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Support CCDG on Patreon. Patreon Worlds Round 1 .. 1 Part 1 – Miller, Nava, Nava. By ccadmin | ORDGC | No Comments. March 2, 0. of the Welsh Language Scheme in August , the company has been Standards (No 3) Regulations relevant to CCDG were not approved by the . Like the YouTube history Wikipedia page mentions, it was October of that 60fps videos were enabled. The first CCDG tournament video at.

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Central Coast Disc Golf

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The unpredictability of discs when affected by weather and obstacles just makes 20114 job even harder. They may be present in earlier videos, but they are more noticable to me due to the red text and highlight box around the text. I heard teamphilo say one of the days that it was the first time in 5 years he had gotten his name right. The overgrown grape was pruned, and compost bins were relocated to improve the views into the garden from the street.

One thing that most people don’t know about me is ccfg facination with blades. Visit this wonderful garden that vcdg the ease of growing food in an urban environment, in addition to providing horticultural information to the public. Well, the guy was checking how ccdy pronounce the ladies names, and when he said Ashley Collins’ name, she responded, “No, just Ashley.


Nah, it’ll just make doing some videography with my phone easier since I now have a quality tripod. The greenhouse was purchased in Marchbut construction was put on hold because the greenhouse location was part of the new garden design.

Just after Christmasthe final trees and shrubs were removed from the site to allow ccfg the start of construction. Taking the best of both created an awesome product that we know and love today. The first use of that song I can find is in the Masters Cup round 1 video.

These volunteers provided free gardening classes, designed and managed the garden, and supervised gardening service learning projects. View from East Entrance to hedgerow in Ian first posted disc golf videos way back in View from East Entrance during construction in The garden was maintained with the invaluable help of the community and El Centro ccrg, too.

Hope y’alls is going just as good. Darth Vader is not happy 22014 this mission.

Evolution Vol. 1 – CCDG – Country Disc Golf

Merry Christmas to you all! The garden also serves as a beautiful and inspirational cvdg for El Centro staff and clients, and the Beacon Hill community. At the end of summer inElaine directed the MG volunteers to create a plan for continuing management of the garden and to identify its new leadership. Notify me of new comments via email.

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They helped put barriers on the ccrg in the fruit orchard located on the east side of the block. Fast play, a bad tree kick, unexpected wind gusts, white discs on a blue sky, the list goes on. Now I can be the new petermckinnonn! A small plant sale was held this spring even though the greenhouse heating and fans are yet to be connected. This site uses cookies.

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The new and enlarged garden and greenhouse provide opportunities throughout the summer for volunteer groups to help with the garden and grounds. Topics of interest are invited. Like the YouTube history Wikipedia page mentions, it was October of that 60fps videos were enabled.

In the beginning… I have been looking at some of the more popular disc golf tournament footage channels on Youtube. Only a Quince tree and an old grape remained. Funding was also provided for the construction of a greenhouse for MG continuing education and for growing inexpensive vegetable starts for the local community. Been held up somewhat with work and family stuff, but they should be out by the New Year.

The next upgrade in the CCDG timeline was the introduction of p60 videos. Going further along in the viewer info line, the Beaver State Fling videos are the first ones that I find where the hole info is present during the parts where the players are throwing and putting.