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Argyreia speciosa Sweet (Family — Convolvulaceae) is an important ‘rasayana’ herb used extensively as an adaptogen in the Ayurvedic system of medicine. Vridhadaru has been extensively used to control inflammation of varied nature. Click to more about the various Elephant Creeper benefits & Uses!. The present work on the aerial parts of Argyreia speciosa Sweet ( Convolvulaceae) has led to the isolation of a new lipid ester (1) and four.

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Stem The srgyreia is white and tomentose in young stages. Galani, Department of Pharmacology, A. The plant is pre-clinically evaluated to some extent; if these claims are scientifically and clinically evaluated then it can provide good remedies and help mankind in various ailments.

arygreia A transversely cut surface of such root shows colorless tertiary phloem and a pink-colored crescent-shaped tertiary xylem [ Figure 1 ]. Asystematic review and meta-analysis. Numbers of plants are claiming various medicinal uses and many researches are going on in this view. Huna shamans used them according to various oral histories. Disubstituted tetrahydrofuran and an ester from Argyreia speciosa.

Max Agro Argyreia Speciosa Sweet Vidhara Seeds (Black, g): : Garden & Outdoors

Effect of hydroalcoholic extract of A. Resin canals, small strands of tertiary xylem and tertiary phloem are found scattered throughout the region.

Free amino acids of some regionally available medicinally important plant seeds. Santaloides minus [1] Lettsomia nervosa Burm. Recent trends in acute lung injury mortality: The seed extract was also devoid of the effects on respiration, preganglionically stimulated nictitating membrane and central nervous system in experimental animals. Central nervous system activity of Argyreia speciosa roots in mice.


Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. Nootropic activity Aqueous extract of roots of A. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Two new flavone glycosides from the leaves of Argyreia speciosa.

Galani Department of Pharmacology, A. Leaf The transverse section of the leaf near the apex shows a prominent-ridged midrib on the lower surface and a small specios on the upper surface, while a section through the basal region presents a small ridge on the upper side as sspeciosa.

Here’s how terms and conditions apply. The thin roots are usually mm in diameter and show somewhat smooth brownish exterior. Argyreia speciosa restores the redox status and catalase activity in lungs upon HCl treatment.

The epidermal cells of the upper side have synclinous walls with rubiaceous type of sunken stomata. Wikispecies has information related to Argyreia nervosa.

The plant is valuable in development of effective medicine for stimulating male sexual activity with an influence on sex ratio favoring males. Acute lung injury, Argyreia speciosaHCl, nuclear factor-kappa B, specios stress.

speciosz J Pharm Sci ; Cytokine Growth Factor Rev ; Mice treated as explained in materials and methods section were subjected to bronchoalveolar lavage and cells obtained were differentially stained for counting total cells a and neutrophils. Get to Know Us. Evaluation of Nootropic effect of Argyreia speciosa in mice. J Ayurveda Integr Med ;2: The extract did not show much activity against formalin-induced arthritis in rats. Leptadenia reticulate and Anacyclus pyrethrum is used for curing common male sexual disorders.

Explicit use of et al. There has been an explosion of scientific information concerning plants, crude plant extracts and various substances from plants as medical agents during the last 20 to 30 years.


Argyreia nervosa – Wikipedia

Lung tissue of different group of mice was analyzed for the recruitment of inflammatory cells, redox status, and mRNA expression of pro-inflammatory genes to evaluate the anti-inflammatory effects of the extract. The openings of the latex canals are bound by cells.

The cells of the epidermis along the veins on both sides of the leaf are roughly rectangular, straight-walled and completely devoid of appendages. Pharmacognostic study of root and stem of Argyreia speciosa Arbyreia. Evaluation of analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity of extract of holoptelea integrifolia and Argyreia speciosa in animal models.

Petioles stout and cylindric, a little shorter than the length of the blade are completely covered with wooly argyeeia [ Figure 3 ].

Vridhadaru/वृद्धदारु/Elephant Creeper/Argyreia Speciosa

Cytokine-mediated inflammation in acute lung injury. The pharmacological studies reported in the present review confirm the therapeutic value of A. The stem is white and tomentose in young stages. Shrivastava A, Shukla YN. Xylary tissues of the leaf and the petiole are identical.

Pharmacognostic study of root and stem of Argyreia speciosa sweet. The seeds of A. Patel Department of Pharmacology, A. Aphordisiac property of the elephant creeper Argyreia nervosa. Mol Cell Biochem ;