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“On July 16, , one million people, from all over the country, converged on Cape Kennedy, Florida, to witness the launching of Apollo 11 that carried. Apollo and Dionysus. By Ayn Rand. A concretization of the issue of reason vs. emotion via an analysis of two contrasting events of the glorious. In Ayn Rand’s Anti-Industrial Revolution, there is an essay, dated January, , called “Apollo and Dionysius.” She compares unfavourably.

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It is very capital- and labour-intensive, while its commercial applications, at least in the first years, were limited. Email should not be blank Enter a valid Email Address. Left to its own, the free market would not have developed satellite technology, let alone launch a man into orbit or to the moon.

Apollo and Dionysus

Post your Comments on this Article Name. Space exploration serves no strategic end, if it ever did. Please enter your email here, we would like to keep you informed. If you are new to Ayn Rand read this and an introduction to ideas. Sputnik was as much a surprise to president Eisenhower as to Mrs. Ayn Rand in India. What they would do with it, no one was certain.

About Me RB Glennie. It does, however, have to be without charge. This was proven by all the Woodstock festivals, even the last one, held on an ex-military base with twelve-foot high fences. Tuesday, January 1, The latter, Rand states, were driven by the Apollonian values of reason and sobriety, as represented in the moon mission — which was also called Apollo. I did as follows:. Save the Tiger Initiative.


Apollo and Dionysus (Free MP3 download)

Tags- Find more articles on – moon landing space exploration. Monday, August 3, Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Inanother famous rock festival was held, on the Isle of Wightjust off southern England.

Certainly, organizing a multi-day concert involving several dozen performers, with hundreds and possibly thousands of crew and staff, is a feat of logistics in itself, although not at the level of the moon-shot. Follow Reddit’s sitewide rules Reddit Content Policy.

Apollo and Dionysus, a talk by Ayn Rand – Ayn Rand in India

The Soviets were so successful at satellite technology precisely they operated under a command economy. From its origins in the First World War, air combat had retained the characteristics of the joust. I understand what Dionysus has to do with woodstock, but what does Apollo—. Log in or sign up in seconds. Rock-‘n’-Roll, Live Performance and the “Recording The ideal political-economic system is laissez-faire capitalism.

Half a million people are willing to cram into one place to hear music. The Woodstock festival, Rand writes, was the apotheosis of the spirit of Dionysus, the god of wine and love. In Defence of Liberty.

It is certainly not economical. Such festivals can be carried out successfully. It was apparently inconceivable, even for the learned and rational technocrats of the Kennedy administration, dinysus the Soviets would get there first. Man—every man—is an end in himself, not the means to the ends of others. Ultimately, of course, recordings and a documentary made dionyysus the festival turned the Woodstock festival into a ranr dollar enterprise.


He must exist for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others to himself. Newer Post Older Post Home. The moon exercises an important place in virtually all world mythologiesand no doubt the Soviet slathered over the dream of planting the Hammer and Sickle before the Star and Stripes, on the lunar surface. Each event was essentially a celebration of us — of mainstream America on the one hand, and countercultural America on the other hand — and that is all.

Apollo and Dionysus, a talk by Ayn Rand. Most of these did not possess a ticket for the festival, and upon arrival, simply kicked down and walked over the flimsy fences erected to keep gatecrashers out. It, too, was a commercial ajd that failed. Name should not be blank. Such is one result of the operation of the free-market.

Rock festivals cannot, for the reasons outlined above, be profitable, however. Ayn Rand’s popularity spurs release of the lost film, by Duncan Scott.

Want to add to the discussion? At first, the goal of the U. Critiques review We the Living.