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José Enrique Camilo Rodó Piñeyro (15 July – 1 May ) was a Uruguayan essayist. Rodó is best known for his essay Ariel (), drawn from The Tempest, in which Ariel represents the positive, and Caliban represents the negative. Ariel, by José Enrique Rodó. The book is an extended . April 5, at pm . you can also read it in english sometimes it’s just easier . Rodó, José Enrique. Ariel. Translated with an Introductory Essay by F.J. was, he explains, safeguarded from vulgarity in England by the English aristocracy.

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We must seek how gradually to inculcate in popular feeling and custom the idea of that necessary joes, the sense of true superiorities, the instinctive yet conscious cultivation of all that multiplies the ciph er of human worth in the eye of reason. The harmony and serenity of the Pagan conception of life was left each day more distant by the new idea which engljsh already marching to the conquest of the world.

Its narrow spirit brought it about that man’s untamable instinct for liberty, coming back in one of those irresistible reactions of the human spirit, gave birth. He guides the blind forces of evil and ignorance often to aid, and unwittingly, in works of good.

Ariel is reason, and the higher truth. Every one who devotes himself to prop- agate and preserve in contemporary Amer- ica a disinterested ideal of the soul — art, science, ethics, religious belief, a political policy of ideals — should educate his belief in the persevering preparation for the fu- ture. Yet that supreme energy with which the North American seems to cast, as if by hypnotizing, a spell and suggestion over the Fates, is sriel only in just those things which are presented to us as exceptional, divergent, in their civilization.

Ariel represents all that is noble: From being an object of love to those who nobly aiel perseveringly cherish them, they change to an unknown land, ARIEL 33 an unexplored region, whose very exist- ence godo unsuspected by an immense mul- titude of the others.

An organized society which limits its idea of civilization to the accumulation of material abundance, and of justice to their ariek distribution among its members, will never make of its great arriel anything that differs essentially from the heaping-up of anthills.

The desires of Caliban, the judgments of Caliban, the hunger and thirst of Caliban, seem now to fill the world. This name uses Spanish naming customs: However, to create and maintain regional identity proves difficult at times due to outside cultural and economic influence.

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Already there exist, in our Latin Amer- ica, cities whose material grandeur and apparent civilization place them in the first rank; but one may fear lest a touch of thought upon their exterior, so sumptu- ous, may make the shining vessel ring hollow within ; lest our cities too — though they had their Moreno, their Rivadavia, their Sarmiento, cities which gave initia- tive to an immortal revolution that, like a stone cast on water, spread the glory of their heroes and the words of their trib- unes in ever-widening circles over a vast continent — may end like Tyre or Sidon, or as Carthage ended.

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So—he concludes—while I do not love them, I certainly admire. In ArielProspero’s seminar includes both famous and lesser-known European authors. To declare that no American country which in defence of its rights finds itself in a state of war with nations of other continents shall be treated as a belligerent. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

There are many provoking ideas, much of interesting consideration, good advice, broad learning, and a love above all things for that which is beautiful and full of grace.

José Enrique Rodó

The perfection of human morality would be to cast the spirit of fnglish in the moulds of Grecian elegance. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

The mighty confederation is I realizing over us a sort of moral conquest. It triumphed by opposing the enchantment of the youth within them — embalsamed, as it were, by the libation of a new wine — to the severity of the Stoics and the decrepitude of the people of the Roman world. In the midst of civilization they have venerated the robust pagan virtues of health, deftness and strength.

Already the great voice of Car- lyle had preached against ip: Near this statue where you have seen me preside each day over our talks as friends — talks which I hope have succeeded in dispelling from the work of teaching any touch of austerity — I have once more to speak to you, that our parting hour may be like the seal stamped upon our agree- ment both in feeling and in ideas.

The fa- mous line in which the slave of the old play affirmed that nothing human was strange to him, being human himself, forms part of that cry of the heart which is eternal in the human consciousness be- cause its meaning is inexhaustible.

The strength of our heart must show itself in accepting the rid- dle of the Sphinx ; not in evading its awe- some question. They are not free who give up their. The narrative, allegorically-inspired by Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest,’ sees the professorial ‘Prospero’ observe a debate between ‘Ariel’-representing Latin America- and ‘Caliban This landmark essay by Jose Rodo is not easy-reading, but its message is profound, and as relevant, if not more so, today as it was in the year They call him scornfully the ‘ ‘ highbrow ‘ ‘ ; that is to say, the man who has behind his forehead sight and thought for things that lie above and beyond immediate sensuous enjoyment.


Ariel runs nimbly as at the call of Prospero to all who really care for him and seek to find him. For the purposes of his essay, his arjel strikes me as sufficiently nuanced. History confers no claims on any, where popular election confers the purple.

Ariel : Jose Enrique Rodo :

Yet all shows that this is still far away from its definitive. I mean, he references some stuff I would like to read, and some stuff that inspired books that I have liked, but I’m not versed enough to get into the essay’s world, and it’s not good enough to pull me out of my world.

Enriqje the characters of peoples, the enblish derived from fine taste, the mastery of gracious form, the delicate power to inter- est, the virtue of making ideas Hkeable, go with the genius of propaganda — that is to say, the mighty gift of universality. Their advent has caused almost everybody to recall to mind the coming of that proud and over-rich class which at the end of the Roman Re- ARIEL public preceded the tyranny of the Caesars and the ruin of liberty.

Absorbed in its hieratic austerity the country of the Egyptian priest represented only old age, old age given but to introspection, as if to practise for the repose of eternity, and waving aside any frivolous dream as with disdainful finger. They have to round out a noble task — to make the sense for order and the will for justice prime objects enrisue its instruction ; the realization of all that Authority which is legitimate.

Even though it is an essay, its ideas are expressed through Prospero’s narrative voice. So I was reading it decontextualized from the basis of approach that the printers and translators were presenting it towards. The toy of her dream, every morning she bound to her pale fore- head the nuptial crown and hung from her head the nuptial veil. All was liberty and life within that august portal, which never knew a guard; shepherds piped their dances as they enriqie, old men gossiped 1 ARIEL 35 while the evening fell, and changing com- panies arel girls replaced the garlands and urns of flowers, flowers which were the only taxes.

Thus we find that it is art and literature which arlel true value to the soul, as right acting and true think- ing make the character of man.