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[EBOOKS] 02 Chrysler Sebring Owners Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online. Sebring. OWNER’S MANUAL. Sebring name Chrysler Canada Inc. used in substitution therefor. DRIVING AND ALCOHOL. Drunken driving is one. Find great deals on eBay for Chrysler Sebring Repair Manual in Chrysler. Shop with confidence.

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Be assured that it represents precision nicians and genuine MOPAR parts, and cares about workmanship, distinctive styling, and high quality – all your satisfaction. If cbrysler do not read this entire manual, you may miss important information. Any modifications or alterations to this vehicle could seriously affect its roadworthiness and safety and may lead to an accident resulting in serious injury or death.

These numbers can be used to order duplicate keys from your authorized dealer. If a malfunction occurs, the system will trap the key in the ignition switch lock sebeing to warn you that this safety feature is inop- erable. If the light remains on after janual The Sentry Key Immobilizer System prevents unautho- bulb check, it indicates that there is a problem with the rized vehicle operation by disabling the engine.

This procedure consists of pro- gramming a blank key to the vehicle electronics.

Chrysler Sebring Owners Manuals

A blank Replacement Keys key is one which has never been programmed. Insert the second valid key into the ignition switch. Repeat this procedure to program up to eight keys. If you Turn the ignition switch to the ON position within do not have a programmed Sentry Key contact your 15 seconds.

2010 Chrysler Sebring – Owner’s Manual (444 pages)

swbring Remove the keys from the ignition switch and get out for unauthorized entry and ignition switch for unautho- of the vehicle.

Pressing the trunk button will not disarm opened or the ignition switch is turned ON, the the Vehicle Security Alarm. Press the following procedure: Release both buttons at the same time. Perchlorate Material — special handling may on and off, and the Illuminated Entry system if apply.


Remove and replace the battery. Avoid touching the If your RKE transmitter fails to operate from a normal new battery with your fingers. Skin oils may cause distance, check for these two conditions. An unlocked vehicle is an invitation to thieves. Always remove the key from the ignition and lock all of the doors when leaving the vehicle unattended.

Power Door Locks A door lock switch is located on the driver and passenger door panel. Insert the tip of the ignition key or similar flat-bladed object into the lock and rotate approxi- Child Protection Door Lock System Rear Doors mately one-quarter turn to the lock or unlock position as Avoid trapping anyone in a vehicle in a collision. Remember that the rear doors can only be opened from the outside when the child protection locks are engaged. For emergency exit with the system engaged, move the lock plunger up UNLOCKED positionroll down the window, and open the door with the outside door handle.

Never leave children in a vehicle, with the keys in For vehicles not equipped with the Electronic Vehicle the ignition switch. Lift the window switch to the second detent, release, and the window will go up automatically. When the window is almost closed, there is no anti-pinch protection. To pressure on the ears or a helicopter-type sound in the disable the window controls on the other doors, press the ears.

To unlatch the trunk lid from outside the vehicle, press and release the TRUNK button on the RKE transmitter Do not allow children to have access to the trunk, two times. The Advanced Front Airbags have a multistage wheel inflator design. However, in a collision the belt will lock and on short trips. Someone on the road may be a poor driver reduce your risk of striking the inside of the vehicle or and cause a collision that includes you.


Continued seat, next to your arm. The lap portion could ride too high on your body, possibly causing internal injuries.

Always buckle your belt chhrysler the buckle nearest you. To release the belt, push the red button on the buckle. The belt will automatically retract to its stowed position. Position the latch plate as close as possible to the anchor point. At about 6 to 12 in 15 to 30 cm above the latch plate, grasp and twist the belt webbing degrees to create a fold that begins immediately above the latch plate. Buckle the combination lap and shoulder belt.

The head restraint will be equipped with pretensioning devices that are designed to split in two halves, with the front half being soft foam remove slack from the seat belt in the event of a collision. Grasp the deployed AHR from the rear seat. Pull down then rearward towards the rear of the vehicle then down to chryslfr the locking mechanism. Watch for the Seat Belt Reminder Light to turn Pregnant women should wear the lap part of the belt on while unbuckling and off while re-buckling the seat across the thighs and as snug across the hips as possible.

Using a seat belt extender when not needed can increase the risk of injury in a collision. Only use when the lap belt is not long enough when it is worn low and snug, and in the recommended seating positions. This allows the airbag to have vhrysler rates of inflation that are based on the severity and type of collision. Each airbag features inflated chambers placed adjacent to the head of each outboard occupant that reduce the potential for side-impact head injuries.

