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Bhavishya Mahapuranam by Veda Vyasa. Translated into Malayalam by Dr K G Kamaladevi. GREEK PURANA KATHASAGARAM. Out of stock. GREEK. The Bhavishya Purana is one of the eighteen major Hindu puranas. It is written in Sanskrit and attributed to Vyasa, the compiler of the Vedas. The title Bhavishya. Bhavishya Purana 01 Edition by Chatuevedi Bk from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On Delivery!.

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You have forced maya [the illusory energy] to destroy Tripurasur [the demon Tripura]; but the bhzvishya are now worshiping you. It is another trick, the type of which is becoming increasingly common in order to persuade people to drop out of the Dharmic spiritual path and to convert to something else.

In Arabic, such an individual is called Ahammadthe other name of Prophet Muhammad. Did Muhammad do like that? First of all, we should see what the Rig-Veda actually says about Prophet Muhammad. Still, by the order of the Lord, I am going to establish a terrible and demoniac religion and enforce a strong creed over the meat-eaters [ mlecchas ].


He has no origin but he achieved a benediction from me. The answer is an emphatic big NO.


February 1, at 1: In the meantime, many are those who are realizing the confusing and inaccurate conclusions such as these and are losing confidence in such people who bhavjshya on this kind of tactic, as they also become an embarrassment to the religion they represent. When Indrastrongest hero, brought the streams, the mighty waters downPushan was standing by his side.

Where Culture and Technology Meet. I am your sevak [servant].

Allah in Vedas, Kalki Avatar and Prophet Muhammad, Islam in Bhavishya Purana!!!

Winternitz, volume 1, p. Thus, in this description from the Bhavishya PuranaMahamada is not the Prophet.

Bhagwat geeta chapter 10 shlok 3 Says who knows me unborn he is only wise believer. Starting With the Rig-Veda. The available versions of Bhavishya Purana are based on a printed text published during the early British period. Some manuscripts of the Bhavishya Purana assert that it has five parts Sanskrit: Soma and Pushankind to him who travels to the Gods, provide Dwellings all happy and secure. Menstruation taboo in Hindu Dharma: The earliest promotional works aimed at tourists from that era were called mahatmyas.

The Cow, the streaming mother of the liberal Marutspours her milkHarnessed to draw their chariots on. Soma the personification and Pushan thus travel to the Gods. The verse – 1. Such trickery is only successful with those who are under-educated in the Vedic philosophy, and are used by those who still lack genuine spiritual depth that can itself attract people.


It even mentions about Kolkata city! But since some people accept this to be a prediction, we need to take a closer look at it. It should also be noted here that every Sukta of the Rig-Veda is dedicated to a deity. In that terrible country there no longer exists Dharma. Hare Rama Hare Krishna!!! Rightly said by swami Ravishankar that Zakir Naik gives baseless argument and most arrogant.

By my mercy your intelligence will be purified.

Bhavishya Purana – Wikipedia

Why am I a vegetarian? So here is the Roman transliteration of the Sanskrit in the Bhavishya Puranahowever accurate it may be Prati Sarga: If anyone reads bhavishya puran will know that its manipulated. Fain would the chariot’s top bow down escaping from the stroke of heaven. Name by converting there name into arabic…. The Aryans reside there, but the varna-sankaras reside on the lower part of Vindhya. Just see, as he eats my remnants, so I will show you.