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Bullfights are just a barbaric play with some few humans that thinks that slash and cut an animal is a kind of art. Les diria que por favor se dediquen a fornicar a perros para que yus descencia se forje en el eslabon de la cadena evolutiva a la que pertenecen y que por favor dejen de mirar con microscopio la paja en el ojo del vecino ajeno, que cualquiera que minimamente se lo proponga saca millones de quilates del suyo.

The iberian people spanish people but thousands years later had this tipe of celebrations. It’s funy how all this people criticize bullfighting and then they go to wal mart and buy 20 pounds of ribs without even thinking how that animal was killed The people defending this barbaric practice are making terrible arguments, which is understandable since there is no good argument to defend this garbage.

Sufrimiento el delos animales estabulados, los pollos de las tuus This stuff happens ten million times a day in meatpacking plants around the world. A chance for the bulls to test the bravery of ordinary citizens 18 or over.


I prefer the cultural heritage of Paris Hilton.

: Carmela Paris: Books

It only exist “thanks” to festivals like these. The bull fights are something outdated and reactionary, and his followers even more. Ojoz hate bullfighting and bullfighters, it shames me like spanish. The only difference is that meat cows are slaughtered in a faster method than these bulls, but Cuoda would prefer a good life with a painful death than a terrible life with a quick death.

Why don’t you condemn the stupid rednecks that hunt “for sport”? Eso son las corridas, la lucha de un hombre contra un animal que nunca deja de pelear. El ser humano es un ser cruel y de costumbres.

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How many of you can say the same? Si no existiesen las tuus no exisistirian los toros delidia, en el resto de uropa estan extinguidos, los toros no son solo esas fotos, ademas me rio yo de la moral yanki, matar no es malo, sin embargo pornografiatorospalabrotas si. To me, this reeks of insensibility and ignorance, and that’s a shame.

Rob what are you talking about.

Carmela Paris (Author of Vivir sin nervios)

If you don’t like it, and if you’re preaching against it you cudia become a vegetarian. Las peleas de gallos,ha constituido un curioso espectaculo bastante cruel que ha tenido exito en paises que repudian a nuestra “fiesta brava” precisamente por sangrienta Have you seen a bullfight? Anyone who can be so cruel to animals don’t have a shred of compassion in them. They only spend 20 minutes in the arena and they dont suffer because of the adrenaline. Vosotros no sois festeros, sois hijos de puta.

Mejor morir en la plaza que por lo menos es de igual a igual.


That is the dumbest thing I ever heard. It is even more traditional in south of Spain. Judge the act but dont put all the people in the same pack, every single person has his own way of thinking.

It’s cruel and unnecessary and disgusting. Al que no le guste que se quede en su casa.

If you make a bodycount of humans and bulls deads on this bloody feasts you will get the point. All spanish people kill bulls? This “tradition” stills going cause of close minded old people and fascists.

The people against this sport also live in a fairytale world where we all love each other, eat only organic vegetables, and walk to our jobs in “sustainable” industries or drive there in our happiness fueled vehicles.

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Completely and utterly disgusting At least the bulls fight back, none of this “let me shoot the animal with a gun” BS. Torture something and you deserve the same in return, bull, human, whatever And sometimes, it succeeds. This is exactly why I purchase beef from local farms that treat their cattle well from birth to slaughter.

I’m happy in my blindness!!

Do you think this is cool to play with the bull which cannot express its pain by words?