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Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding. Retribution Falls book cover. logo logo. Rating / One of the best Steampunk novels. Review: Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding What makes it exceptional is the psychological insight rare in fast-paced, adventure SF, says Eric. Sky piracy is a bit out of Darian Frey’s league. Fate has not been kind to the captain of the airship Ketty Jay—or his motley crew. They are.

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Frey and crew fallls find themselves on the run, pursued by both the Century Knights and a fearsome bounty hunter named Trinica Dracken aboard her heavily armed warship the Delirium Trigger. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

How much fun would that be and what story would there be left to tell? They’ve been shot down, set chriss, double-crossed and ripped off. Could you imagine if everything went as planned and the characters all ended up filthy rich almost from the beginning?

Retribition Google Twitter Print Email. Pirates, sky-ships, and golems are just the trappings for a far-flung adventure of stunning imagination and brilliant craftsmanship. What it does, it does well. It was a fun, exciting read but one thing let it down for me. The writing is excellent, the characters fleshy and fascinating except for 2 by my countand the plot is somewhat classic, yet it delivers startling breezes of fresh air, plenty enough to prohibit yawns.

He’s a cool-headed character most of the time and he’s a good friend to anyone on the ship. A steampunk tale about a bunch of misfits who finally bond as a crew. MacLeod’s much more serious The Light Agesappears to be magically powered.

Frey may learn to grudgingly appreciate his crew in the end once there is no chance to obtain gold! Not all parts of the story are plot driven, but some story parts are character driven.


That freighter was rigged to blow, and Frey has been framed to take the fall. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Wolding. He let out a gasp. Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding 32 48 Jan 07, Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.


Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding | : Books

Many other reviews said this was too retrobution to a TV show they had seen. Macarde’s eyes bulged and he staggered back a step, making a faint squealing noise like a distressed piglet.

Sep 23, Jokoloyo rated it really liked it. If you like the steampunk genre, or anything with Airships, pirates, and smugglers.

Will definitely continue with the series, will recommend to my friends aka throw it at their faces, sorry. Macarde was as surprised as Crake was. We go back, you and I.

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I am serious – I mean, there are airships, sky piracy, GOLD, eetribution pirate city, revolvers, adventures, danger, undead, conspiracies, betrayal, camaraderie, debauchery, and plenty of tight corners for our characters. Their motivations are revealed and we are able to fully sympathise chrs this band of cut-throats.

Actually, Frey, Jez, and Crake are the only ones that are developed enough to really care about, although I did have soft spots for Slag the cat and Bess the golem. The rest of the crew includes Malvery, an alcoholic doctor who’s afraid to do surgery, but doesn’t think twice about punching people in the face; Silo, an enigmatic and competent ship’s engineer who is totally devoted to Frey; and Pinn and Harkins, who fly the Ketty Jay ‘s two outrider fighter aircraft.

It’s hard to say more about the story and the characters without revealing important twists so that endeavor is up to you.

I can’t wait to pick up the next chapter in this saga. And for me, liking characters is something not very common for a book that hasn’t received much from the media. Long before the days of Mortal Engines, London is poised on the brink of apocalypse.

Faalls the ability to make the pages blur by and Wooding not to be confused with Woodring is another author to add to the buy-new-releases-immediately list. He was squat and grizzled, hair and skin greasy with a sheen of sweat and grime, features squashed across a face that was broad and deeply lined.


What makes it exceptional is the psychological insight rare in fast-paced, adventure SF…On every level, Retribution Falls is a triumph. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. But Darian Frey’s face was hard and showed woodign. See all 8 questions about Retribution Falls…. Overall this was a highly-readable book which was not only super easy to read and get through, but also a load of fun whilst reading.

Showing of reviews. The action was good and entertaining although I thought too many people were killed to call this a mindless entertainment. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

Triumphal retribution

Also the author dhris the need to explain to the reader how each cha There was a lot to like in this book. Anyone else feel that way?

The blurb sounds retributiob, the cover is really nice. This is a well sooding book, with flawed, fully realized characters – each of whom have an interesting back story. Her backstory was one of the more interesting and I hope she shows up again. Droop-Eye and Bruiser exchanged wary glances. He was a different person from the man Crake had known the night before. Frey had balled his fists and was refusing to extend his thumbs. A little bit of the “shades chros grey” protagonists; the captain of the airship seems to resemble Captain Jack Sparrow–charming as all get out, but you have the sneaking suspicion he isn’t trustworthy.

That man, Crake might have called a friend. There were plenty of positives in t 7.