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LIVROS EM PDF:Obras escogidas De Moto Pela América do Sul Diario del Che en Bolivia Guerra contra el Burocratismo La Guerra de Guerrillas Notas Inéditas . The Life and Death of Che Guevara Jorge G. Castañeda Ernesto Che Guevara , “Contra el burocratismo,” in Guevara, Obra revolucionaria, p. Emesto.

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Events of such gravity, or other similar events, or those which have negative implications for international relations and which jeopardize our prestige as sovereign nations, must not be allowed to happen at this conference.

We must come to the inevitable conclusion that the guerrilla fighter is a social reformer, that he takes up arms responding to the angry protest of the burocratismk against their oppressors, and that he fights in order to change the social system that keeps all his unarmed brothers in ignominy and misery.

Burocratiwmo International Monetary Fund is the watchdog of the dollar in the capitalist camp; the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development is the instrument for the infiltration of United States capital into the underdeveloped world, and the Inter American Development Bank performs the same sorry function on the American continent.

The army had a monumental problem on its hands. Newsweek, July 21,p. It is essential always to preserve a strong base of operations and to continue strengthening it during the course of the war.

Ernesto Che Guevara – Σελίδα 5 – Ελληνικό Αρχείο Τσε Γκεβάρα © Guevaristas

He split up burocratismi platoon into several small squads, each ordered to explore the narrow creeks ahead of them, to determine if there was a way out of the ravine. In this world of contradictions, the one existing between the socialist countries and the developed capitalist countries is spoken of as the fundamental contradiction of our time.

Therefore, along with centers for study of present and future zones of operations, intensive popular work must be undertaken to explain the motives of the revolution, its ends, and to spread the incontrovertible truth that victory of the enemy against the people is finally impossible.

We submit a short tabulation, indicating, in physical terms, the amount of primary commodities needed to import a thirty to thirty-nine horsepower tractor in the years and He chose the latter option and placed his men in a defensive perimeter, in case the troops did discover them. Se basa en burocragismo falta de conciencia revolucionaria o, en todo caso, en el conformismo frente a lo que anda mal.

Firstly, on January 24,the United States Guebara Department announced a ban on the importation into the United States of any article made wholly or partly from products of Cuban origin, burocratis,o if it was manufactured in another country. This same central idea, though in different forms, inspired the small farmers, peasants, and slaves of the eastern estates of Cuba to close ranks and defend together the right to burocratjsmo land during the thirty-year war of liberation.


In wooded and broken areas this effort should be maintained both day and night; in open zones that are easily penetrated by enemy patrols, at night only. Except in the first of these groups, foreign cne has made its way into these countries in one way or another, and the demands that are today being directed to the Socialist countries should be placed on the correct footing of negotiation.

It is our duty to point this out and draw it to the attention of the participants, because so long as this situation persists, and justice remains the tool of a few powerful interests, legal interpretations will continue to guevaga made to suit the convenience of the oppressor powers and it will be difficult to relax the prevailing tension: If we do not want to wreck this conference, we must abide strictly by principles.

All these anomalies are possible because of the incontrovertible fact that, at the present stage of human history, the underdeveloped countries are the battleground of economic systems that belong in different eras.

Only the establishment of an organization of the type mentioned, to take the place of existing bodies that are mere props for the status quo and for discrimination, and not compromise formulae, which merely enable us to talk ourselves to a standstill ceh what we already know, will guarantee compliance with new rules of international relations and the attainment of the desired economic security.

The aim of our efforts is to bring about a discussion from which everyone will gain and to rally the underdeveloped countries of the world to unity, so as to present a cohesive front. In order to guarantee to a people the full disposal of their resources, it is necessary to condemn the existence guevafa foreign bases, the presence, temporary or otherwise, of foreign troops in a country without its consent, and the maintenance of colonialism by a few developed capitalist powers.

It should be noted that in current interpretations there are two different types of guerrilla warfare, one of which-a struggle complementing great regular armies such as was the case of the Ukrainian fighters in the Soviet Union-does not enter into this analysis. In the case of Algeria, the grand idea of Arab nationalism has its economic counterpart in the fact that nearly all of the arable land of Algeria is utilized by a million French settlers.

What we give here is the general trend.

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The paradoxical situation now is that, while the loans are either not forthcoming or are made for projects which contribute little or nothing to the industrial development of the region, increased amounts of foreign currency are being transferred to the industrialized countries.


Many underdeveloped countries, on analyzing their troubles, arrive at what seems a logical conclusion. We come to this meeting seventeen years after the Havana Conference, where the intention was to create a world order that suited the competitive interests of the imperialist powers. It is not necessary to wait until all conditions for making revolution exist; the insurrection can create them.

Si conocemos las causas y los efectos del burocratismo, podemos analizar exactamente las posibilidades de corregir el mal. Prebisch, the secretary-general of the conference, and many of the measures approved by other states — trading with socialist countries, obtaining credits from them, the need of basic social reforms for economic development, etc.

Will they sit with their arms crossed? Che was in minor pain, and obviously depressed, but from available accounts, did not seem ready to die, though he must have contemplated this prospect.

Κατηγορία: Ernesto Che Guevara

The guerrilla band is an armed nucleus, the fighting vanguard of the people. Even when our convictions are so firm that no arguments can change them, we are ready to join in constructive debate in a setting of peaceful coexistence between countries with different political, economic, and social systems. On one side we have a group composed of the oppressor and his agents, the professional army, well armed and disciplined, in many cases receiving foreign help as well as the help of the bureaucracy in the employ of the burocrarismo.

It is obvious-and writers on the theme have said it many times-that war responds to a certain series of scientific laws; whoever ignores them will go down to defeat.

At the outset, the essential task of the guerrilla fighter is to keep himself from being destroyed. In some countries, such as Puerto Rico, where the special conditions of the island have not permitted a guerrilla outbreak, the nationalist spirit, deeply wounded by the discrimination that is daily practiced, has as its basis the aspiration of the peasants even though many of them are already a proletariat to recover the land that the Yankee invader seized from them.

The balance of payments brocratismo the period tells the story even more eloquently: Why does the guerrilla fighter fight? He is ready to give his life, but the positive quality of this guerrilla warfare is precisely that each one of the guerrilla fighters is ready to die, not to defend an ideal, but rather to convert it into reality.