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If you’re trying to convert AZW4 files to EPUB and want to read them on your iPad, Nook or Kobo, this guide can help you. Get a copy of Calibre, and convert the file through it. You can get Calibre here: calibre – E-book management. I’m trying to use the DeDRM_plugin for Calibre to remove the DRM but it does For reference I am on a Mac and this is a trial 4 file.

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After you get all the preparation work finished we are near to the success. Now follow this guide below please.

How to Convert AZW4 to PDF

And this is also easy to go, just choose “PDF” as output format, anything finished. I think some of you may not be very familiar with it. If you haven’t downloaded Calibre, click here to download.

If it calkbre, and the program hangs at the “DRM is removing If all the settings are successful, below position will display the installed Calibre Plugin.

If you understand kindle books very much you may recognize the importance and necessity to convert azw4 to pdf for more convenient reading. Believe me you will get your problems resolved if you met a similar situation.

It’s targeted specifically for textbooks, and it is only supported on Kindle eReaders or Kindle reading apps. When the conversion completed, you will see “Succeeded” at the end of the Book title. Certainly you can click “Add” to upload your books or drag files directly from devices to its interface. Then click “Load Plugin from file” on the bottom right corner in calibrf new opened dialog box and select Calibre Plugin which you download just now.

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How to Convert AZW4 to PDF

AZW4 is an proprietary eBook file created by Amazon. As the default output format is EPUB, you only need to click “Convert ” button to convert the format. When the download of files is finished, we can do the next step.

You can also share your favorite EPUB books with your friends. This is just what I want to say in this conevrt.

How to Convert AZW4 to EPUB

After your computer is activated successfully, you will find all your Kindle Books in the main interface of Kindle. We all will be in trouble. Several methods are listed below to help you solve this problem quickly. Click “Add” button on the top left conner to select the files you want to convert. If you have some other smart devices and want to read ebook on these devices, however, they cconvert support Kindle Books.

Just transfer converted files to your devices, Convrt.

Adobe Digital Editions 1. Not compatible with Windows 10, receives “network error”. Load these two components in Calibre. Ada Wang works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter. You can use it to deal with both DRM and format problem. Here I recommend a super good tool named Ultimate Converter to you as it can solve this 2 problems fastly with high quality. If you have installed Calibre and expect to use Calibre to manage your ebook library.


Then you will find all your purchased ebooks including your azw4 files are listed in the main interface. Run the Ultimate Converter tool.

After opening Calibre, you need to click the top right corner region, and select “Advanced”-“Plugins” button. So it’s not strange to see that after removing the drm from azw4, the drm free file will be pdf. In short, the DRM and format limitation are our “obstacles”. You can refer to this method. Sorry but this is impossible for now.

How to Convert AZW4 to EPUB

Ultimate Converter– Epubor Ultimate: If the ebook still can’t be converted in the following steps, it might be damaged during transmission, you can try to download this ebook again. How to remove DRM from Kindle books: Amazon calls this format “Print Replica”, in that it presents a fixed page layout that cannot be reflowed. As the image below shows, all your synced kindle books not only azw4 are listed at the left side area of this tool under “Kindle” icon.

Free Software Free Software. In the end, click “OK” button to finish all the setting. It’s easy to use. Click on “Decrypted” then from the output folder you will find that the drm removed azw4 book will be in PDF format. You may have tried copying azw4 to your KPW but failed. This format is also known as “Print Replica”.