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. HP Integrity BLc server blade is a full-height, BladeSystem c-Class form. AHA HP Integrity BLc i2 c CTO Blade Server AHAR. HP Bladeserver BLc Quickspecs here. There are no reviews for this product. Bl8x0c i2 server installation read-me-first document (2 pages). Server HP Integrity BLc Quickspecs. Hewlett-packard server blade quickspecs (27 pages).

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To further enrich your cost-efficient, consolidated Integrity blade infrastructure, HP Insight Dynamics. HP Integrity BLc i2 server blade. Up to GB of memory. Storage Controller Storage Controller. Network Controller Network Controller. Mezzanine Support Mezzanine Support.

HP Insight Dynamics infrastructure orchestration. Form Factor Form Factor. BLc i2 server blade plugs into the BladeSystem enclosure.

In the c enclosure, 4 server blades are supported.

In the c enclosure, 2 BLc i2 server blades are supported per 6U. HP offers three different c-Class server blade enclosures to meet your individual needs:. Four 4 enclosures can be configured to a standard 42U rack.

Up to 7 enclosures can be configured to a standard 42U rack. Integrity BLc i2 servers plugged vertically. Remote sites needing between 2 and 8 server blades. Mid-sized companies with between 3 and servers in their company. Enterprise accounts with special datacenter requirement, such as DC power, or very limited rack power.

Server blades, storage blades, and interconnect modules are all designed to fit bl8770c the c and c enclosures. For additional enclosure information, please see:. Three-year parts, 3 Year Labor. Certain restrictions and exclusions apply.

Cache Memory Cache Memory. Memory must be loaded in quads two memory modules, 4 DIMMs. Network Adapter Network Adapter. Expansion Slots Expansion Slots. Integrated Manageability Integrated Manageability.

HP Integrity BL870C i2 Specifications

Maximum Internal Maximum Internal. Graphics Resolution Graphics Resolution. Fibre Channel on the Fibre Channel on the. The mezzanine circuit board. The mezzanine circuit board connects directly. Management Software Quickspecx Software. Software Plug-ins Software Plug-ins. Getting Started Getting Started. Learn More Learn More.


For additional information on HP Integrity server blade. Glossary of Integrity Glossary of Integrity. Server Blades Server Blades. Product Description Product Description. Insight Manager SIM that provides streamlined management for the entire. HP BladeSystem product family.

Users are able to conveniently configure, deploy, and manage quickxpecs or. Additionally, users are able to quickly set up logical. Used by System Administrators to identify, bl870v and group blades into.

For more information about Manageability solutions for Integrity. HP GlancePlus Pak provides you with a single product for managing a.

HP Integrity BLc i2 Server Blade(38)

It is an integrated product that. Quickkspecs an integrated product, the GlancePlus Pak. It can also be used to. Capacity Advisor offers the industry’s first lightweight, integrated tool for. HP Virtualization Manager provides a central point of control that allows you.

With its easy-to-use interface. Together with the enclosure’s HP. Insight Display, the Onboard Administrator has been designed for both local. This module and its.

AHA HP Integrity BLc i2 c CTO Blade Server

Wizards for simple, fast setup and configuration. Highly available and secure access to the HP BladeSystem. Security roles for server, network, and storage bl8770c. Automated power and cooling of the HP BladeSystem infrastructure.

Thermal Logic power and cooling information and control. Serviceguard Manager, operators see color-coded icons that provide a big. From this big-picture view, operators can. HP System Management Homepage is a web-based interface that. Integrity servers running Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems, or. System Management Homepage provides a secure and intuitive interface to. Out Management processor on ProLiant and Integrity servers.

HP Integrity servers which allows you to instantly adjust to dynamic business. WLM is most effective managing applications that are. It automatically adapts system or partition CPU resources.


It adjusts the CPU allocation of a group of processes. The workload management capability for HP Integrity servers is provided by. HP Insight Dynamics infrastructure orchestration capabilities let you provision. Insight Dynamics infrastructure orchestration finds available resources. This solution is a. HP PRM can manage allocation of the following resources:. Ensures a minimum allocation of CPU; can also simultaneously.

Ensures a minimum allocation of private real memory; can. Allows you to allocate an exact. Ensures a minimum allocation of disk bandwidth. Secure Resource Partitions combine kernel level security and. Manager can dedicate specific resources to specific applications within an.

This ensures that multiple application quic,specs run securely in a. Insight Control for Insight Control for. Integrity blades are supported with the following ICE components, installed automatically when quicksoecs the. Insight Manager and Essentials software refer to:.

Supported Software Supported Software. Intelligent Manageability Intelligent Manageability. Virtual serial console Multiple, mirrored sessions, with previous context and console log buffer. Embedded system health and Integrity fault management Diagnostics and troubleshooting:. Forward Progress Log Blade power consumption reading. Support for 19 user accounts with customizable access privileges.

Network adapter teaming network fault tolerance, transmit load balancing, switch-assisted load. Memory double chip spare to overcome two DRAM chip failures. Hardware Security Hardware Security. Integrity iLO 3 can be disabled via a Global Setting.

Platform security fundamentals Platform security fundamentals. Designed for the optimal protection quickxpecs both external and internal threats. This set of fully.