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Instituted by the British the Chhota Nagpur Tenancy Act, is an important act for the tribal population of Jharkhand. It restricts transfer of. Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act. Thumbnail. View/Open. GIPE (Kb) ยท GIPEpdf (Mb). Date. Author. Legislative. (Supplementary Provisions) Act, (Bihar Act 14 of ), of Section 46 of the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act, (Act 6 of one acre; but does not include any.

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Villagers displaced to build hydropower plant in Dibhang valley denied compensation. Publication of Rules in draft For foreign citizens to tebancy our work and help advance the state of human rights in India.

Sitlal Baitha Ram v. Their case was that they have been dispossessed by petitioner from the lands in question which belonged to their agnate Karnataka High Court 7.

The question before this Court was whether the Deputy Commissioner could exercise the statutory authority under Section A of the Chota On January 25, Jharkhand High Court asked the state government to follow the CNT Act in its true spirit, making it clear that in addition to tribes, its also applied to those belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

Nagpur Tenancy Act, came up for the consideration of the Court. Jeyapackiyam TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Court passes prison improvement measures for ensuring safety of inmates, such as CCTV footage recording and regular medical check-ups for inmates.

Evidential value of entries The plaintiff was prosecuted for the offence under sections 3 It arose under the Madras Estates Land Act 1 of Provided that where the rent lawfully payable by an occupancy- Raiyat for his holding has been made an issue in any suit for arrears of rent, and the Court has arrived at a finding on that issue, the rent to be found shall be deemed to be lawfully payable by the Raiyat or the holding.

Deposit of cost of serving summons In the yearwhen the transaction took place, there was Power to order record of praedial conditions, with or without commutation Ensuring proper investigation and implementation of FIRs. Situ Sahu And Others v. Sale-proceeds under Section 2 ; how to be dealt with.


Illustrations i A custom or usage whereby a ‘Raiyat obtains a right of occupancy as naagpur as he is admitted to occupation of the tenancy, whether he is a settled ‘Raiyat of the village or not, is not inconsistent with, and is not expressly or by necessary implication modified or abolished by, the provisions of this Act.

Taking into consideration the provisions of Sections 4, 618 and other provisions of the U.

Human Rights Law Network (HRLN)

Production of documents and witnesses Kerala HC upholds the right to privacy and dignity of the mentally challenged. Provided also that if after an inquiry the Deputy Commissioner is satisfied tejancy the transferee has acquired a title by adverse possession 19008 that the transferred land should be restored or re-settled, he shall require the transferor or his heir or another Raiyatas the case may be, to deposit with the Deputy Commissioner such sum of money as may be determined by the Deputy Commissioner having regard to the amount for which the land was transferred or the market value of the land, as the case may be and the amount of any compensation for improvements effected to the land which the Deputy Commissioner may deem fair and equitable.

Chhattisgarh High Court 1. Prohibition of interest on sums paid into Court Jain Singh And Others v.

Note of decisions in record-of-rights Settlement of fair rents under Sections 85 2 i. Appellate Tribunal For Foreign Exchange. If a survey has been made and a record-of-rights has been finally published under this Act or under any law in force before the commencement of this Act, in respect of the land to which the suit or application relates, the statement of claim on application shall further contain the following particulars, namely,- i a list of the survey plots comprised in the tenancy, ii a statement of the rental of the tenancy according to the record-of-rights, and iii a copy of all entries in the record-of-rights, in regard to the subject-matter of the suit or application, unless the Deputy Commissioner is satisfied for reasons to be recorded in writing that it is not necessary that such particulars or any of them should be furnished or that the plaintiff was prevented by any sufficient cause from furnishing such particulars or any of them: Provided that every hearing and decision shall be in open Court, and that the parties to the suit or application, or their agents, shall have had due notice to attend at such place.


Service of notices, etc. Begging in the national capital no longer to be a crime: Empire Industries Limited V.

Chotanagpur Tenancy Act: What next

fenancy Department of Women and Child Welfare. Manipur High Court 1. Obligation of occupancy-Raiyat to pay rent 24A. Validation of directions given, before the commencement of this Act for the record of certain rights – Where a direction has been given any order made under Section of the Bengal Tenancy Act, 2 ofbefore the commencement of this Act, for the record of any rights of the kind mentioned in clause n of Section 81 of this Act, such direction shall be deemed to be as valid as if the said clause had been enacted before such order was made.

Using the right to divorce to fight against abuse. State of Haryana 4 SCC A petition against sexual harassment axt women at the workplace. SC directs states to clear pendency in Juvenile Tensncy Boards: Madhya Pradesh High Court.

Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act.

And Others TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Army transfer policy for officers with dependent disabled children challenged in Supreme Court.

Act 9 of ; or.