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Can anyone help me with finding an operating manual online for a la Cimbali junior?. Discover La Cimbali M21 Junior espresso and cappuccino machine: designed and built for those caterers who have limited space at disposal. Available into. -i-have-got-it-pdf-thtml parts diagram there too.

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I have not recieved it yet, it looks a little newer from the outside but that ,may mean nothing fingers crossed. Its always needed resetting once every few days by lifting the “cup” out of the water and lowering back in.

A bit of rust, bit of scale and disorder but entropy cannot resist the efforts of a human looking for good coffee. La Cimbali Junior Rebuid and I bet this is the gauge you want, its on my own machine. There’s paint bubbling here and there, so need to strip to the frame for refinishing.

It would even be possible to put a copper patch over a larger split methinks.

Need service manual for La-Cimbali Junior S/1 Expresso Ma – Fixya

However, if you cumbali, you may take complaints or remarks to the authority responsible for data protection at the following address: I have seen some other posts along this line on the site, but would like to have a manual in hand before I get carried away with adjustments and I need to put a FedEx order in for some decent beans The thread is on here somewhere if you search. Traditional Machines Traditional Machines. Provision of data is compulsory so that we are able to respond to your requests; if you do not provide your data, we are cijbali to allow you to proceed.


You can’t break even. Popular Questions 11 Nunior Nespresso u, all the lights are flashing and the pod doesn’t release automatically.

This is not applied on the outside of the boiler The following email address can be used to contact the Company in its capacity of data controller: Now try to poke through the pipe towards the levelglass, remove as much calcium you can find.

I assume that the “G” is a ground connection. Ugly red dot scraped off by removing front glass, scraping, refitting. With a bit of luck, given your comments, it is indeed a copper boiler after all.

Luckily it will break down even further. La Cimbali Junior Rebuid. Just dont use brute force or youll bend the boiler and possibly crack the joints. It should last years, and there are spare unused contacts in case the ones wired to the element burn out.

La Cimbali Junior R The internal pressure is around 2 bar absolute as you say. Overall, it’s in not too bad a shape. The electricals came out in almost one assembly, which will make tracing wiring a lot easier.

It disintegrated on attempted removal – Im off to buy an easy out – but this is quite a serious issue at this point – Ill need some luck to get this out. All in all, fingers crossed, you have an potentially awesome machine. La Cimbali Junior Rebuid Another view under the bonnet: The HX neck appears to be pressed into the boiler somehow.



Posted on May 20, I need to get plans, parts, new screws, stickers etc. Questions at this point are: For a machie this size, its not such a big drama and youll learn about how the machine works in the process. Hi I have been going through the rebuild of my Cimbali Junior. Take the pressure of ur boiler, put the machine somewhere, were its ok to spill some water. I am not sure that the grounding is the same but would be happy to trace G1 and tell you its terminal point.

You can withdraw your consent at any time. I just got it from a local supplier. In regards SSRs, we find they have a life of years generally in our environmental chamber control even when well under rated. We also find that if the input is left floating by the switching circuit in the off state that the relay can randomly switch on and off v ac input so we use a dummy load across the input to ensure the input terminals have no potential in the off state.

But you can take apart a jet engine, and put it together again. I gather that donkey engine enthusiasts make their own boilers from scratch with silver solder – so a split boiler is not necessarily a death sentence!