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I kind of think that’s the central point that Bertrand Russell is making we mistakes and perhaps save humanity from the triumph of stupidity?. -Bertrand Russell. “The Triumph of Stupidity” () in Mortals and Others: Bertrand Russell’s American Essays, (Routledge. DMCA. The Triumph of Stupidity by Palmas Gran Canaria, Aplicaciones Numéricas En Ingeniería, Enrique Fernández Perdomo, To Sila, Bertrand Russell V.

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This notion partly came from the privilege of never having lived in a war-zone. Yes, he can do all of those things. You realize that the only difference between those two is a piece of paper?

So perhaps Russia is run by the cynical, but certainly not by the stupid. And women voting in Switzerland: Since all human judges of what is ethical are biased by everything they are.

Donald Trump and the triumph of the stupid | The Skeptical OB

Or at least that’s my social hypothesis. Rome kept it up for a good long while, but it couldn’t do so forever. If we see a decline in American hegemony in our lifetime, and that’s big if, I’m confident it will be replaced by something fhe more interesting.

Just about the only person from a humanities field that left me in awe of his intellect when I saw him speak. The Middle Ages was when Europe became Europe.

Even those of the intelligent who believe that they have a nostrum are too individualistic to combine with other intelligent men from whom beryrand differ on minor points. Switzerland has a lot of agreements with the EU with respect to free movement of goods and people and mutual research.


Bertrand Russell: The Triumph of Stupidity

Russia is playing the role of Imperial Japan. And those are just the ones I happen to know about.

And haven’t they earned at least a little bit of the right to call themselves more rational than the person who has never even thought in these terms for a single moment of their life? Keeping people dumb and compliant is a huge problem. DodgyEggplant on Nov 27, See these comments about Donald Trump?

As a counterpoint to the demise of the Roman Empire, the Chinese Empire not only survived for thousands of years, it assimilated all the different people’s living in the Chinese Mainland into one race the Han. How is a protest against “islam the religion as a whole” where people protest by wielding guns is acceptable?

Charles Bukowski quote | Metabunk

He holds a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences where he developed a 3-D ocean model on a custom computing platform. Indian wars and the resulting genocide, Vietnam war where the french wanted the US to spank their unruly colony into submission The Russian interests are their access to the Mediterranean and following from that they want to aid their ally, the Assad regime, both clearly attainable military goals.

This allowed militaries to professionalize and central government to flourish. If they don’t think about it critically, they’ll agree, but if they do think about it critically, they’ll realize that one side is being intolerant of oppression and violence, while the other is being intolerant og regular people being allowed to peacefully exist.

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Stupid people believe so deeply that it gives them power to act. DanBC on Nov 27, Why not?

The Triumph of Stupidity

Joe Bageant RIP is really good too, and he can be funny aswell. Trump will play a huge role in reshaping the judiciary over the next four years. And now it could be us USA.

All we have now will ultimately end in ashes, and assuming we don’t end up with an uninhabitable planet, something new, and marginally better, will grow from those ashes – but it will take time, and the setbacks will be berrand. Steve Bannon, the pied piper of brutality and stupidity has poisoned his minions with fake news in order to elect a fake president with fake values.

As to whether this affects intellectuals and unintellectuals more, it’s hard to say. Admittedly, I don’t know any of them personally, but those top-end executives I have known make “rhetorical snake charmers” and understatement. So why do I say aristocracy?