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WELCOME TO CANCERLAND A mammogram leads to a cult of pink kitsch. By Barbara Ehrenreich. I was thinking of it as one of those drive-by mammograms. Barbara Ehrenreich: Welcome to Cancerland. In this essay Ehrenreich takes a surprising and somewhat controversial take on Breast Cancer. Barbara Ehrenreich is a freelance writer and feminist activist who wrote the award-winning article “Welcome to Cancerland”, to express her own.

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One of the main ideas that I felt was very strong was the struggle with identity loss. Barbwra you, once more, Your email address will not be published. And if some are comforted by teddy bears, why not? But what caused this cynical view? You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Welcome to cancerland | Harper’s Magazine

In some ways, in many ways, I agree with Ehrenreich. That comfort in discomfort from too much comfort is sometimes the best comfort there is. It is all guesswork. Why would she not want support through tough times? Posts may or may not appear, sporadically.

A good majority of the people who supports these societies are cancer survivors themselves. As my cancer career unfolds, I will… become a composite of the living and the dead-an implant to replace the breast, a wig to replace the hair. What a good book! Happy xmas to you, Twisty, and to all blamers.


Her lack of emotion leads to an interesting read, but allows for questioning about the truthfulness some seemingly ridiculous claims.

Welcome to cancerland

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. In her article, Barbara Ehrenreich discusses her personal experience with being diagnosed with breast cancer and the journey it put her on, both emotionally and spiritually.

But her research and depth that she has reached in this subject persuades me to rethink the breast cancer culture and community. I completely agree with both Raphie and Gina, and I actually had underlined all of the quotes that Gina mentioned whilst reading the essay.

Numerous organizations exist to support people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer that were not available thirty years ago. Yet she warns the cancer with fierce determination: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Barbara wishes that these survivors understand the bad intentions of the pink ribbons and teddy bears.

Welcome To Cancerland

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This is what I am nowmedically speaking. Missing you immensely Twisty- please come back! Barbara points out how breast cancer has no enemies: Like Grace explains, it seems to be that she loses a little bit of herself every time she goes to chemotherapy. I wish you another merry trip around the sun. She instantly went from a life of normalcy; running errands and having the confidence of knowing what each day held to being a member of support meetings, maintaining a positive attitude, donning pink ribbons and feeling anger for her situation but disguising it as acceptance.


But what upset Ehrenreich the most in my opinion were the labels and connotations which were given to her solely based on her unfortunate situation.

I think we both felt that these random scientists and doctors had this strange control over us as they had the ability to diagnose and classify us in a way that completely flipped our world upside down. Ironies notwithstanding, few women would be willing to forego mammography or adjuvant chemotherapy.

Just as Susan Sontag dealt with her cancer diagnosis by writing the influential Illness as MetaphorErhenreich vigorously expiated her own trajectory with this articulate demonstration of classic anger.