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Zyre is right, and you need to go back to the Arbeitsagentur pronto and .. Then, there is the Arbeitsbescheinigung related to unemployment. you became aware of it and when your last day was (Arbeitsbescheinigung). The Arbeitsagentur is incentivizing a pro-active approach to doing everything. Arbeitgeber können eine Arbeitsbescheinigung ausstellen, obwohl die letzte Lohnabrechnung eines Mitarbeiters noch offen ist. Darauf weist die Arbeitsagentur.

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One of these times can be to learn one day that you are going to be out of a job soon.

For people coming from other countries

In this case, you are faced with areitsbescheinigung options. Either you saw it coming and you have already secured your next job, or it came out of the blue and you best option will be to claim unemployment benefits in Germany. Although i do have job again now, i did go through all the steps in order to gain those. I thought i would lay it out clearly for you how it happened. Before taking an attempt at claiming your Arbeitslosengeld Unemployment moneyyou should probably find out if you have any.

As a rule, it is any registered person that has worked at least 12 months in the past 2 years. Employees who have resigned on their own initiative can also claim those benefits qrbeitsagentur must first wait 3 months after zrbeitsagentur. In terms of arbeitsagentug length: You contribute twice as arbeitsbscheinigung as you can receive. For example as an employee aged below 55you need to work 24 months to be able to claim a full-year worth of benefits ALG 1.

You cannot claim more than one year if you are aged under Also remember that your health insurance will be covered too during that time.

They are different types of unemployment benefits in Germany. Just to be sure:. Arbeitslosengeld 1 are unemployment benefits you can claim after having worked arbeitsbescheinugung an employee in Germany for at least 12 arrbeitsagentur. You refer to the Arbeitsagentur. This is what we help you to get in arbeitsaegntur guide.

This benefit equals to a much lower amount of money than ALG 2 and comes with further restrictions. Arbeitsbescheinjgung refer to the Job Center. We will not talk about this on this page. You will find more info in English about it here. This founding administrative step is really important and when you do it changes depending on your situation.

You boss announced the news personally or over email: In this case, since you have now knowledge you will be jobless in the near future, the Arbeitsagentur will ask of you to plan ahead as well and already register yourself. Same if your contract is simply not renewed. You must register as soon as possible, up to 3 months prior the last day of employment. Maybe the contract has a shorter notice period or maybe you have agreed to a voluntary resignation type of deal.


In any case, if your employment ends in less than 3 months, you need to register at the latest 3 days after you have had knowledge of that decision. In both cases, make sure to obtain a termination letter that indicates the reasons of the decision, when you became aware of it and when your last day was Arbeitsbescheinigung.

ARBEITSAGENTUR – Definition and synonyms of Arbeitsagentur in the German dictionary

The Arbeitsagentur is incentivizing a pro-active approach to doing everything in time by threatening an exclusion of those benefits for a few weeks. In short, if you fail arbeitsbeschwinigung register in time, be prepared to lose money. It is recommended to use the online platform to register yourself as soon-to-be out of a job.

You can do this very easily by following this link. Once you have confirmed your account, you will be able to complete the rest of the process. If you are unsure about what to do, you can always call the hotline and get help in English if you have any questions about unemployment benefits in Germany.

This is to be done at the very latest on the first day without a job. You will go to your local Arbeitsagentur for that. If unsure where it is; use this form. Make sure to bring all the following documents with you:. You will obtain a number to wait in line and a person working there will process your case and give you more instructions.

Once you are registered as having no job, you will have now have to ask for support from the state during these hard times. Simply use the account you created on step 2. If you are a bit lost while doing this, you can refer to this guidewhich explains in simple German what is expected of you. This form is mainly asking of you more details about your personal situation kids too, if applicablewhy you are applying, which resources you have at the moment, where your insurance is and more.

All those details are needed to measure whether you really qualify for unemployment benefits in Germany. Once your application is sent, it will processed by the Arbeitsagentur relatively fast; usually within 2 weeks.

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You will receive an official confirmation by post which puts together your unemployment benefits in Germany. Soon after having registered at the Arbeitsagentur, you will receive a convocation to meet your counselor there. It adbeitsbescheinigung compulsory to attend in order to communicate what your plan is. Make sure to come prepared with an updated CV and already some applications for jobs arbeisbescheinigung the pipe.

I strongly advise you to have a look to get familiar with all the arbeitsbbescheinigung. Part of the platform is also available in English. If you have been working long enough in another E. U country, you have the legal right to have your unemployment be transferred to Germany when registering. This involves asking for an authorization before leaving your country and submitting this authorization when you register in Germany.

More info on how to transfer unemployment benefits to Germany this way. You can get a rough idea with this small calculator provided by the Arbeitsagentur here. Please note that this post is aiming at providing an overview of the process and that i made it to the best of my ability based on my experience. I believe it to be accurate but cannot be held accountable for any wrong-doings or wrong decisions you might do on this information. Feel free to correct me or give more details about to best get unemployment benefits in Germany in the comments.


I am currently unemployed and I need to fill a form with a list of 10 applications per month where I applied. Do you know if I can also apply for jobs in other countries? Or just in Germany? Thanks for asking it. It was not a problem. If it is, i assume your Beamter will tell you so.

HI guys, Thanks for the amazing and helpful guide! I was wondering if anyone can provide some advice on my situation: I have resgined my current job this week Dec 15, and I will be starting my new job on April 1st, Am I eligible for unemployment?

As per the article: However, if I register during December or January and wait 3 months…. Hello, I am currently unemployed and receiving unemployment benefits, I was wondering if it is possible to have a mini job while receiving unemployment benefits.

Please let me know. HI, Thanks for step by step information. I have completed my master degree in Germany.

During the probezeit company gave me Kundigung. I have Aufenhaltserlaubnis 18 Abs. Arbeitsaagentur question is following. How long this Aufenhaltstitel valid? Can I eligible for arbeitloss geld?

Can I eligible for arbeitsbesvheinigung months job search visa which normally get the student after study? It depends what your visa says. Eligbility terms are clearly indicated in the post. Depends on your permit.

More info on arbeiysbescheinigung this way. Extremely helpful advice on all of these posts! I was sponsored by BfA to attend a coaching course which was great. I was recommended to accept a part-time job in a role I had no experience in.

Within 2 weeks I was given verbal notice and an email draft cancellation letter. Also, I assume they will re-calculate any unemployment funds based on this short part-time job vs my previously better paid job? They know the intricacies of the system best! First of all I would like to thank you for taking out time in bringing out this content as a step by step instructions, it is of immense help to so many in need.

Now I need to apply for the Arbeitslosengeld. My spouse is already in a permanent job, we have kids. I have worked totally for 10 months in this company, in Germany.

With these 2 factors, am I eligible for Arbeitslosengeld? The requirements are indicated at the beginning of the post: