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Belgian designer and antiquarian Axel Vervoordt discusses his elemental aesthetic—highlighted in a forthcoming book—and the art of the mix. LIVING WITH LIGHT Under the direction of Boris Vervoordt Foreword by Axel Vervoordt Text by Michael Gardner Photography by Laziz Hamani. “Light is law. It is power, force and life. Light is an energy that helps create the world and define our experiences.” Thus begins Axel Vervoordt’s latest tome.

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Following the best seller Axel Vervoordt: Timeless Interiors, this volume of twenty new interiors expands on the Vervoordt vision for creating exceptional homes that combine natural elements, antiques, and fine art.

The art of harmonious living is extolled in this volume through twenty bespoke interiors designed by the Axel Vervoordt company. Each room incorporates natural elements—light, water, metal, wood—blended with a modern aesthetic and punctuated with fine art. The Vervoordt concept of livint home is revealed through a refined balance between art and nature to create timeless living spaces.


The range of featured properties includes homes by the sea as well as in urban and rural locations, demonstrating a breadth of styles possible within the essential Vervoordt design principles. Photography by Laziz Hamani brings into focus both the unique design details and the carefully constructed interiors that fuse to create each striking setting. These exceptional residences are rich with inspirational ideas to incorporate into your own home so that you can celebrate your living space in the singular Vervoordt style.

Axel Vervoordt is an internationally acclaimed antiques and art collector and dealer based in Vsrvoordt. He has organized numerous exhibitions around the world, including several at the Palazzo Fortuny in Venice.

Michael Gardner axek an American writer and essayist whose work has been published in various anthologies and American literary journals. Recipes for Every Season Flammarion, Laziz Hamani is a photographer who has worked on prestigious advertising campaigns. Several exhibitions have been devoted to his work as an artist.


His photographs appeared in Axel Vervoordt: The Story of a Style and in Axel Vervoordt: Wabi Inspirations Flammarion, Search Titles by Category. Interior Design Larger View.

Axel Vervoordt: Living with Light – Penguin Random House Retail

Buy Online Find Locally. About The Author Axel Vervoordt is an internationally acclaimed antiques and art collector and dealer based in Belgium.

October 22, Format: