AR 710-2-2 PDF

AR 710-2-2 PDF

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Home arrow Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC arrow AR Supply Policy Below the National Level. Reference URL. In a manual supply operation this regulation is used in conjunction with DA Pam –2–1 and DA Pam –2–2. Applicability. This regulation applies to the. DA PAM SUPPLY SUPPORT ACTIVITY SUPPLY SYSTEM: MANUAL PROCEDURES. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FROM APD. Recently Added.

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All maintenance activities are authorized bench stocks. This paragraph prescribes general accounting policies for the property book system. On subsequent computations, the demand rate is the quantity demanded during the most recent control period, divided by the number of days in the control period.

The balance recorded in the property book will reflect the quantity on the shelf, plus items in the laundry, maintenance, or bulk issues hand receipt quantities.

DA PAM –2–2 – AKO US Army

This index indicates how well the inventory location records compared with actual physical location of assets. Class 8 — Medical material, including medical peculiar repair parts. Commanders and supervisors evaluate all supply operations using the standards of the CSDP as outlined in.

Turn-ins from and issues of recoverable items to supported soldiers will not be summarized. The total number of lines on a PLL will not exceed lines aar approved as explained below. Special Accounting Policy, page It does not necessarily reflect performance of the supply activity, but may indicate a condition within the overall supply system.

Also applies to senior and junior ROTC battalions. Nondeployable TDA activities are authorized an unlimited number of demand supported lines. Paragraph 2—4 provides the basic policy governing authorization data. Also, it applies to the U. The organization using unit is the foundation of the supply system. Following are the three types of property book records:. This transaction file will be used to update USPFO records and will facilitate research when original records cannot be used.


Upon return of the original HRH or the appointment of a new HRH a joint inventory is accomplished per table 2—2 this regulation. Requests for clarification or deviation. Defense Property Accountability System software program. SPS provides 710–2 fully functional automated information system AISwhich will standardize the procurement business practices and data elements by promoting the use of the same automated contracting procedures throughout DOD.

Units not designated to actually have an ABL on hand, will have a properly prepared and authenticated DA Form on hand. If disposition instructions for the excess PA-funded items are not received within 30 days after the effective date of the authorization document change, the items will be turned in to the SSA.

The individual receiving the items willsign and date the form. Commanders and supervisors ensure inventory of property is taken per table 2—2.

Units will deploy with PLLs. A document register for all supply actions will be kept by each organizational element authorized by the PBO to.

Army Signal Command, U. At contained in this regulation, TM 10———23 and TM 10———23, will be used in classifying OCIE in the hands of individuals or units for the purpose of determining serviceability. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Stockage levels will be limited to 30 days. Turn-in documents for all items requiring serial number accounting and 701-2-2 will contain the serial number.

Basic loads are managed per the policy in paragraph 2—20 a. The United States Army Publishing Directorate is the Army’s leader in publishing and delivering informational products worldwide.


The using unit may be issued sufficient OCIE to support its authorized strength plus a 5 percent sizing float. Stockage levels Depth will not aggregately exceed levels approved by the commander and authorized by this regulation.


Unit equipment requirement, authorization, or on hand summary data is classified when it is rolled to the corps level. The diagnostic repair parts are to ra accounted for on PLL records for accountability purposes but are not part of the PLL.

ARNG and USAR aviation TDA support facilities are authorized two demands in 710–2 control period to add and one to retain 710-22- that the item has an essentiality code of “C” or higher, is approved by the commander and is in support of older stage aircraft 15 years or older.

As an exception to paragraph l 2 above, unit commanders and activity chiefs may obtain material below the micropurchase threshold by submitting requirements directly to a purchase cardholder. This is the timeframe expressed in the number of days from when an item is posted to the property book and issued to the customer.

The management ag of the operational loads and PLL is to always have at least 95 percent of total load on hand or on request. Confirmation will not be exchanged.

MSDSs are readily available to assure proper handling and emergency response preparedness. Rejections are not included. Alexa Actionable Zr for the Web. The TPF process is designed to provide a consolidated support package of equipment and materiel to the using units. Registration and reporting of U. Social security account number SSAN. Additional asset reporting policy.