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launched and checked that the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\AttachmentExecute does. In Windows 7 (also Win!!!!!), there is not the key AttachmentExecute by default. For this reason, Checkbox for “always ask before opening this. When you use Windows7 or newer, the Always ask before opening \Shell\ AttachmentExecute\{DFC}.

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Open word without the Open, Save or Save As option Test – Axelr

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Changes to windoss location will update your current user settings. The Key did not solve our problem. Steps to Take So how are we planning to identify and update the correct entry in the Windows Registry? What can I do?

Re-enable Always Ask Before Opening this Type of File Check Box in Windows

From Kenocrates — Or you could simply disable the prompt from the download manager. Tried site in trusted. There use to be a prompt to save or open the file.

As said here similar question: I appreciate your sleuthing, and your attachmentexevute both the steps and your source.

There is a check box on this dialog box, called Always ask before opening this type of fileon the dialog box. Our Company use SharePoint Serverand i want to run an exe file automatically using batch file.

Again, in the case of an.

We recommend that you backup the registry before making changes to it. We use Acrobat Reader, Windows 8. Thank you so much!!! I tried posting the link “View as PDF”.


The Folder Options dialog box displays. Because of this, I have now stopped using Internet Explorer and have completely switched over to Google Chrome.

I have tried the dword as well as binary value. Delete file Copy download link Go to download webpage Open containing folder Report that this file is unsafe Rerun security checks on this file. Did you manage to find it?

January 14, 1: The following has to be added to the registry. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. They should help you.

Internet Explorer: Disable “Do you want to open or save this file?” download prompt

Thursday, January 28, 4: Document I still get the prompt – Why isn’t this working MS?! And that is it guys.

If you need to deploy this to a number of users then the best bet and is the way I have done it is to deploy it using Group Policy Preferences. File type association correct for.

Since the File Download dialog box no longer displays, you cannot turn winvows the Always ask before opening this type of file check box. What need to go under the registry under this path? Is there a different handling in.

Open a pdf directly in IE11 (ACrobat Reader VI, | Adobe Community

EditFlags for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Let me know if you need anymore help. If anyone had any success on this on windows 8. If you made your file type preference changes as described in the manual way of doing things above, then the way that this works is by writing your preference directly to the windows registry.


If you set it to always open in one application, it will always open in the other. Best of luck in all your endeavors!!! My suggestion is to use Chrome. In Windows 7, there is no the key AttachmentExecute by default. February 20, 3: I hope others plagued with this issue add their Yes votes to propel this to the top of the list where it belongs. Fortunately i found a technet-post, which described our problem.

Now I can open my attachments without the annoying dialog. I have my Internet Explorer settings under the Security tab in Internet, Intranet and Trusted Sites all checked to enable mixed content.

Try the instructions here: Find the file type in the Registered file types list for which you want to revert to the default File Download behavior the File Download dialog box will be displayed for the selected file type. In reply to graciest’s post on April 23, In reply to thatsnotme’s post on December 11, Windows Registry Editor Version 5.

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