B121EW09 V4 PDF

B121EW09 V4 PDF

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B1221ew09 the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of ” Datasheet: This Specification is subject to change without notice. Datasheet, inventory and accessory! Handling Precautions 5 2. General Description 5 2. Functional Block Diagram 12 4. Absolute Maximum Ratings 13 4.

Davan Display Solutions – BEW09 V4

Electrical characteristics 14 5. Signal Characteristic 20 6. Connector Description 27 7. LED Driving Specification 28 8. Vibration and Shock Test 29 9. B1211ew09 Characteristics 31 Shipping and Package 34 EDID description 36 document version 1. Handling Precautions 1 Since front polarizer is easily damaged, pay attention not to scratch it.

AU Optronics B121EW09 V4

Long contact with water may cause discoloration or spots. Otherwise the TFT Module may be damaged. It can prevent electrostic breakdown. All input signals are LVDS interface compatible.

Items Unit Specifications Screen Diagonal [mm] Power Consumption [Watt] 4. Item Symbol Conditions Min. Active area Note 2: Active area Note 3: Measurement method document version 1. In order to stabilize the luminance, the measurement should be executed after lighting Backlight for 30 minutes in a stable, windless and dark room. Definition of contrast ratio: Contrast ratio is calculated with the following formula.


Definition of response time: Refer to figure as below.

The measurement direction is typically perpendicular to the display surface with the screen rotated about its center to develop the desired measurement viewing angle. Functional Block Diagram The following diagram shows the functional block of the Absolute Maximum Ratings An absolute maximum rating of the module is as following: Permanent damage to the device may occur if exceed maximum values Note 3: LED specification refer to section 5.

Black Pattern Note 2: Mosaic Pattern Note 3: Measure Condition document version 1. Signal electrical characteristics are as follows; Display Port main link signal: VCM of display port main link.

LCD Screen for HP EliteBook 2540P 12.1″ LTN121AT08 B121EW09 V4

VCM will be OV. Display Port Vhpd signal: Timing Parameter Description Reqd. Max allows for Source frame synchronization. The sink must include the ability to generate black video autonomously. V sink must automatically enable black video under the following conditions: Black video must be displayed within 50ms typ from the start of either condition.

AU Optronics BEW09 V.4 HW0A Screen Display |

Video data can be deemed invalid based on MSA and timing information, for example. The sink may implement the ability to disable the black video function, as described in Note 1above, for system development and debugging purpose. The signal is used to strobe the pixel data and DE signals. All pixel data shall be valid at the falling edge when the DE signal is high. When the signal is high, the pixel data shall be valid to be displayed. Output signals from any system shall be low or High-impedance state when VDD is off.


Input signals shall be low or High-impedance state when VDD is off.

Unit Frame Rate. DE mode only 6. Interface signals are also shown in the chart. Connector Description Physical interface is described as b121ew0 the connector on module. These connectors are capable of accommodating the following signals and will be following components.

LED Driving Specification 8. The type and mating refer to section 7. Vibration and Shock Test 9. Some performance degradation allowed. No data lost Self-recoverable. Shipping and Package Vertical Blanking upper 4: Offset 28 40 3F HorzSync.

Width 1C 28 40 VertSync. V blanking, upper nibble 30 48 50 Horizontal Front Porch, lower 8 bits 28 40 51 Horizontal Sync Pulse, lower 8 bits 1C 1 1 t i i ; i 28 document version 1.