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Diario de un ama de casa desquiciada (Libros del Asteroide nº 64) (Spanish Edition) eBook: Sue Kaufman, Milena Busquets: : Kindle Store. “Diario de un ama de casa desquiciada” de Sue Kaufman está a medio camino entre “La campana de cristal” de Sylvia Plath y la serie “Mujeres Desesperadas”. Buy Diario de una Ama de Casa Desquiciada from Dymocks online BookStore. Find latest reader reviews and much more at Dymocks.

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Bettina is a wealthy housewife who is thrust into a world of pretentious artists and celebrities by her husband. But reading this book Diary of a Mad Housewife ‘s humor and insight are as alive and pertinent today as they were yesterday, and will charm and disarm men and women of any generation.

Am in the late ’60s, re-released a few years ago by Thunder’s Mouth, this is the story of Bettina Balser, an upper-middle-class housewife who is freaking out about the stifling life she finds herself in the thick of.

Some interesting stylistic tics including ironic capitalizations that I didn’t see again until bloggery. First, you want to yell at the main character for being a bit of a spoiled brat.

I personally would shove Zoloft at her and encourage her to actually make non socially climbing friends, but she lives in a very different world than we do Diiario like a fantasy ending, the kind of resolution that people who happen to be in sometimes-contentious relationships no one I know, of course only dream of. Oct 26, Vanessa rated it really liked it.

Videorrecomendación de Diario de un ama de casa desquiciada. | Lecturas con humor | Pinterest

Dec 12, Tejas Janet rated it it was amazing. May 09, Jan Priddy rated it really liked it. Quotes from Diary of a Mad Ho Jul 28, Maggie rated it liked it. Also pretty sure I’ll be semi-unironically wearing my “Feminist Icon” t-shirt to work tomorrow because you know what’s real? Elevators, subways, bridges, tunnels, high places, low places, tightly enclosed spaces, boats, cars, planes, trains, crowds.


He, and the society they keep, are phony and she is responding feeling diari of control of herself and her life which she kind of is as she’s not working, etc.

This book is hysterical. Her frank examinations lead to many changes, including an extramarital fling, and her voice touches a timeless nerve, resonating on many levels–from the ever-evolving feminist consciousness to the gnawing existential search that is universal.

Full of shrewd observations about marriage and domestic life that are still relevant 50 years after it was first published. I’m in awe that a book can feel so distinctly vintage, and yet feel so timeless. Her husband is a lawyer and a hopeless social climber. Es de aquellos libros que se dice que enganchan. Published March 28th by Seal Press first published December 31st I love the period This is the kind of book that I have always envied for its style which I could never pull off.

I read this a very long time ago, but recently started flipping through the pages, and recognized the writing like I had read it just yesterday. Sue Kaufman was a fine and funny writer and I thoroughly enjoyed my second go-round with this, her third novel.

The film and book both get Five outta Five from ol’ Rob. At Vasser she did some editorial work and went on to writing. I feel like it was misleading in the beginning.

Diary of a Mad Housewife by Sue Kaufman

Usa mucho el sarcasmo para burlarse y quitar importancia al estado de nervios de la protagonista. Me ha gustado, aunque los personajes no han terminado de convencerme. Sep 11, Abby Rosmarin rated it really liked it. And but then there’s this crazy climax scene where finally everything comes out, kind of, and hubby just breaks down.


Diary of a Mad Housewife

I am intrigued by Bettina regaining some “control” or sense of self as the book finishes. No trivia or quizzes yet.

And she’s not the doormat that she sometimes is in the movie. THis book was interesting to me in three ways.

A la pobre Tina le limaron los colmillos. I have read ve a half a dozen times and it just gets better as I amq older. Pero la doario de Kaufman lo compensa. Pries the dirty tobacco tin lid off marriage and contempt in an amusing way. He was a lovable idiologest in t There is much to be said about this book. She has the Mad Men lifestyle: Sin embargo, no he conectado con ella ni con sus problemas o inquietudes.

Which just made me sadder and sadder the more I’ve been thinking about it, that Sue Kaufman either just took the happily-ever-after, easy way out, or was so depressed by her own situation sorry, I read most desqukciada as if it’s autobiographically based that she had to dream up an if-only and put it together, maybe as something to hold up as a beacon of hope.

Bettina slowly comes unhinged as she tries to accept her role as obedient and supportive wife to her domineering husband without losing herself in the process.

While the story is a bit dated, there’s still enough truth in Tina’s challenges and in the asinine behavior of her husband to make it somewhat relevant for today.