Service & Repair Manuals for Chrysler Sebring for sale | eBay

Do not lean the Customer Center. Phone numbers are provided against the door or window. Light in the instrument segring for manuual mately six to eight seconds for a self-check Ignoring the Airbag Warning Light in your instru- when the ignition is cheysler turned on. The their chryslee size. The airbags fully sebrig in about 50 to chryler inflating side airbag exits through the seat seam into the milliseconds. The airbag inflates in about 30 ms Enhanced Accident Response System about one-quarter of the time that it takes to blink your In the event of an impact causing airbag deployment, if eyes with enough force to injure you if you are not belted the communication network remains intact, and the and seated properly, or if items are positioned in the area These airborne particles may irritate collisions.

This does not mean something is wrong with the skin, eyes, nose, or throat. If you have skin or eye the airbag system. See your authorized dealer if the chhrysler for your protection in a collision. Chrysler Group LLC, such investigations may be re- hicle, or crash, chysler be treated confidentially. Confidential quested by customers, insurance carriers, government data will not be disclosed by Chrysler Group LLC to any officials, and professional crash researchers, such as those third party except when: Requested by police under a legal warrant.

United States and all Canadian provinces require that small children ride in proper restraint systems. This is the 4. Otherwise required by law. Maual parameters that are recorded: It is recommended for children who weigh up enough for an adult safety belt.

LATCH-compatible child seats having flexible, webbing- mounted lower attachments. Child seats with fixed lower When your child restraint is not in use, secure it in attachments must be installed in the outboard positions the vehicle with the seat belt or remove it from the only. In fact, chrylser child restraint manufacturers will passenger carrying vehicles over a period of years, child provide add-on tether strap kits for some of their older restraint systems having attachments for those anchor- products.


If the chrywler seat belt interferes with the child child restraint and attach the tether strap to the anchor- restraint installation, instead of tucking the seat belt age, being careful to route the tether strap to sebting the behind the child restraint, route the seat belt through most direct path between the anchor and the child Route the tether strap to provide the most direct path for the strap between the anchor and the child seat.

Rotate the cover over the anchor directly behind the your vehicle is equipped with adjustable rear head seat where you are placing the child restraint. DO NOT use the recirculation mode. You should be able to Seat Belts feel the air directed against the windshield. See your Inspect the belt system periodically, checking for cuts, authorized dealer for service if your defroster is frays, and loose parts. Al- Pedals that cannot move freely can cause loss of ways properly reinstall and secure floor mats that vehicle control and increase the risk of serious per- have been removed for cleaning.

Tires Fluid Leaks Examine tires for excessive tread wear and uneven wear Check area under vehicle after overnight parking chryslerr fuel, patterns. Adjust the mirror to center on the view through the rear window.

Headlight glare can be reduced by moving the small control under the mirror to the night position toward the rear of the vehicle. This mirror will automatically adjust for headlight glare from vehicles behind you. Push in the button on the face To avoid damage to the mirror during cleaning, never of the mirror to activate the dimming feature. When finished, Outside Mirror — Driver Side return the knob to the center Off position to guard Adjust the outside mirror to center on the adjacent lane of against accidentally moving a mirror position.

To use side of your vehicle in the part of the mirror closest to the the mirror, lower the sun visor and rotate the mirror vehicle.

The manual seat adjustment bar is at the front of the seat, near the floor. Pull the bar upward to move the seat Adjusting a seat while the vehicle is moving is forward or rearward. To recline, lean forward slightly before lifting the lever, then lean back to the desired position and release the lever. Lean forward and lift the lever to return the seatback to its normal position.

Use the bottom switch to move manuzl seat up, down, forward, rearward, or to tilt the seat. To tilt the head restraint closer to the back of your head, pull outward on the bottom of the head sehring. Push rearward on the bottom of the head restraint to move the head restraint away from your head. The switches for the heated seats are located in the center console above the climate controls.

The rear cargo area of the vehicle with the rear Folding Rear Seat Armrest seatbacks in the locked-up or folded down position should not be used as a play area by children. Pull the hood release lever located under the left side of the instrument panel. Hood Safety Sebging Use the hood prop rod to secure the hood in the chryslsr position. To prevent possible damage, do not slam the hood to close it.

Use a firm downward push at the center of the hood to ensure that both latches engage. Be sure the hood maunal fully latched before driving your vehicle.