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Dell Precision M information, specs and pricing, along with reviews and troubleshooting tips written by IT pros. Specs. Key Specs. Type. Midsize. Screen size. Screen resolution. Other. Bundled OS. Windows. System RAM. Pointing device. Dell Precision M, the new notebook in company’s mobile The product pages do not provide the information on M’s weight.

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Entire site Article Author Event News. The final benchmark was the full SPECviewperf 10 benchmark www.

One spcs after the next and it is like pulling teeth to get Dell to fix it. The same ports are on the back, but not necessarily in the same exact spot, they may be a few inches over. The battery in the Dell Precision M is a nine-cell lithium ion battery that precisioh to have good lasting power.

Popular on Laptoping Dell announces M, M Precision laptops built for business pros. I typed a very detailed response but it got lost somehow. Please send any technical comments or questions to our webmaster.

Dell Precision M4300

There is also Wave Embassy Trust Suite security software. With all the polling services such as Bluetooth disabled, the fully charged battery lasted 3 hours, 35 minutes sitting idle. Shipped two weeks earlier than they promised, which was less than two full weeks after I ordered. Intel’s next Xeon chip stuffs up to 18 cores into very powerful PCs. Dell brings Linux to its latest XPS 13 laptop. In late Mm4300Dell made a flurry of new product announcements, among them the introduction of the Dell Precision M mobile workstation.


Write a detailed review. We’ve added this product to our database but we haven’t actually tested it yet. A controller was integrated, as was audio.

Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited. Is it possible to buy a Precision M as a privat person, or are these only available for companies? Weighing in at a relatively trim starting weight of 6.

Dell Precision M Weighing in at a relatively trim starting weight of 6. We recommend logging in before writing a review. This system has module bay, which can be populated with an optical drive, a secondary HDD, a secondary battery, or left empty. Make sure to include your initial thoughts on using the product, any observations and potentially any issues you might have run into while m400 it.

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Dell Precision M Mobile Workstation Unveiled – Laptoping

Search Laptoping Blog Search for: Rate and comment on specific criteria. Your email address will not be published. Dell’s warranty coverage includes hour replacement parts and lifetime hour telephone support.


Does it come with Linux installed? Percision have purchased M in refurbished condition and have found it great. Additional features of the Dell Precision M mobile workstation included next-generation Ron LaFon Weighing just 6.

AMD and Intel have been in a race to stuff their highest-end processors with as many cores as poss I have also used Toshiba and Compaq Notebooks but have found it much better than both of them. Dual-channel memory delk bit addressing allows the M to use all 4 GB of the installed memory.

Dell Precision M4300 Mobile Workstation Unveiled

The Dell Precision M is a compact mobile workstation for those who need to use workstation-class applications on the go. Design and form factor. In her easy-to-follow, friendly style, long-time Cadalyst contributing editor Lynn Allen guides you through a new feature or time-saving trick in every episode of her ,4300 AutoCAD Video Tips.

Precision laptops are getting the Ubuntu option, too.