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high performance. The real opportunity is to create blue oceans of uncontested market space. Blue Ocean Strategy. W. Chan Kim · Renee Mauborgne. Blue Ocean Strategy is a marketing theory from a book published in which was written by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, professors at INSEAD. Blue Ocean Strategy has ratings and reviews. Hal said: The Renée Mauborgne (Goodreads Author) . W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne.

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He proposed that a combination of differentiation and low cost might be necessary for firms to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Some reviewers accuse it of nitpicking evidences, but business is already a tricky area for scientific exactness: Chan Kim and Oim Mauborgne argue that cutthroat competition results in nothing but a bloody red ocean of rivals fighting over a shrinking profit pool. Red oceans will always matter and will always be a fact of business life.

Chan Kim and Mauborgne propose another solution: Thanks God I didn’t buy the original english version that cost a fortune!!

Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant

It arguments how contested markets “red oceans” should look for uncontested markets “blue oceans”. Prahaladwhich was published in What’s bothersome to me is that the authors don’t have an example of how they or someone else have taken a company through the steps to find that coveted blue ocean.

The book has some clever business frameworks, useful and innovative, but don’t expect anything more sophisticated than the classical Porter 4 forces. Look across chain of buyers. However is nothing new, it all comes back to the idea of thinking outside of the box, finding a solution that has never been thought of before. They fall into one of three categories: Kind of a stupid book. In the red oceans, industry boundaries are defined and accepted, and the competitive rules of the game are known.


Telling someone to go out and follow such a strategy is a little bit like the old joke about the cure to stragegy being simple – step 1, get yourself a million dollars; Step 2. What is the main theme of the book? To them, extra demand is out there, largely untapped. Chan Kim Goodreads Author.

To win big, you need to develop the Blue Ocean Strategy, bu looking into unexplored market. In the international bestseller Blue Ocean StrategyW. Their emphasis is on the quality of experience, not on the benefits of a new technology.

Everything in this book is common sense. This book not only challenges companies but also shows them how to achieve this.

That is the saddest side effect of this international best seller. And see if there are commonalities across all three tiers. The alternative, of course, is “read ocean” strategy xtrategy red because there are other fishes in the pond, whose competition will bloody the waters. Return to Book Page. The 1 Strategy of High-Performance Brands. Kim and Mauborgne explain HOW to create uncontested market space wherein competition is essentially irrelevant.

When placing this tag, consider associating this request with a WikiProject. The examples are not really helpful. Lexus offered quality of Mercedes at price of Lincoln.

It is of course easy to see after the facts, but the only way to develop these blue oceans is to try and try and try again. Suppose that your target is to book contracts each month. Kim and Mauborgne argue that while traditional competition-based strategies red ocean strategies are necessary, they are not sufficient to sustain high performance. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Examples are provided of firms that have done this and suggestions are made about how to copy them.


They focus on dividing up the red ocean, where growth is increasingly limited. Retrieved from ” https: Observe the distinctive advantages of alternative products and services. Eliminate blocks to utility across the buyer experience cycle purchase, delivery, use, supplements, maintenance, disposal. In fact, execution is easier once you have a strategy.

Blue Ocean Strategy – Wikipedia

It’s a must for anyone responsible in decision making. Blue Ocean Strategy comes with the promise of an absolute shift in how you will think about business and just delivers some new interesting frameworks to add to your toolkit.

The four actions framework aids in eliminating the trade-off between differentiation and low cost within a company. For example, he tries tying the turnaround of the NYPD to his theory.

Products become commodities or nicheand cutthroat competition turns the ocean bloody; hence, the term “red oceans”. The theory itself is pretty obvious when you look at it – basically it argues that making a profit in any commodities market boils down to reducing costs, and that when your competitors cannot directly compete against you, you will make much more money.