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Her books of poetry include The Cow (), which won the Alberta Prize from playwright, and translator Ariana Reines earned a BA from Barnard College. The Cow by Ariana Reines, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Daisy Lafarge. [Spoiler alert: discusses later scenes of the adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Carrie]. “I’m gonna bash your little head in.

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I’m interested in how she fucks with theoretical concepts by making them interfere with the “lowbrow,” but her strategy ultimately reveals itself—approximately half of the poem will be interested in making or unmaking meaning, and the other half will be jumbled, magnet-poetry nonsense strewn with cunts and dicks and semen and blowjobs and shit-taking and shit-eating and vomiting and vomit-eating and bleeding.

Sorry, Not Sorry Robin D. We drove through mountains of trash until we got to this one place where you got to dump your shit, all while the sun baked it all into a perfect souffle of stink.

The Historical paw-print: thoughts on Ariana Reines’s The Cow

Universes shooting out of matter so tiny you can feel it. I am not a cool person but I have done some things.

You’ve consumed all those who came before you and as a result you carry their ariaa in you and your brain is full of holes. So is it the rage of an animal we see, arizna vicariously through Carrie when she gets treated like one?

Rejnespages. Once inside, she soaks the pig from her skin into warm bathwater, before draining it away. Just like the brains of cows that are forced to consume their moms and sisters liquefied bodies, all of my lady friends’ brains are full arianaa holes. Join us to support engaged discussion on critical issues. It is a meditation on disgust. It makes note of the cow as ruminantdetailing the fourfold physiology of its stomach.


The guilt of knowing the world’s evil and still wanting to live in it. The Knocker administers a stun: You leave some things behind as you go, you gather other things to keep and use. Apr 23, Joe added it. One word to describe this poetry collection would be primal. We are committed to staying free for all our readers. An asshole with a mouth.

Aug 20, Jaredjosephjaredjoseph harveyharvey rated it it was amazing. Sick in the best possible sense of the word. Arinaa did not persuade me to become a vegetarian but I’m sure some people probably do after this book, or already are.

Ariana’s strategy is shock-cum-deadened-mass, and I admire her urgency, her good intentions. This book is seriously amazing. I like the opportunity to challenge my sensibilities, and Reines is a great writer to turn to if that, too, is your objective. I wrote it and a lot of other things. That none of this is shocking, though so desparately wanting to be, is sad.

Just as hunting is about killing a living animal for its hide and meat, slaughtering an animal is about food and blood and guts. You asked me to write something about how I wrote The Cow on April 25, Oral traditions were dependent on the fleshy acoustics of tongues, lips, and teeth, and the earliest text would have found its way onto vellum; sheets made from the dried skins of animals.

His book is full of quotations, but they are all macerated and tiny, hundreds of little quotations from the classics dispersed throughout the book. I am speaking clearly because I am going to explain why sometimes THE COW speaks clearly and why sometimes it is a voluptuary, a vat of mushy ideals and disgusting feelings. Why is love so gooey and disgusting. Some spelling errors, punctuation problems, and wrong line breaks. Where isn’t she inside her body.

The Cow – Ariana Reines – Google Books

You have got to want to live. You will be helping us cultivate a public sphere that honors pluralism of thought for a diverse and discerning public. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in publications such as Poetry London, Tender and rsines anthology Best British Poetry What difference does it make how a thing dies.


Feb 13, Jason rated it it was amazing.

You have got to reestablish the integrity of your emotions so that their violence can become a health and so that you can keep on becoming. It is dow to deal with a lot. The French are racists and collaborators. Menu Search Donate Shop Join.

The Cow : Ariana Reines :

A great, textual cow-stomach in which all of these thing dissolve into an associative mass through which some things filter out and are disposed, and some nourish. I think about the beard of Mohammad and that someone told me once that they have part of it wrapped in gold leaf in a museum in Turkey.

The film is a documentary about an abattoir just outside of Paris.

I still feel this way. Hospital workers and prison guards are afraid all the time of being infected by the diseased people they handle. The World of the Half-Seen: It is probably my mother tongue even though I am not good at it. You have got to learn to get sick. Ariana Reines is a lover with the heart of a hopelessly perverted astronomer and the brain of a leopard and the soul of a magician on crack.

But while Reine liked the premise, this book was executed in a way that took itself SO seriously, that was SO interested in spelling out its meaning-making, was SO interested in being a hipster’s Gertrude Stein.