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Born in Nigeria, Adelaja was recruited as a teenager by Russian communists. Discover how God gave him a new assignmentto evangelize the Ukraine!. Church Shift Revolutionizing Your Faith Church, and Life for the 21st Century has ratings and 12 reviews. John said: I read a quote by Sunday Adelaja. Church Shift by Sunday Adelaja, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The phenomenon of his ministry is that he originates from Nigeria, Avelaja, and has been able to prove that cross-cultural ministry is possible in the 21st century.

Church Shift Revolutionizing Your Faith Church, and Life for the 21st Century by Sunday Adelaja

shitt He pastors the largest church in Europe with over 25, members who are 90 percent white Europeans. The church grew from 7 people in to 20, in and has now planted more than churches in 15 countries.

This book changed my life forever… I am what i am and who i am today is partly because of Churchshift… It changed me completely,. Pastor Sunday, I want to deeply appreciate you for this masterpiece, Church Shift.

Sunday Adelaja’s Blog

I started reading it yesterday and could not put it down till I finished it. Sdelaja has greatly impacted my life. I will surely put all that I have learnt to good use. Church shift, People power, The kingdom minded church, Finding my promised Land, Becoming kingdom minded, Hard work leads to Success, Thriving in persecution, Go to the least of these, Learn to fight, I am a deliverer, Imposing the kingdom on the culture, When to stop praying, The Orange revolution, The world is waiting for me, Many thanks Pastor sir.

Pastor Sunday Adelaja, In his work the church shift,he actually handed his personal experience to whoever is ready to do his kind of exploit not just for fantasy but to adelqja bring to fruition Gods kingdom purpose in all the nations of the universe. He is truly a unique blessing for the love of God Church and Nations Bravo. Please, where do I get to buy this book shitt Nigeria and other books from Pst. Am one of the mentees.


Church Shift : Revolutionizing Your Faith, Church, and Life for the 21st Century

I am grateful for to opportunity to be able to read the first two chapters free I am now determined to purchase my personal copy my understanding has been greatly opened concerning the Kingdom of God.

Thank you Pastor Adelaja. Your email address will not be published.

Is leadership the main problem of Nigeria? Insulted by the Ungodliness Book 5: When Nigeria Teaches America Book 6: The Mountain Of Ignorance Book 7: The Kingdom Driven Life Book 1: Pastoring Without Tears Book 5: The Roads of life. Accessing Divine Wisdom Book 7: Declaring War on Poverty Book 9: Fulfill Your Calling Book Growing Wealthy Without Tears Book Jesus You Never Knew Book Life is Predictable Book Living Sexually Free Book Mighty Warrior Book Spearheading a National Xdelaja Book Successful Marriage Takes Work Book The Restorers of the Earth Book Sundwy Road to Greatness Book The Sin of Irresponsibility Book Understanding God Book Victorious despite the devil Book From the Back Cover Discover the keys to transforming your world In just twelve years, Sunday Adelaja built the largest evangelical church in Europe, a cross-cultural ministry with more than two million converts and church plants worldwide.

ChurchShift, based on his true story, gives you the keys to revolutionize your own life, faith, church, and community. Your view of God, your life, and your ministry will change as you discover how to: One of the greatest Christian hero stories of the modern world.

I recommend that pastors and leaders of all kinds read ChurchShift. I know of no minister around the world that is more unique and influential than Sunday Adelaja. Sunday Adelaja is a leading figure, not only in Ukraine but in the world.


Of all the books on aggressively advancing the kingdom of God, this stands out as the most practical. I recommend this book to all and believe it will become a classic. I have heard and read a great deal about Pastor Sunday and about the work he is doing. All those who do great things go through attacks such as Pastor Sunday has endured. Some are called to churches.

Some are called to cities. Sunday Adelaja has a fresh word for the nations! His sundayy with the Lord, his suday for people, and his commitment to the kingdom make Sunday Adelaja a world-class leader with a world-class vision to build a world-class army to change the world for Christ. This world-class book is a must for you today. Read and reap benefits for a lifetime. Sunday Adelaja is an indisputable success in his family, in his church, in his nation. This book will help you grow personally and spiritually.

God has raised up Sunday Adelaja to lead men and women to a deeper understanding of their spiritual destinies.

Read this book, and let the journey chutch. August 29, at Your write ups and books are very impactful. Keep up the good work man of God. September 9, at 4: November 13, at 1: December 23, at March 2, at 8: March 16, at 3: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.