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VXi BXTS User Guide. PAGE 3. WELCOME. Congratulations on purchasing your new VXi office wireless product. This guide contains instructions for. The BlueParrott BXT is a professional-grade Bluetooth headset produced by VXI Corp. The device’s features include noise suppression. View and Download BlueParrott BXT user manual online. BXT Headphone pdf manual download.

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VXi BlueParrottÂ

Confirm that your cell phone is NFC-capable. Enter this code and you should see an indication that the Bluetooth has identified the Headset and connected to it.

To end the call, quickly press the MFB on the headset and release. Place the NFC zone of your cell phone against the NFC zone of the headset and hold together manuak your cell phone registers the headset.

To pair the headset with a Bluetooth cell phone or other Bluetooth device, such as a Bluetooth enabled computer, follow the instructions on pages 10 and manuall of this manual. When Bluetooth devices are discovered, your cell phone should show available devices.

Making A Call 3. Next, place bleuparrott headset in Pairing Mode. Do not attach the charger mid-call. If you are using a Macintosh computer, open the Bluetooth menu by clicking on the Bluetooth icon located on the right side of the menu bar; select the options labeled “Turn Bluetooth On” and “Discoverable.

This is for the first time pairing. Make sure that NFC is enabled on your cell phone.

Just click on the thumbnail to view the PDF. Answering A Call 2. When the indicator turns green—and stays green—the unit is fully charged.

Video of the Day. Once connected, the lights on the headset will now turn to a single flashing blue light, which flashes every second or so. About the Author Daniel Barrows has been working as a freelance writer for businesses in the Southern California area for over two years.


Wait for both audio prompts or the alternating blue and red lights. Prepare your phone or computer for Bluetooth pairing. Plug the remaining end of the AC power charger into a nearby electrical outlet.

Select the item labeled as the VXi BXT headset you are pairing to this phone and press the selection button on your cell phone to pair the BXT headset to your cell phone. For over 25 years, VXi Corporation has been delivering best-in-class headset solutions to enable clear, consistent and reliable voice communications.

Turn the two devices you want to connect to back on and then turn on the headset. Next, go to the Bluetooth feature on your cell phone and select Search for Device or Add New Device to begin searching for the headset.

Please make sure that you have already placed the headset on the charger for at least 12 full, uninterrupted hours before proceeding. Auto DC Charger 5. Charging The Headset less than 3 minutes. Fcc Notice To Users — Reorient or relocate the receiving antennae — Increase b250-dt separation between the equipment and the receiver — Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.

There will be no flashing lights on the headset. Monitor the headset for at least ten seconds to ensure that there are no lights flashing.

To power off, press and hold the Multi-Function button until you hear two descending tones in the receiver.


When Bluetooth devices are discovered, your cell phone should show available devices. Keep headset and phone no less than 3 inches and no more than 3 feet apart while pairing.

There are many different cellular phones on the market and is not practical to try and blueparrotf pairing instructions for every cell phone on this site. Wait for the phone to discover your headset.


The document below is intended to answer those questions. When your cell phone rings, you will hear ring tones in the headset. There should be no flashing lights on the headset. Bblueparrott the headset was paired with multiple devices and the last connected device is not available turned off, out of range,etc.

Less than a full charge. For instance, if device A, B and C were paired in that order, connection will be established to A first. Clearly speak the command.

BlueParrott Pairing Instructions

Start with the manuzl powered off. Pairing to a Cell Phone 1. The first step in the Pairing process is to make sure the headset is powered off. Specifications To replace, simply unscrew the tip of the auto adapter see photo, right and remove the fuse be careful not to lose the spring that is inside.

Disconnect the AC power charger from the headset. You will hear 4 rising tones. Wait for both audio prompts or the blue, rapidly flashing light.

This could take up to 2 minutes. The headset must be in Standby Mode to use this feature.