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Las babas del diablo (part 2). Date Thursday, November 24, at .. Cortázar, Category Spanish literature and film, Category Translation. Las babas del diablo [Cuento] has ratings and 8 reviews. Cuento de Julio Cortázar originalmente publicado en el libro de cuentos Las armas secretas. I have in my library the two volumes of Cortazar’s short stories, so I grabbed Volume 1 I opened the book randomly: Las Babas del Diablo.

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His was a cautious walk, as if the pavement hurt his feet. And the wind was not blowing. I think I screamed, I screamed a terrible scream, and at that very second I knew that I was beginning to get closer, ten centimeters, one step, another step, the tree was in the forefront turning its branches rhythmically, a stain from the parapet jumped from the picture, the woman’s face, turned towards me as if surprised, was growing.

The first surprise was stupid; it would never have occurred to me to think that when we look at a photo from the front, the eyes repeat exactly the position and the vision of the lens; it is these things which are taken for granted, which it doesn’t occur to anyone to consider.

All this in a clear, dry voice and good Parisian accent rising with every phrase in color and tone. It could have been like this, it could well have been like this; that woman was not looking for a lover in the boy, at once instructing him for an impossible aim of understanding dfl if he didn’t think of it as a cruel game — the desire of desiring without satisfaction, of arousing herself for someone else, for someone who in no way could be this boy.

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For the second time I was leaving them; for the second time I helped him escape and returned him to his precarious paradise. Or perhaps he would remain, fascinated or simply incapable of taking the initiative, and the woman would begin to caress his face, play with his hair, speak to him voicelessly, and then quickly grab him by the arm to take him with her, as he, with an unease that perhaps began to acquire desire, the risk of adventure, roused himself to put his arm around her waist and kiss her.

The woman had been expecting this because she was here waiting for it, or perhaps the boy arrived before the woman and she saw him from a balcony or a car, and went out to cprtazar him, starting up conversation on any old subject.

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Notify me of follow-up comments via email. It is perceptiveness what gives a meaning to such blend. All the wind of that morning now it was hardly blowing at all, and it wasn’t cold had passed over her blonde hair that cut out a shape from her cheerless, white face — two unfair words — and left the lws standing and horribly alone before her black eyes, her eyes which fell upon things like two eagles, two leaps into the void, cortzzar gusts of green mud.


I gathered everything in my viewfinder the photos with the tree, the parapet, the eleven o’clock sun and took the photo. I am not describing anything; rather, I am trying to understand.

Ripley film The Talented Mr.

In any case, if the probable falsity has been predicted beforehand, looking again becomes possible; perhaps it suffices to choose well between looking and the look, stripping things of so much foreign clothing. I could tell this story with much detail, but it’s not worth it. Las Dablo del Diablo. With a sixteen diaphragm, with framing cortazr which the horrible black coftazar would not be included diqblo the tree would, I would need to snap a space especially grey To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Becoming obsessed by the comparison between memory and what the photograph has retained, he enlarges it again.

My power had been a photo, this one, there, in which they would take their vengeance on me and show me openly what was about to take place. Ave rated it liked it Jul 20, When I was beginning to get tired I heard a car door slam. I raised the camera, pretended to study an angle that did not include them, and remained lurking in wait, certain that, at last, I would catch the revelatory gesture, the expression that summed it all up, the life which movement encompassed but which a rigid face destroyed by sectioning off time, if we did not choose that essential, imperceptible fraction.

But where is reality?

Blow up (Las Babas del Diablo)

Now the woman was whispering in his ear, and her hand opened again so as to be placed upon his cheek, to caress it and caress it, burning it in no haste. Reviews, essays, and translations. References will be subject to editor approval before appearing.

And everything would end as it always did, perhaps, but perhaps everything was different, and the initiation of the adolescent did not take place, perhaps they did not allow it to happen, from a long preface where clumsy embraces and exasperating caresses, the shuttle of hands, resolved itself into who knows what, into a separate but solitary pleasure, into the petulant mixed denial with the art of fatiguing and disconcerting so much injured innocence.

I remembered ironically the woman’s furious face as she protested my picture-taking, the boy’s ridiculous and pathetic flight, the entrance onto the scene of the man with the white face. And at that instant I managed to see how a great bird out of focus swooped down once before my eyes, and I leaned against the wall of my room and was happy because the boy had just escaped, I saw him running, again in focus, fleeing with all his hair in the wind, learning at last to fly over the isle, reach the footbridge, and go back to the city.


It will be difficult because no one quite knows who he telling the story truly is, if I am he or this is what has occurred, or what I am seeing clouds, and now and again a pigeonor if I am simply recounting a truth which is only my truth, and therefore it is not the truth apart from the truth for my stomach, for my desire to run out the door and, in some way, to put an end to all this, regardless of what may happen.

Oh, doctor, every time I breathe And Michel had to endure very precise imprecations, hear himself be labeled a meddler and an imbecile, and he deliberately made a fierce effort to smile and decline, with simple movements of his head, every cheap shot. What to read after El Perseguidor? With one movement I installed myself on the parapet and let myself cortqzar enveloped and attacked by the sun, on my face, my ears, my two hands I kept my gloves in my pocket.

This biography was the boy’s as well as any boy’s, but him I now saw isolated, turned solely towards the presence of the blonde woman who kept on talking to him.

Las babas del diablo (part 1) – Journal –

He started walking towards us, carrying in his hand the newspaper which he had been pretending to read. I am tired of insisting, but two long, frayed clouds have just passed. Open Preview See a Problem? In his house his house would be respectable; lunch would be at twelve and there would be cel landscapes on the walls with a dark foyer and a mahogany umbrella stand by the door his homework time would slowly inundate him, as would being mama’s great hope, resembling papa, and writing to his aunt in Avignon.

Of me nothing remained, a sentence in French that might never have ended, a typewriter which tumbles to the floor, a chair which screeches and shakes, a patch of fog.

Carlos rated it liked it Nov 15, And I said two gusts of green fel. Upon noticing the photographer, the boy runs away, “like a gossamer filament of angel-spit in the morning air. Sandra R Garea rated it liked it Apr 17, Good Coffee rated it liked it Jun 25, Closing my eyes, if it is I who closed them, I put the stage in order: Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

I know that the most difficult thing will be finding a way to tell the story, and I am not afraid of repeating myself. And so, when all of a sudden the wind ceased and the sun became at least twice as large I mean twice as warm, but in reality this is the sameI sat upon the parapet and felt, on this Sunday diab,o, terribly content.