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Stranger to History. A Son’s Journey through Islamic Lands. Aatish Taseer. Stranger to History. download cover image. “Stranger to History is a. I met Aatish Taseer. in New York last year, at the prize-giving ceremony of the National Book Awards of the USA. (my wife’s book, The Convert. Stranger to History – A Son’s Journey through Islamic Lands by Aatish Taseer – ebook () published by Canongate 19 March The story of a .

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The most absorbing pages of the book are those that relate his three-hours of inte Though nominally a Muslim because his father was one, author seeks to establish in his mind just what Islam is all about.

He acknowledges his disconnection to the historical thread of what it means to be Muslim, and is only dimly aware of the effect that those more closely tied to the faith have had on the history of the lands they have ruled.

So it took a little bit of time to complete it.

Before I read this book, I wondered why Islamic terrorists never think to proselytize for their religion instead of killing non-believers. Being raised in a atheist household almost two decades later in the same country as Taseer, the strnager to come in terms with an identity hit home. A story of longing, neglect and a need to be accepted by a recalcitrant father. Derived from his journey across Muslim lands, the book is rich with experiences and emotions and the underlying struggle of finding oneself.

Taking this criticism to heart, the notion that he did know the Pakistani ethos, did not understand Islam, and therefore has no right to say the things he has written, he decides to put that right.

There was no surprise in knowing how guarded and corrupt Iranian system was. It is difficult to classify this book into a genre. Punctuated with these socio-political musings, his personal journey tore into me, both in how earnestly he pursued his imagined redemption and how atlsh fielded the rebuffs and snubs with absolute decorum.


At another level it is an intensely personal story of a son estranged from his father and his attempts to reconnect with a rather cold and distant man.

Raseer 14, Susan Ritz rated it really liked it Shelves: The writer takes you on a real journey through the Islamic Lands. Maybe the elder was right who said simply that they were bored.

Aatish Taseer had worked as a reporter for Time magazine. Syria was tasere perfect example of a closed world system, an ideal laboratory of isolation, a police state where the real world problems could be tuned out. He was almost bred for journalism. The book bounces jarringly between the profound and the mundane as it traces Aatish’s journey to discover the estranged world of sttranger father.

He is a man travelling alone, so most of his interlocutors are also men. What is it really like, he wants to know, to be not just Muslim, but Muslim in a Muslim country?

Review: Stranger to History by Aatish Taseer | Books | The Guardian

A significant portion of the hajj or umrah consisted of rituals which predated Islam but were grounded in Arabia. To which he responded “You don’t have to deny a Holocaust you didn’t commit just because you hate Israel”.

The very long way. I strongly believe mid 20s is when a person grows up as a person and learns a lot atjsh the world around him.

‘Stranger to History’ by Aatish Taseer

Having been brought up in what could be called an elite society he studied in London and has a British passport he tends to be biased towards the more liberal lifestyle than the rigourous lifestyle. Hiwtory I showing off, in the way liberals are accused of showing off their association with the other faith?

He’s also a pretty good wielder of words. The plan is seven to eight months travelling through Muslim countries from Istanbul to Mecca, then on through Iran and Pakistan before finally winding up at his taeser house. May 17, Karan rated it twseer liked it Shelves: At times, however, Taseer loses track of his readers, his sense of audience, and although he is mostly careful to explain, he occasionally becomes mired in what is obvious to him, and will fall into sentences that are inexplicable: How much of what goes on in the streets and in people’s heads is genuine faith, how much of it is political ideology, how much just accepted tenets from traditional ways without thought or favour, how much of it — really — matters?


The one time the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan are mentioned, the word is bracketed between inverted commas, as if it were no more than a Muslim fantasy. Aug 23, Bharat rated it really hlstory it. His early influences included his mother’s Sikhism, a Christian boarding school, and He-Man cartoons.

Mail will not be published required. It was a tqseer and inclusive upbringing that turned out an intelligent and inquisitive young man. I cannot speak or write these words without unrest of spirit.

Jan 03, Divakar rated it really liked it. Sep 26, Miriam Jacobs rated it it was amazing. Religion has become a political and historical histpry against the modern world. By making even minor transgressions a crime, it has made an entire urban youth criminalized. I know this because I am one. There is a kind of you don’t understand! Would look forward to reading your Triology.

STRANGER TO HISTORY by Aatish Taseer | Kirkus Reviews

Yes, there are people, in fact the youth that dreams fo Islamic renaissance and revel the past glory when the Muslims ruled over pretty much the entire world. But is that how everyone look at things? The writing is incisive, the observations sharp.