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Three orphan girls. A pair of pink slippers. A lifetime in the spotlight. Read the classic that has captivated generations! Pauline, Petrova, and Posy love their quiet. Three orphan girls. A pair of pink slippers. A lifetime in the spotlight. Read the classic that has captivated generations! Pauline, Petrova, and. #78 Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild () 25 points. This is another book that is practically perfect in every way. I love the detailed back story.

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View all 10 comments. Pauline learns a similar lesson during her Alice in Wonderland snafu. Pauline was the only survivor from a shipwrecked boat, Petrova the orphaned child of a Russian couple, and Posy the daughter of a widowed ballet dancer.

I liked that a backstory was given for Mrs. The writing was charming and I can see why it is a children’s classic. Storm, Pursey and even Rachel albeit less successfully than the others regularly stand up to Aunt Cora in a way that no one ever dares to do to Aunt Claudia in Skating Shoes.

And this book was written in the 50s.

However, I have long heard about the book Ballet Shoes. I have watched the film countless times and decided it was time to read the book. Fortunately, Nana isn’t left alone to tend the three foundlings.

Ballet Shoes (Shoes, #1) by Noel Streatfeild

View all 4 comments. After he brought the youngest Posy home, though, he disappeared. But little girls who dream of dancing or acting or singing don’t care about that.


This probably is because it was about as enjoyable to read the parts containing Mrs. View all 8 comments. She had promised her mother that she would make sure Hilary danced with the Royal Ballet.

Pauline finds she has a talent and passion for acting while Petrova hates acting and dancing. May 13,Listening Library Audio.

Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild – review

This noe really cute and heartwarming. Then Petrova, who has straight dark hair and narrow eyes, and is good at all sorts of mechanical things. After working in munitions factories and canteens for the armed forces when WWI broke out, Noel followed her dream of being on stage and went to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, where she became a professional actress.

While I don’t know that this book holds up particularly well for me as an adult reader When I was little I liked Rachel a lot better, I’m not sure why. I want to see what happens next. She can’t dance, and she’d rather die than wear the ruffly costume. The three dimensional characters, very distinct world building of time, place, and professionand amiable writing style madam remember how much I loved this book in years past and how excited I am to one day share it with my girls.

Learning to perform is endless fun for Pauline and Posy, who were born to delight audiences, but all three girls recognize that if they progress as performance artists they may soon be in position to aid Sylvia financially, as girls in British theater are allowed to apply for a work permit at age twelve.


Ballet Shoes | Open Library

strsatfeild When Pauline is picked for a lead part, the early success goes to her head, because of which the producer replaces her with her understudy although only for a single performance, not permanently as portrayed in bxllet film. It was her first book for children, and was illustrated by the author’s sister, Ruth Gervis. They have different ambitions, and all of that is fine. Trivia About Ballet Shoes Sho I’m My mother doesn’t like to read.

The grownups surrounding them are as varied as the girls, with their own tempers, talents, aspirations, and ways of influencing the story, and Noel Streatfeild utilizes them in constructing a richly satisfying junior novel. You’re a treasure among ehoes in children’s literature. But I do understand that children might really not find that very interesting.

Apr 13, Briar Rose rated it really liked it Shelves: Sweet,people pleaser Pauline? Oh, to go back and have the privilege of my first read of Ballet Shoes a second time.