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: Bajiquan Foundational Training Vol. An excellent presentation of Baji Quan —also known as the “bodyguard style of Kung Book reviews. Baji-quan is a quan-shu branch mainly with short attacking strokes and hand In the ancient book the ‘Huai Nan Zi’ it is said that between the Heavens and the. Hello Do you know any good Bajiquan textbooks which could allow me to learn some of the baji techniques on my own? I am mostly interested.

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Except for the translation linked in another comment in this thread. There is a strong unleashing of force followed by immediate relaxation bbook for the next action.

Bajiquan textbook

Also also, spent awhile looking for a thread in the subreddit to sorta announce that I know it exists and am here, lurking. As there are no written records it is hard to tell. So he stayed at Wu Zhong’s house and started to teach him. Thank you for sharing it. Bajiquan complexes are mandatory for yellow and green belts in the school of the Wushu Federation.

One night Wu Zhong was practising Wushu in the courtyard and an old man suddenly jumped from the roof and stood in front of him, laughed at him and said he was not practising properly. Fighting evil and upholding justice in blue silk pajamas baby! Bajiquan is a Chinese martial art originating from Cangzhou, Hebei province. Hajiquan had many students and many of them were quite famous.


Baji Quan – Six Openings Form eBook

Stances are low but mobile, and the arms move in wide circles. They sat together and talked about martial arts. Although Master Ma had not taught Ba-Ji to anyone outside the Hui minority people he took a liking bajiquab Ji Jian-Cheng, already a qualified Wushu instructor and master of several other styles, and agreed to teach him real Ba-Ji. It’s just that since they aren’t available in English that they don’t have English titles, so I translated them myself.

However, Ba-Ji is a very powerful, aggressive and effective fighting art, bajquan this side of the style has usually been kept secret or taught to very few people. Taiji, Bagua and Xinyi.

Baji Quan – Six Openings Form

Of them all Huo Diange was the first disciple he ever accepted and he opened the door for others. This places the origins in the early Ming. The inventor of the style may have named it after the shape of the fist used.

Bajiduitse name bajiquan – has 4 tracks and 42 forms of motions. The translations are in that comment, in the same order as in my op. Baji Quan added 8 new photos to the album: Pretty much what Hannibal said. Until the s he had refused to teach Ba-Ji to any Chinese or non-Muslim.

Ghost of Charles Dickens. Information about Bajiquan origin is contradictory. Bajiquan – “8 celestial spheres”, bookk main forces jin8 stroke surfaces. The training method is especially crisp and fierce with lively action, thrusting and piercing and throwing. For the majority of people, even in China and Taiwan, the style is done with the emphasis on appearance with less attention to its fighting aspects. Through several more generations the art was passed on to the great twentieth century master Ma Fu-Luo from Ningxia, China.


There are no high hajiquan just simple practical low front kicks, low leg attacks and foot sweeps, knee strikes, and stamps to the ankle, knee, or foot. Well then, there are no Baji instructors in a km radius from where I live. As regards who the founder of Ba-Ji was, or even when it was first practiced, it is very difficult to say, but according to boook old texts a man named Wu Zhong nicknamed Hong-Sheng,also the founder of Ba-Men Chuan eight doors stylewas one of the main originators.

Its external form is pretty simple, while perfect moves turn taolu complex into graceful dance. Sussex, UK “My friend recommended your website to me.

The basic term “Qi” vital energy appeal bajquan early Taoists systems and initial texts of natural philosophy, and also to the traditional Chinese medicine. No one can say for certain who originally invented Baziquan. In the ancient book the ‘Huai Nan Zi’ it is said that between the Heavens and the Earth there are nine ‘Jio’ and eight ‘Ji’; beyond the nine ‘Jio’ there are eight ‘Yan’; beyond the eight ‘Yan’ there are eight ‘Hong’.

Later he researched Piguazhang.