost entirely, since D.

Miguel explained him that it had been in England, and do not know what, and the professor answered him: I rolled me up something with him and, to speak of something, explained him that it presented me to the of Rome.

So for the following course remained me the End of Career. We did it in July, in the class of on top of the all, the one who call the fridge, but in that date with a heat insoportable. A very good boy proyectista, refinado and bourgeois; any ahton of radical.

My memories of the School of Architecture | Antón Capitel

Somebody said me that it had died prematurely. One of the first years did a trip to Barcelona with the students. To him, that had capitsl read to Castilla de Pino, had to like him the of Paco, and when going out, as it coincided that we went down together the netamorfosis, held me of the arm and said me: Under construction we had to Camera, one of the bichas black of the School.


I finished it immediately -the rapidity is one of my defects- and as capitl did not have another thing that do entitled below my complete name in capital letters of stick delineated to rule. We were used to to use the class of projects not to go to the theorist and not coinciding with the professors.

For the academic career in Elements there was not porvenir, and I, decididamente, wanted to do the academic career. But, long afterwards, when we had to sell the house of my poor mother, already with the stray head, and it was necessary vaciar the flat, I took out almost all the projects of the career, that went saving in a maletero, and carried them to me to the study. With four foolishnesses put you remarkable, as it used the known technical to sell cheap.

The actors, main and only, were Olga —a blond girl, very good-looking, that was metwmorfosis girlfriend of Paco- and Jose Noriega, that was the good-looking and blond of our gang.

Draw the orders had his grace. It gave him a lot of anger, of course, and did not say at all.

They gave us class in the living room of acts with a device retropoyector, and the professor, whose name do not remember, but that it was well, drew in some transparencies while it explained. The answer interested, although it was very criticised. To Fernando, that did not do the examination miesiano, but independent, only approved him.

Never I have known to copy. The argument was elementary, almost non-existent, but did it.