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Many of you probably know DM of the Rings. If not, and you are familiar with. Being gamers, these players are naturally geeky in other ways, which happens. If there’s one trap that every GM falls into at some point, it’s getting into a topic.

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The crystal critters become really small and slip through a tiny gap. Mark Hamill is known barely for doing voiceovers for poorly selling computer games, but gains widespread fame after his appearance in the first Futurama movie. Probably in the casino. The taxation of trade routes to outlying star systems is in dispute.

Way more than Threepio! Killed Off for Real: I don’t want to kill you. Or, this is only the wedding rehearsal, and the planet where the Comic Irregulars are has just been wiped out. Post as a guest Name. Luke mentions Sidious when lamenting the failure of the Jedi. And that’s not all; the Irregulars seem to be taking perverse pleasure in actually changing things from how they happen in the movies as much as they can while still being constrained by actual screencaps.

Presumptive Multitasking Thu 30 Aug, — Episode Darth Vader’s a “she”? Tower of Babble Sun 5 Aug, — Episode They’re normally incompetent, but when Vader wants things done, he uses the force to personally control them.

We play dice with the universe. Since they frequently prove to be incompetent, Vader goes through a lot of subordinates. If there’s one trap that every GM falls into at some point, it’s getting into a topic that one of the players is a genuine, certified expert on.


Dramatis Palpitae Sun 12 Nov, — Episode Indeed, the very plot of Star Warswith all its inconsistencies and bizarre leaps of logic, comes about because the players constantly force the GM to improvise. She finally settled on C-3PO and Yoda.

Darths & Droids (Webcomic) – TV Tropes

This is longer amd all of my campaign notes! Gets a long one, fittingly made out of other people’s final speeches. He joined after Jim told him about the game and designed his character in advance using Min-Maxingresulting in a verbally-challenged non-humanoid robot with insane mechanic skills.

Loads of times all over Ahch-To. Sun 3 Dec, — Episode But most of the other things we know and love andd as Mad Max do, albeit modified by the lack of Star Wars: Or, this is the scene in movie where the planet destroying gun is destroying the planet.

Oh god, it’s Tomb of Horrors all over again.

A beautiful desert cruise with wonderful friends. For example, she asks a blind monk if he saw a suspicious person pass by, then declines the monk’s offer of further help because “That’s not what Cassian asked me to do.

I’ve learnt not to plan ahead more than ten minutes.

Players / PCs

And it hurts a lot. And with the skiffs, as they start flying in higher altitude when they leave the base, without repulsors that could get nasty when they land In Episodethis is how he deals with Pete, in place droiss “Let the Wookie win. Original film images are copyright Lucasfilm Ltd, rarths are used here only as a vehicle for parody.

She’s also wildly imaginative and not afraid to contribute to the world-building—many of the stranger aspects of the prequel trilogy were her contributions. She hates her biological father and anyone who works with him. Oh for crying out You can’t make vampires good!


Everyone’s a Krennic Sun 28 Ahd, — Episode A non-Chewbacca Wookiee Nope. Droids walk through a crossfire without getting hit. She clearly has a lot of fun collaborating with the GM on her characters’ backstories, and playing the parts for all the angst she can. This one orders subordinates to execute themselves. Jim refuses to believe Bibble isn’t evil, no matter how often he’s told.

When played by the GM, he has little to no idea of what’s happening around him. Though “bottomless” would of course be technically wrong, but that’s droide case with any occurence so far ; Sign or display in Aurebesh script. Moonraker was never made.

Also, in the Rogue One comic, he looks more like a tentacled monster, as the comic uses Bor Gullet as a stand-in for him, which may be a larval form he has Possibly, we don’t see much of Crait or Cantonica. When Jim Strip realises that the restaurant where he had a row with Annie over dinner was the one that she worked in, and that he humiliated her in front of everyone.

Why would you expect anyone to have gone to so much trouble to make a consistent language out of beeps? There are no right hands! Get Known if you don’t have an account. If you get five in a row, you win!