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AutoLISP is a dialect of the programming language Lisp built specifically for use with the full version of AutoCAD and its derivatives, which include AutoCAD Map . Lisp is a family of programming languages, first conceived in and finally implemented in This makes it is the second oldest language still in common. This course is your ultimate guide to learning AutoLISP Programming. You will learn by example with lots of programs.

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Returns an angle between two points in radians.

It’s not as tough as it looks. Now lets substitute 20 for the autolis; in the variable c. This forces the user to enter one of the specified option keywords rather than just hitting carriage return.

In this example, 1 is used to disallow a null input. If you hit the F2 button to bring up the text screen, you should see something that looks like this: Save the program and try it again. Alrighty then, let’s type this at the command prompt: Takes an angle in radians and converts it into a string, using a specific format.

I suggest creating a directory on your hard drive to keep all of your AutoLisp files in. Write notes about your program, what you are doing and what the variables are. X and Y are variables. This saves room in RAM and also keeps your program from getting corrupted by other programs that do not reset the variables to nil. Assume variable c contains the progrmaing list: Type this at the command line: Click the “ADD” button. The function princ simply prints to the command line.


Allows you to select the objects to be changed. The first thing you should know about AutoLisp: Keep input statements together.

Probraming might find out what a “car of a cdr” is. Soon you programig know what a “car of a cdr” is. Then type myprog and press enter.

AutoLISP Lesson 1 – Introduction to Lisp Programming

A program is a list of instructions for your computer to carry out. This is very useful if we are trying to test certain conditions. You will get the built in functions back next time you open a new drawing or you could use a period in front of the command to make it execute an AutoCAD built in function.

If so you can live the freelancer lifestyle! A point in your drawing is described by the value of the X co-ordinate and autopisp value of the Y co-ordinate.

AutoLISP Quick Start

Atoms If a variable has a single indivisible value it is an atom. If it is not, then b will be assigned the value 6. Don’t hit the SAVE button yet. These are like empty boxes in which to store data, to be used later. The important thing to remember is that the order of the values is consistent with what we already know.


AutoLISP Lesson 1 – Introduction to Lisp Programming –

Zero is the first element. You can’t add nil to 1. Keep your arguments together. It can be any expression and need not only be a string. It printed ” Sanders ” to the command line. In fact, you can try this for yourself now.

AutoLISP Tutorial | AutoLISP Quick Start | CADTutor

When you begin a line with a semicolon, anything you write after will be ignored by AutoLisp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Increases the index variable by 1making it ready for the proggaming loop. After that, its development was neglected by Autodesk in favor of more fashionable development environments like Visual Basic for Applications VBA.

A loop is necessary if you want to repeat a command. The program executed and printed “Jeff” on the command line. Watch out for this because it is a potential cause of confusion.